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Captain Sky's Pirates
Kazunari: A fireworks party's gotta have pinwheel fireworks, right? Into our basket they go!
Tenma: Don't you dare buy those, Kazunari!
Yuki: Get over your weird phobia already, geez.
Tenma: Easy for you to say! How the hell am I supposed to 'get over' the freaky way those things move?!
Misumi: I wanna get these ones that shoot up in the sky!
Muku: These fountain fireworks might be good, too!
Yuki: How about these ones? They apparently send out a bunch of sparks.
Kazunari: Ooh, we should def get them!
Tenma: Seriously, stop trying to buy the scary ones, dammit!
Izumi: Nice! It's just dark enough to really enjoy our fireworks!
Yuki: I got a bucket of water ready for us.
Tenma: Cool. Let's start with these--
Kazunari: Here, Tenten! This ramune's all yours!
Tenma: What the hell?
Misumi: We have snacks, too!
Tenma: I thought we were out here to play with fireworks!
Kazunari: We are! But what's a party without drinks and snacks!
Tenma: You guys, I swear...
Yuki: Annnnd go.
Tenma: Whoa! I haven't even finished my drink yet! Why are you setting them off now?!
Yuki: Stop freaking out over every little thing, you hack.
Tenma: You're blaming me?! I'm not the one who's suddenly setting things on fire! Besides, there's an order to which fireworks you start wi--
Kazunari: Boom!
Tenma: Hyaaah!
Misumi: Wow! So cool!
Tenma: You guys...!
Muku: It's okay, Tenma! We can start lighting some of the safer types, first!
Izumi: Yeah! Come on, Tenma.
Tenma: Geez... Fine.
Kazunari: Hey, Mukkun, can you snap a pic of me with this app? It's all ready to go!
Muku: Um, okay!
Kazunari: Hey, y'all, look at me! I'm gonna write something with these sparklers!
Tenma: Stop waving those around! You're going to hurt someone!
Kazunari: Whoopsies! I'll do it over here, 'kay?
Muku: Kazu, this is so amazing! You can see the word perfectly in the picture it took!
Izumi: Oh, is that a special app or something?
Kazunari: Yep, yep! It takes long-exposure pictures, which is perfect for light writing!
Yuki: That's pretty neat.
Misumi: It’s so pretty!
Kazunari: I'll take a pic for you, too, Sumi, so go ahead!
Misumi: Okay!
Izumi: Are you going to draw a triangle?
Misumi: Nope! I'm gonna draw Gramps’s face! I'm going to draw it over and over again, so I won’t ever forget it!
Yuki: So you're going to draw a triangle...
Tenma: There's simplifying someone's face, and then there's... whatever Misumi does.
Misumi: Hmm... I wonder why I forgot Gramps's face, though?
Izumi: I'm not sure...
Misumi: I've always thought of Gramps whenever I had a bad day or felt lonely...
Misumi: So I've never, ever forgotten it before.
Izumi: Oh...
Muku: Maybe it's because you've been having so much fun every day, Misumi.
Izumi: I think Muku has a point. We're all here with you now, too, so you're no longer alone, either.
Misumi: Oh... So because I'm not sad or lonely, I didn't have to think of Gramps as much every day?
Misumi; I wonder if Gramps would be mad at me...?
Tenma: Of course not. He told you to show him the best performance you could with the best friends you have, right? I bet he'd be really happy for you.  
Misumi: Mm, yeah. I know he's watching over me right now, too!
Yuki: Did you seriously just call yourself one of the 'best friends' Misumi could have?
Tenma: So what if I did?!
Yuki: Nothing. No need to get so worked up over it.
Kazunari: Tenten's right, Sumi! The Summer Troupe is the best, right?
Misumi: Uh-huh! We're the best!
Izumi: Is that all the trash?
Tenma: Looks like it. We should be good.
Kazunari: Oh! Sumi! Look! There's a giant triangle in the sky!
Misumi: Where, where?
Kazunari: Do you see those three bright stars in the sky? If you connect them, they make a triangle!
Misumi: Three...stars?
Muku: That's the Summer Triangle. It's made from Vega in the Lyra constellation, Deneb in the Cygnus constellation, and Altair in the Aquilla constellation.
Misumi: ...
Kazunari: Um, Sumi? You all right?
Misumi: I was thinking about Gramps... Oh, but it' not because I feel sad!
Kazunari: Oh, phew!
Yuki; That was freaky. I've never seen you not react to a triangle before.
Misumi: Ehehe.
Tenma: All right, guys. We should start heading home.
Kazunari: Oh, whoops! We forgot to use these sparklers!
Tenma: We still had some of those left?
Izumi: There's exactly six in here, so let's all take one.
Kazunari: I've got an idea! Why don't we all light them up at the same time and see who can keep the end of their sparkler lit for the longest!
Muku: And the winner will be able to make any request of us!
Tenma: I'm in. This is going to be my second chance, after losing that paper airplane competition!
Yuki: Oh, now you've jinxed it.
Tenma: What? No, I didn't.
Kazunari: Nope, you sure did. Don't you know these kinds of things are just like wishes? If you say them aloud, they'll never come true. I bet you'll lose first.
Tenma: Don't say that! Now you've really jinxed my chances of winning!
Izumi: Okay, guys! Do you have your sparklers ready?
Misumi: Ready! Set... Go!
*start flashback*
Hakkaku: Misumi, do you like triangles?
Misumi: Uh-huh! I do, 'cause my name is written with the same characters as 'triangle'!
Hakkaku: Is that so? Well, you know, your name has a very important meaning behind it.
Hakkaku: It's based off the idea of the Three Jewels from Buddhism... Hm, maybe that's too advanced for you.
Misumi: ...?
Hakkaku: Well, I suppose this is a bit difficult, isn't it?
Hakkauk: You see, Misumi, this world is filled with many, many things, but you only need three of them to create a perfect triangle.
Hakkaku: If you manage to find the three most important treasures in your life, I'm sure you will be truly happy as well, Misumi.
Misumi: I can only have three treasures?
Hakkaku: Yes. After all, it's no good to be too greedy. If something is really important to you, it will be the only thing you need. 
Misumi: Hmm...
Hakkaku: I'm sure you'll be able to understand one day.
*end flashback*
Misumi: (I did it, Gramps. I was able to find my three treasures.)
Misumi: (They're triangles, acting, and my friends. Together, they're what make my perfect, perfect triangle.) 
Tenma: Ack! Mine went out!
Yuki: Called it. You're the first to go.
Tenma: Dammit! This is all your fault!
Muku: Oh... Mine stopped, too!
Izumi: Whoops! There goes mine.
Kazunari: Nooo! Mine's done for, as well...
Misumi: (Big, big triangle stars in the sky, please make it so I can play with fireworks together with everyone next year, too!)