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Itaru: Thank goodness I was finally able to escape that hell...
Izumi: Good job, Itaru! I heard you guys were really popular out there!
Itaru: Yeah, but at what cost...?
Itaru: I never thought I'd have to wear something as ridiculous as this in my adult life... What even is this,  though? A costume? Pajamas? Ugh.
Izumi: (He looks so down, but...)
Izumi: You know, Yuki and Banri worked really hard to try and win the competition while you were wandering around in the mountains, lost!
Izumi: This is nothing compared to what they had to go through, so suck it up a little!
Itaru: You're still awfully bitter about that.
Izumi: Of course I am! They even crossed the finish line first, and yet we didn't manage to win.
Izumi: Both of them really wanted to win those gift cards so they could buy some clothes.
Itaru: Oh, yeah. I remember them talking about that new clothing store.
Itaru: I mean, it's not like I don't feel bad for crushing their dreams, even though they tried their best…
Itaru: Hmm…
Yuki: Look, this part’s frayed. Sew it back up.
Sakuya: O-okay!
Yuki: This part, too. Make sure you're checking all the seams properly.
Kazunari: Roger! Oh, how about this part, Yuki?
Yuki: Hm, that spot’s a little hard to fix…
Omi: I’ll help mend it, then. Here, can I see it, Kazunari?
Kazunari: Sure thing! Thanks a bunch, Omimi!
Misumi: The laundry’s done!
Juza: I'll help hang it up.
Misumi: Thank you, Juza!
Tsuzuru: We’ve finished removing all the stains from the costumes.
Yuki: Okay, then come help us over here.
Banri: A’ight.
Izumi: It was really fun to do street acts at night, wasn’t it?
Muku: It was. I didn't know so many people would come watch our battles! I was so surprised.
Izumi: How did things go for the B Team?
Masumi: I thought I would die without you…
Kazunari: Massu was basically like that the entire time!
Taichi: Yeah! He kept wanting to run off and look for you!
Juza: Sakyo got real mad at him...
Izumi: Oh, uh. Yikes. Sounds like you had a really rough time.
Izumi: Um, how about the C Team?
Muku: Tenma and Tasuku acted as our leaders, so we were able to do really well during our improv battles!
Misumi: Everyone clapped lots and lots for us!
Tenma: Hmph. Of course they did.
Misumi: But Tenma was really scared of the forest.
Izumi: Really? He was?
Tenma: Wh-what are you saying? I wasn't scared at all!
Omi: Hahaha! You jumped every time the leaves rustled, though. I thought it was cute how you wouldn't let go of my sleeve the entire time.
Tenma: O-Omi!
Banri: I just wish Itaru tried a bit harder, to be honest.
Tsuzuru: Yeah…
Yuki: Did you forget who he is? Keep your standards low for him.
Izumi: Haha… Yeah, that might be asking the impossible…
Yuki: Finally, everything's nice and clean. Ugh, I TOLD them all to take care of their costumes, too…
Izumi: At least it's all done, though! Here, let me get you a drink. Banri, did you want something too?
Banri: Sure. Can I have somethin’ warm?
Itaru: Hey, I’m back.
Izumi: Oh, you're home earlier than usual, Itaru.
Itaru: Yeah. I left work early because I wanted to borrow Yuki and Banri for something.
Yuki: What is it?
Itaru: I want to take you guys somewhere, so get ready to go. You said you wanted to check out at one new clothing store or whatever, right?
Banri: What’re you talkin’ about?
Itaru : Even though you two fought so valiantly to win in the Night Walk, I ended up making us lose, right?
Itaru: So I wanted to make it up to you guys. I thought the least I could do is let you two buy as much as those gift cards would’ve let you get.
Yuki: Huh...?
Banri: Wait, you’re bein’ serious?
Izumi: Itaru…
Izumi: (So he really did feel bad about what he did…)
Itaru: Come on, get a move on. I’m going to leave you two behind if you keep standing there like that.
Yuki: Fine. I'll go if you put it that way.
Banri: Actually, if we're going to go shopping, I'd rather you take us somewhere fancier.
Itaru: Don't be greedy.
Yuki: Why not? We should stop by that vintage shop you always go to, Banri.
Itaru: Hey, seriously. Stop pushing your luck.
Izumi: (Hehe. They look like they're having a blast already.)
Itaru: Anyway, we’ll be back later, Izumi.
Banri: See ya.
Yuki: Bye.
Izumi: Have fun, guys!