Sakuya Hm... I'm stuck...
Izumi (Oh, it's Sakuya. Looks like he's doing some homework.)
Wow, you're studying?
Sakuya Oh, Director!
Yeah, I kinda had a pop quiz in world history yesterday, but I didn't do so great so I got a make-up assignment...
Izumi Oh, that's too bad.
Sakuya Yeah. And I thought I'd work on it out here, since Citron always tries to talk to me when I'm in my room and I get super distracted...
Izumi History, huh? what's the topic?
Sakuya Right now I'm working on the industrial revolution and stuff...
Izumi Y'know, I know I learned about that in school, but it was so long ago I don't really remember anything...
Sakuya Yeah, I figured that's the case.
Izumi Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. If only we had someone who could help you study-
Itaru I'm home.
Sakuya Oh, welcome back, Itaru!
Izumi Welcome back. Hope work treated you well.
Itaru Thanks. ...Hm? You studying, Sakuya?
Sakuya Yeah, I have a world history assignment...
Itaru Nice. Homework's all part of the job and all.
Sakuya I know that, but I don't even know where to start with this, and ugh...
Itaru ...Makes sense. Let's see... Oh, the English Industrial Revolution?
Wait, didn't you learn about this in school too, Director?
Izumi Yeah, like a billion years ago. I don't remember a thing.
Itaru Quite an admission there, but it's good to be honest.
So, the industrial revolution. There are a number of places we could start, but the mechanization of textile production is as good as any-
Sakuya Right, uh-huh...
Izumi (Wow, Itaru's explanations are so clear and concise. He makes everything easy to understand.)
Sakuya Thank you so much, Itaru! That all made so much sense!
Now I can finish this assignment!
Izumi Not that I'm surprised, but you really know your stuff, Itaru.
Itaru Well, more than you do at least.
Izumi Well.. I guess I can't really argue with that.
Itaru Oh, by the way.
If you want to learn more about the industrial revolution, I'd recommend this game.
It's an action game, but it's got top tier graphics and the story is full of fascinating historical facts.
Sakuya Wow, I didn't know you can learn from games!
Itaru If the period shortly after that interests you-
Izumi How many games do you have in your bag?!
Itaru Oh these? They're useful as historical reference. And learning tools at that. You're welcome to borrow them if you're interested.
Sakuya Are you sure?! Oh, but I don't have a console...
Itaru You can use one of my backup systems. I've got a ton.
Sakuya Seriously?! Thank you so much!
Izumi ...I'm begging you, Itaru. Please don't get Sakuya addicted to video games.
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