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The Ensemble Cast are minor characters who works in the Mankai Company. They appears as only rarity and rarity N cards and rarity R cards in the game with two backstage stories each. Some of them makes a brief appearance in the Main Story or some Event Stories.

Spring Troupe

Sasakawa Iku
Seto Arata
Sumida Eiji
Iku Sasakawa Arata Seto Eiji Sumida

Summer Troupe

Asakura Miki
Taninaga Akito
Suzuhara Takuya
Miki Asakura Akito Taninaga Takuya Suzuhara

Autumn Troupe

Makita Ichiro
Yamashita Julian
Kitagami Kengo
Ichiro Makita Julian Yamashita Kengo Kitagami

Winter Troupe

Hasegawa Yuichi
Yoshikawa Tsubasa
Yano Keita
Yuichi Hasegawa Tsubasa Yoshikawa Keita Yano