Epilogue - Wintry Footsteps


Tasuku: Where are the others?
Tsumugi: Uh... They should be here soon. I hope.
Tasuku: Ugh...
Izumi: Sorry I'm late! Wait, no one else is here yet?
Tsumugi: Nope...
Tsumugi: Azuma's preparing his skin for the beach, so he might take longer than usual, and Homare's looking for Hisoka's stash of marshmallows.
Tasuku: What's Mikage doing?
Izumi: Oh, I think I spotted him sleeping in the courtyard in the earlier...
Tasuku: Geez... Are we ever going to be able to leave?
Homare: Now, everyone, it is time to venture off into the unknown!
Azuma: I can't wait.
Tasuku: I'm exhausted, and we haven't even left yet.
Hisoka: ...Couldn't sleep?
Homare: Were you unable to sleep last night because you were shaking with anticipation today?
Tasuku: I'm tired because it took all of you forever to get out here.
Homare: Hm, could you put on some classic music to enjoy on our drive? Personally I prefer Schumann or Faure.
Tasuku: Don’t just ask me a question and go off on your own tangent, dammit.
Izumi: We're here!
Izumi: Brr, it's freezing...!
Homare: It is almost as if Winter herself is enveloping us her in her frigid embrace…!
Azuma: Considering the season, I suppose it's no surprise the sea breeze is so cold. I think I'll go relax in the car.
Hisoka: ...I'm going home.
Tasuku: Why'd you two even bother coming, then?!
Tsumugi: This is nice in its own way, though.
Homare: Indeed. It is as if we have been transported to a dreary coast, blurred by ice and snow. The birth of a magnificent poem is at the very tip of my tongue!
Izumi: Seems like this trip is already proving itself useful!
Azuma: This scenery really matches Reo's character.
Tasuku: Is that because it's so desolate here?
Azuma: Exactly.
Izumi: It's great to hear that you're getting inspired too, but let's be careful to not get sick out here.
Tsumugi: I'll go get us some warm drinks!
Homare: Ah... Coffee tastes exceptionally better with a view like this.
Tsumugi: I'm glad there was a convenience store close by.
Hisoka: ...So bitter.
Homare: How is that not sweet enough when you just put in the three packets of sugar and four capsules of milk?
Tasuku: Is that even considered coffee anymore?
Azuma: You sure do have a sweet tooth, Hisoka.
Tsumugi: Sorry, I should've gotten you a latte instead.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: It's so nice and peaceful out here.
Tasuku: I think we're the only ones who'd bother coming to the beach when it's so cold out.
Tsumugi: But we wouldn't be able to relax like this if we came during the summer. There’d be too many people around.
Izumi: I'm having a hard time imagining you all taking the scenic drive to a crowded beach in the dead of summer, to be honest.
Azuma: I almost forgot that the last time we came here was during the winter, too.
Homare: That it was. The moon was ravishingly beautiful that night.
Tasuku: A lot's happened since then, but we still don't know exactly what's up with Mikage.
Homare: He could have very well been a man of the sea for all we know.
Tasuku: Not that again.
Hisoka: ...I'm Hisoka Mikage of the Mankai Company now. My past doesn't matter anymore.
Azuma: If that's good enough for you, Hisoka, then it's good enough for us, too.
Homare: Indeed. You will always be Hisoka, regardless of whether you were a merman or alien.
Tasuku: Yeah, you guys are right.
Izumi: Achoo!
Tsumugi: Want me to grab my jacket? I left it in the car.
Izumi: Sorry, would that be okay?
Tsumugi: Tasuku, lend me your car keys for a sec.
Tasuku: Here.
Hisoka: ...Marshmallows.
Tsumugi: I'll get those, too.
Tasuku: You already finished the ones you were holding?
Homare: He added them to his coffee earlier.
Tasuku: I'm pretty sure by this point that cup's just filled with coffee-flavored marshmallows.
Hisoka: ...You can have these, Arisu.
Homare: Are you implying that I should eat these coffee-drenched marshmallows?
Hisoka: ...You gave them to me, so they're technically yours.
Homare: I would greatly appreciate it if you did not push such things upon me at your own convenience. My word. If you're unable to drink it, say so from the beginning.
Hisoka: ...I can drink it if I want to.
Azuma: Hehe. Being at the beach with everyone is so fun.
Tasuku: If by 'fun' you mean 'chaotic', I agree.
Azuma: By the way, why did you bring me here the day we received our scripts for Nocturnality?
Tasuku: Well, you like the ocean, right?
Azuma: I do...?
Tasuku: I'm pretty sure that you said you wanted to come to the beach before...
Azuma: Is that why you went out of your way to invite me for a drive?
Tasuku: I would have felt bad if I just asked you to meet so that we could rehearse.
Azuma: Oh, that was your attempt to make it up to me? Hehe. You can be so clumsy and cute, Tasuku.
Tasuku: So, you don't like the ocean?
Azuma: No, I do... Now I do.
Tasuku: I really don't get you at all.
Azuma: ...Is that so?
Tasuku: A while back, you were wondering if we've changed, right?
Azuma: Yes, I do recall that.
Tasuku: I didn't have an answer back then, but now I can say for certain that we have.
Tasuku: It took us a while, but we're finally acting like a real team now. If you can call us that, I suppose.
Azuma: Aren't we ‘noble figures fated to share the same destiny’? According to Homare, that is.
Tasuku: Heh. I guess he did say that.
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