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Sakya Good morning, everybody!
Tsuzuru G’morning.
Citron Morning it is!
Izumi Morning guys. I’m impressed you’re stepping up for morning practice!
Sakya Sorry to drag you along for it.
Izumi No need to apologise! If you guys are doing your part, you’ve got my full support.
Masumi ...Zzz
Sakya Even Masumi showed up.
Tsuzuru Too bad he is sleepwalking.
Itaru Morning.
Sakya Itaru! You are joining us too?
Itaru Yeah, why?
Sakya I just thought you might be busy with your game and all...
Izumi (Okay, good. I wasn’t going crazy when I saw Itaru the other night.)
Itaru I figured out it’d be a good way to keep from wasting some of that sweet morning mobage stamina.
Izumi I understood some of those words.
Citron It is an abbreviated word for mobile game. Their gameplay is based on a stamina meter which recharges over time.
Citron To let it get all the way full while you sleep would be to leave stamina on the table, as it were.
Tsuzuru How is this the only language you’re fluent in?!
Citron Such things are common knowledge in my land!
Sakya They are?!
Tsuzuru He’s kidding, geez!