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Izumi: All right, boys! It's time to start our script readings. Everybody's read through the script, right?
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am! Ready when you are!
Citron: I only had five lines..
Tsuzuru: I've got all of my writing memorized by now. I'm good.
Izumi: Itaru, did you read the script?
Itaru: Yes, thank you for delivering it. I was a bit tired and out of it. I didn't do anything odd, did I?
Izumi: Um, no, not at all.
Izumi: (He's acting totally fine now. I'm glad his better, but seriously, what WAS that?)
Sakuya: Hey uh, Masumi? Where's your script?
Masumi: Don't need one. I've got it in my head now.
Izumi: Wait, what? You're telling me that you've memorized all your lines already?!
Masumi: Yup.
Sakuya: That's amazing, Masumi! You had as many lines as I did!
Izumi: (He's even got a great memory? This guy can really do anything! I think I may have stumbled across some serious talent here...)
Izumi: Okay then, let's take it from the top.
Sakuya: Let's go on a journey together, Julius... Uh... We can ditch this cramped town and... travel the world!
Masumi: You've got brawn, Romeo, and I've got brains. If we put our heads together, we can do anything.
Tsuzuru: Romeo, are you heartbroken? Don't worry about it. There's plenty of fish in the sea.
Sakuya: Forsake your, uh, name and... family, Julius! We need only—
Masumi: This sucks.
Sakuya: Huh?
Masumi: You keep stopping and stammering. This sucks.
Sakuya: Oh, sorry.
Tsuzuru: Come on, now, it's his first time.
Izumi: It's not about being perfect right now. We just need to make it through the script.
Masumi: He can't even decide how to read it.
Sakuya: I'm really sorry...
Masumi: You're no better. You wrote this stuff but you don't even know it.
Tsuzuru: I'm sorry, what?
Masumi: Shouldn't an author have a grasp of their own characters?
Tsuzuru: Yeah, and I do.
Masumi: You're just saying lines without thinking them through.
Tsuzuru: Listen, I might not be expressing it well but I understand my lines just fine.
Masumi: Same difference.
Tsuzuru: Excuse me?
Izumi: Masmui, you're being too hard on them.
Masumi: I'm being honest.
Sakuya: I'm sorry. I'm just really bad at this.
Tsuzuru: Can you stop being such a downer, Masumi?
Masumi: Oh, you want me to be as bad as you guys?
Tsuzuru: You know that's not what I meant!
Citron: You are both getting worked over.
Izumi: It's "worked up", and Citron's right. Both of you need to calm down.
Tsuzuru: I am calm.
Masumi: ...
Izumi: (Continuing like this won't get us anywhere.)
Izumi: Let's take five.
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am. Sorry again.
Tsuzuru: Ugh.
Masumi: I'm tired.
Citron: The air is cackling with tension!
Izumi: I think you mean crackling.
Itaru: I'm sorry, I'm still feeling a little out of it. Would it be okay if I called a day here?
Izumi: Wait, what?
Itaru: Sorry about this.
Izumi: No, um, your health comes first, of course...
Izumi: (Is he gonna do the same thing again? He was clearly playing video games before. Is he really feeling sick? Maybe I'm the one feeling sick.)