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Kazunari: Halloween on Veludo was soo fun! I took a ton of pics, so I'll put them in an album later!
Sakuya: It's incredible that Taichi and Tasuku ended up winning, too. I teared up a bit when that was announced! 
Yuki: The performance you did on the main stage wasn't bad, either.
Taichi: I was so happy to act on that stage! It was a nerve-wracking but amazing experience for sure!
Izumi: I bet! both your improv battles and final performance were awesome!

But I still can't believe that the God Troupe top actor always wears a wizard costume...

Taichi: Ehehe...
Citron: You were a wonderous wizard, Taichi! Everyone else's costumes were cute, as well!
Yuki: Of course they were. I made them, after all.
Izumi: Citron, you were dressed up in a half-human, half-monster costume, right?
Citron: Yes, the costume had a real kapow! It was very fun.
Sakyo: You were all over the damn place! Do you know how much time I wasted having to chase you down, since you kept disappearing the second I took my eyes off you?!
Citron: Oh, so sorry! There were many things that I wanted to see, so I could not contain myself!
Sakuya: Yuki and Tsumugi's costumes were so gorgeous! You two were snow spirits, right?
Yuki: Yeah. Even if it's mot quite winter yet, I figured it would've been boring if we all stuck with horror themes.
Yuki: It made it pretty easy for us to incorporate jokes related to snow and ice cream and the like.
Izumi: I could tell the audience really enjoyed your skits when I watched you guys!
Tenma: Juza, you were with Hisoka, right?
Juza: Yeah. 
Itaru: What were you two again?
Juza: Hisoka was a ghost, and I was a giant.
Itaru: Oh, yeah, you guys really looked the part. Although Hisoka looked more like a spooky marshmallow, if anything. 
Muku: Hisoka was such a cute, poofy ghost, and you looked super cool, Juchan!
Banri: Actually, you guys hardly even had any candy with you at the end of the competition. Did you even do any street acts?
Juza: Uh...
Izumi: That's true, you both did have less candy than the others...
TV: "Today, we're bringing you a special program on Halloween on Veludo, which recently took place!"
Kazunari: Look, guys! They're talking about the contest!
Sakuya: Seeing everything from behind the camera makes the whole thing look even more festive and fun!
TV: "And now, it's time to interview the winners!"
Muku: Oh! It's Taichi and Tasuku!
Taichi: Oh yeah, I totally forgot they interviewed us after our performance! 
Taichi: Wow, I can't believe I made it on TV! Is my popularity gonna skyrocket now?!
TV: "Congratulations on winning the competition! How do you feel?"
Taichi: "I'm so truly happy I can't even describe it!" 
Kazunari: Lookin' good, Taicchan!
Taichi: Ehehe!
Itaru: ...Hm?
Itaru: Who's that behind Taichi?
Izumi: Huh? Is that... Juza and Hisoka?
Sakuya: It is!
Yuki: Are my eyes deceiving me, or are you both demolishing the candy you worked so hard to earn? 
Juza: ...
Hisoka: ...Zzz.
Banri: What the hell, man! Didn't I tell you not to eat the freakin' candy, dumbass?!
Izumi: H-hey, it's all right. At least they ate it after the contest.
Kazunari: You two sure do look happy getting that sugar overload!
Itaru: I guess we found the true culprits of the missing candy scandal.
Sakyo: Sigh...
Omi: I know Halloween's passed, but we still have way too many pumpkins left over. How about I make some pumpkin pudding with them?
Juza: Pumpkin pudding...
Banri: Don't spoil that idiot, Omi!