The following transcript is the backstage of Citron N 【Suit & Tie】.

Eclectic Improv
Citron: Your eyes, they are more beautiful than the stairs in the sky.
Izumi: Annd stop. Citron, it's not "stairs", but "stars".
Citron: Oh, I made another mistake. How difficult this language is!
Izumi: (Hmm. Citron's still struggling with speaking... it's no easy feat, acting in a language you're not fluent in.)
Izumi: (How can I help him practice his vocabulary and pronunciation...)
Izumi: Hey everyone, can I have your attention for a moment?
Tsuzuru: What's up, Izumi?
Izumi: I think we're about due for a break, but I was wondering if I could get you to lend me a hand with something.
Masumi: My hands are always free for you to use.
Izumi: That's not what I meant and you know it.
Izumi: Think we could do a warm-up exercise to help Citron with his vocab? I'll start by saying a word, and the next person has to say a new one using the last letter of my word.
Itaru: A word game, huh. Interesting.
Sakuya: Oh, that's a great idea! And it sounds fun! I'd love to join!
Citron: Ooh! Warm-ups! I know those! Like where you bend over and try to touch your to-
Tsuzuru: Wrong kind of warm-up.
Citron: A joke, a joke! I have understood the rules.
Tsuzuru: Have you?
Izumi: I'm a little unsure about that myself, but why don't we just give it a shot. I'm sure we'll all learn a thing or two.
Citron: Okay! I am always ready to learn things!
Izumi: Let's get right to it then!
Izumi: "Apple"!
Sakuya: Um, "elephant"!
Masumi: "Trunk".
Tsuzuru: K... "Kitchen".
Itaru: How about "new", then.
Citron: W! "Whip"!
Izumi: Wh-Whip? P... "Peanut".
Sakuya: "Timer"!
Masumi: "Red".
Tsuzuru: Okay... "Dog".
Itaru: "Glutton".
Citron: N... I know! "Necromancy"!
Izumi: .....
Sakuya: A what?
Itaru: It's a type of magic that involves communicating with the dead.
Itaru: You know, like resurrection and stuff. You see it a lot in fantasy games, but it used to be a real thing people practiced back in the day.
Sakuya: Wow, that's interesting... And kinda scary!
Izumi: Anyway... "Necromancy"... Y, y... "Youth".
Sakuya: Um, "hair"!
Masumi: "Rat".
Tsuzuru: T... "Tunic"!
Itaru: "Carrot".
Citron: "Tuberculosis"!
Izumi: Sorry, I'm going to have to stop you right there. What?
Tsuzuru: Isn't this getting a little weird?
Itaru: Yep.
Izumi: Citron, where are you even coming up with these words?
Tsuzuru: Seriously! It's been taking all my energy not to react. Where did you even learn them to begin with?
Citron: I have been reading the dictionary! They are all correct words, are they not?
Izumi: They are, but couldn't you pick some simpler, um, more practical words?
Citron: Hm... more practical words? This is quite difficult.
Izumi: The words you've been using are much more difficult if you ask me.
Tsuzuru: We don't even use those normally!
Masumi: Weirdo.
Itaru: I don't see the problem here. Citron's hilarious.
Sakuya: I feel like I learned a lot today!
Izumi: I guess his vocabulary is just... a little eclectic.
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