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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI dorms - Lounge. Daytime. Casual clothes.
Itaru: Phew, now that the show is over, I can finally tackle those hell-mode dungeons.
Banri: Sup, man.
Itaru: Being co-lead is no joke. It's mentally exhaustinh. Mindless grinding is way better.
Banri: It was pretty hilarious, though.
Itaru: Oh, did you see the show?
Banri: Nah, I meant seeing Masumi shut you down.
Itaru: Oh.
Banri: You were trying so hard to get on his good side. Wasn't like you at all.
Itaru: Shadup. But whatever, I'm getting him back for all of that.
Banri: ...You've got something u your sleeve, don't you?
Itaru: He's about to get owned. I'm gonna make him dance for my amusement.
SCENE CHANGE [FLASHBACK]: MANKAI dorms - Room 103: Itaru. Nighttime. Casual clothes (Gamer Itaru)
Masumi: ...So what'd you wanna talk to me about?
Itaru: Just come here.
Masumi: ...Sounds sketchy. I'm leaving.
Itaru: What if I said it has something to do with Izumi?
Masumi: Start talking.
Itaru: That's the fastest I've ever seen you sit down.
Itaru: Hang on a sec. I'll start it.
Masumi: ?
Itaru: Hm... Which one's the controller for this?
Masumi: ...Your room's a mess.
Itaru: Shut up. Just keep quiet and wait.
Itaru: Here, take this controller.
Masumi: Games again? If you're tricking me int playing with you, I'm leaving.
Itaru: This isn't a trick.
Itaru: Since you helped me out so much during the show, I thought I'd give you a hand with your love life.
Masumi: ...Since when did I ever help you out?
Itaru: You've got such a winning personality. You really think I tricked you? Just try it out.
Masumi: .....
Video Game: B5! Best Buxom Beauties Big Bang!
Masumi: What the hell is this?
Itaru: It's a beautiful actress training game. In other words, a dating sim.
Masumi: A dating sim?
Itaru: It's a game where you try to win the hearts of girls.
Masumi: Not interested.
Itaru: Oh really? I doubt you'll keep saying that once you see this girl.
Itaru: So, you can customize the heroine's name, appearance and personality, and dress her up however you want.
Itaru: See? Doesn't this girl look like Izumi?
Masumi: .....
Itaru: You can use this to practice dating Izumi. Whaddya say? She's just like her.
Masumi: Doesn't come close to the real thing, but I guess she's passable.
Itaru: You can make her personality to be like Izumi's, too. With this, you can really simulate being in love with her.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: Damn, he's already at it? Dude's even using his real name.
'Izumi': Oh no, oh no! I'm gonna be late. Eeeek!
Itaru: I only messed with the character creation on this thing...had no idea it was like this. Running with toast in her mouth and bumping into someone? Pretty cliche.
Masumi: It says to make a choice.
Itaru: Oh that. Yeah, if you pick the right one, her Affection for you will go up.
Choice: → A: Help her up.

· B: Look at her panties.

Masumi: I'll go with A, then.
Itaru: Nah, I think you should pick B.
Masumi: B...?
Itaru: You can't win Izumi's heart using ordinary methods. I'm a gamer, trust me on this. Pick B.
Masumi: If it's the wrong move, I'm gonna kill you.
Choice: · A: Help her up.

→ B: Look at her panties.

'Izumi': *Chiming* You jerk! Why would you do that?! Any normal person would help me up!! *Slap*
Masumi: She punched me and it's all your fault.
Itaru: Yeah, but your relationship went up. That was that chiming noise.
Masumi: .....
Masumi: Now what?
Choice: → A: Apologize.

· B: Look at her panties again.

Itaru: B for sure.
Masumi: You're lying.
Itaru: Try it out.
Masumi: .....
Choice: · A: Apologize.

→ B: Look at her panties again.

'Izumi': *Chiming* You are the worst person I've ever met in my life!! Didn't you hear me?!
Itaru: See?
Masumi: ...Next.
Choice: → A: Pretend to be a pill bug to distract her.

· B: Apologize by buying her a pastry.

Itaru: Definitely A.
Masumi: *Chiming* You're right...
Itaru: See? Told ya.
Masumi: ...Are you some kind of love guru?
Itaru: Pfft!
Itaru: So now you just gotta do all of this to the real person, and you'll be all set.
Masumi: I'll try it tomorrow.
Itaru: I'll pray for your success, comrade.
SCENE CHANGE: MANKAI dorms - Entrance. Daytime. Casual clothes.
Banri: Wait, you hacked the thing so that the Affection levels go up when you make the wrong choice?
Itaru: Found a nice little tool to help me do it.
Banri: You got way too much time on your hands.
Itaru: He really put me trough the wringer, so he deserves this much. Anyway, I'll be watching from the shadows to see what he does.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: There he is.
Izumi: What's up, Masumi?
Masumi: ...Fwoop.
Izumi: Masumi?! Why are you crawling around the floor like that??
Masumi: I just raised your Affection...
Itaru: Bwahaha!
Banri: Haha! This shit is great!
Itaru: To begin with, Izumi always wears pants, so he can't even peek at her undies in the first place.
Izumi: Um, Masumi? Wat are you doing?
Masumi: Peeping's done, now to be a pill bug...
Izumi: ?!
Banri: Dude, you'd better stop him before she calls the cops.
Izumi: Pfft...
Izumi: Ahahaha! This is so surreal I can't stop laughing! I got it, this is some kind of new improv game, right?
Masumi: .....
Banri: ...She's cracing up.
Itaru: Apparently, she think's it's hilarious.
Izumi: Haha...oh man, that was something else. Anyway, I have to get going now. See you later, Masumi!
Masumi: .....
Banri: Hey, Masumi's curled up on the floor and isn't moving.
Itaru: Can't tell if that is a good thing or not.
Banri: Go on, Itaru. You've gotta take responsibility for your trollin'.
Itaru: Man, seriously?
SCENE CUT: Itaru approaches Masumi.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: Um... You okay, Masumi?
Masumi: Itaru.
Itaru: Y-yeah?
Masumi: I tried it and it worked... Thanks.
Itaru: R-right...
Masumi: I'll be over later to play more of that game.
SCENE CUT: Masumi leaves.
Itaru: Can't believe it worked. This is weird.
Banri: So now what?
Itaru: Hmm... I didn't plan for things to go this way.
Itaru: I have no clue what's going on in Izumi's head, but I guess this works too.
Banri: Wait, are you telling me you thought it was funny too?!
Itaru: Guess I'll make a Wiki entry about how to win Izumi's heart.
Banri: I can't with you anymore. Have fun, I guess.