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Act 1 Ch 11.png

Tsuzuru: One day, Romeo, the family's future will hinge upon you.
Masumi: The city.
Tsuzuru: Huh?
Masumi: Not the family. The city.
Tsuzuru: Oh, whoops...
Masumi: You wrote the thing and you don't even know it.
Tsuzuru: So what, did you memorize my lines, too?!
Masumi: Any idiot could, after hearing them day in and day out.
Tsuzuru: What are you implying?
Masumi: Nothing. Unless you're that delusional.
Tsuzuru: What?
Izumi: Enough of that, boys. Keep going, Tsuzuru.
Tsuzuru: ...Fine.
Izumi: (We've been doing readings for days, but we still don't have a good flow going.)
Izumi: (I was ready to move on to rehearsals, but they might need more time practicing their lines first...)
Masumi: You're next.
Tsuzuru: Yeah, no crap.
Izumi: (And what's what's worse, the air's still 'crackling'.)
Sakuya: Oh, um, sorry, that's my cue, right?
Izumi: (With things so tense, it's no wonder they're flubbing their lines.)
Izumi: Let's wrap it up there for the night. We're falling behind schedule, so would you all mind doing more practicing on your own?
Masumi: By "you all," you mean those two, right?
Tsuzuru: Again, what are you implying?
Masumi: You tell me.
Tsuzuru: You're so damn snarky.
Sakuya: I'm sorry. I'm the one that needs more practice, aren't I?
Masmui: Ugh.
Izumi: (Masumi's fine as far as acting goes, but this side of him is becoming a problem.)
Sakuya: Citron, I'm turning out the lights, okay?
Citron: Okay with me!
Tsuzuru: Hey. You guys up?
Sakuya: Tsuzuru? Yeah, we are, why?
Citron: You do not often visit so late.
Sakuya: What's with the pillow?
Tsuzuru: I can't spend another second with him, so let me crash here for the night. I can take the floor.
Sakuya: Wait, you mean Masumi?
Tsuzuru: Just hearing his name pisses me off. What the hell is his problem? Even when I try practicing on my own, he just keeps bugging me.
Sakuya: Really? That's rare for him.
Tsuzuru: Whaddya mean, rare? He does it all the time.
Sakuya: Well, I mean, Masumi's always been kind of a loner at school.
Sakuya: He stands out and gets a lot of attention from girls, but he notorious for never giving people the time of day when they talk to him.
Sakuya: I was surprised at how attached he got to Izumi, but he never seemed interested in the rest of us at all...
Tsuzuru: Now that you mention it, he's been getting on our cases a lot more now that rehearsals have started.
Citron: I have it! He is what you Japaense call the "tsundere"!
Tsuzuru: Nope, that ain't him.
Sakuya: Masumi's parents are abroad so he spends most of his time at home alone. He might just not be used to socializing at all.
Tsuzuru: He lives alone? No siblings?
Sakuya: Yeah, I think he's an only child.
Tsuzuru: Man, living in a house alone? I can't even imagine. I've got lots of brothers.
Sakuya: Um, Masumi might be kinda harsh, but I think he's got a point.
Sakuya: I get nervous and freeze up everytime my turn comes. Maybe I really do need to practice more.
Citron: Do not worry! I do not let it bother me if I cannot speak my lines!
Tsuzuru: ...You in particular should probably let it bother you more, Citron.
Tsuzuru: I guess you're right though, Sakuya. I'll start doing some early morning practice or something.
Sakuya: Ooh, good idea! I'm in!
Citron: I too am in! Early to bed, early to wise!
Tsuzuru: Nice try, wise guy. It's early to bed, early to rise.
Tsuzuru: Okay, let's meet in the training room at 6 AM.
Sakuya: Right! We'd better et to sleep for the night. Tsuzuru, you can take my bed.
Tsuzuru: Ah, you know what? It's fine. I'm gonna get back to my own room.
Sakuya: Are you sure?
Tsuzuru: It wouldn't hurt to let him know about morning practice.
Sakuya: Good call! I'm sure Masumi will join us!
Tsuzuru: That makes one of us.
Citron: We should also dial Izumi and Itaru to inform them.
Sakuya: Yeah, good idea!
Sakuya: Itaru, are you there?
Sakuya: Huh?
Sakuya: Is he in bed already?
Tsuzuru: No, I hear clacking noises in there.
Citron: Perhaps it is a roach.
Sakuya: What?!
Tsuzuru: No, it sounds more like controller buttons being—
Sakuya: If there's a roach, we gotta stamp it out! Itaru, I'm coming in!
Itaru: Hell yeah, ten kills! Suck on that! S'what you get for messing with me.
Sakuya: Uh... Itaru?
Tsuzuru: I knew it. He was gaming.
Itaru: Hm?
Citron: Ah, this is Itaru in his, how do you say, downtime!
Itaru: Yeah, hey. Need something?
Sakuya: Well, um, we were talking about doing some early morning practice. Would you care to join us?
Itaru: How early are we talking?
Tsuzuru: We start at 6.
Itaru: 6, huh. I'll think about it.
Sakuya: Okay! Thanks, sorry to bother you!
Itaru: Later.
Sakuya: ...
Tsuzuru: ...
Sakuya: That was a bit off from how he usually is, huh.
Tsuzuru: Nothing wee about it.
Tsuzuru: From what little I just caught, Itaru was playing a hardcore online game. One of those games that people play 'till they're sick or something.
Citron: That was Ultimtate Weapon 4, and online military FPS. He was level 124 and fully decked out in whale gear. He is quite the avid player.
Tzusuru: Should I be worried that you know all this stuff?!
Citron: Learning it is part of the compulsory educational curriculum in my land!
Sakuya: Really?!
Tsuzuru: You're kidding, right?!
Citron: I kid, I kid.
Sakuya: Wow, you really had me going for a second.
Sakuya: Well, do you think Itaru will show up tomorrow?
Tsuzuru: I dunno, man. He might be too busy with his gaming. Either way, let's go talk with Izumi.