Earn Cash is a way to earn Coins Coins.png and Special Training Items. In addition, you can read conversations with two Actors interacting with each other. There are many possible pairs, so try each! You can check how many Coins and items you earned on the Result screen after you are done.
When you are available to do Earn Cash, a green number will show up above the tab showing you how many locations you have available. For each place that is available, it will show 'Play Now!'.

Earn Cash page.png

Click the green "Chat List" button to see a list of pairs that you have cleared for each location. There will be three for each character, or one for each location.

Tapping the icon of each character on your Current Team will bring up a selection screen. Choose any two characters you like, and you will see the title their relationship. You cannot put the same Actor twice on your team.

Press "Go" to be brought to the locations. Swipe to change spot or just click the buttons of each location. New spots will be added as you Rank Up, but there will be a total of three. Press "Go!!" to launch the game. You will see a small chat at the beginning of the game and at the end.

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In each place, there will be different amount of coins different and types of possible drops (Seeds, Buds, Flowers).

Location Cooldown time Max Coins Possible drops
Veludo Station 4 hours 1400 Coins.png Sakura Seed.pngSunflower Seed.pngCosmos Seed.pngNarcissus Seed.png
Veludo Park 8 hours 3200 Coins.png Sakura Bud.pngSunflower Bud.pngCosmos Bud.png Narcissus Bud.png
Veludo Library 12 hours 6000 Coins.png Sakura Flower.pngSunflower Flower.pngCosmos Flower.pngNarcissus Flower.png

Earning Cash

Earning Cash.png

Click "Earn Cash" to start the game. You have 30 seconds to tap hearts to earn coins. Each time you tap a heart, it will burst, and coins will be rewarded. Sometimes items will drop, too, in the form of treasure chests. Once you have finished playing in a spot, you will need to wait for a couple hours to play there again.

Earn Cash Lines

Spring Troupe

Character Lines Audio
Sakuya Before: All right! I'm heading out!

After: Phew! I really worked up a sweat!

Masumi Before: How about a goodbye kiss... so it's a no?

After: So there's no welcome back kiss either?

Tsuzuru Before: I'll be heading out, then.

After: Man, I could really go for a sports drink.

Itaru Before: I need to finish this before my stamina recovers.

After: Right on time. Back to gaming, then.

Citron Before: My preparations are perfect! I am ready to go any time!

After: We made so much money! It is all thanks to me!


Summer Troupe

Character Lines Audio
Tenma Before: Don't hold me back, all right?

After: That's it? Didn't break a sweat.

Yuki Before: Yeah, yeah. All I gotta do is go out, right?

After: All done. Gonna head back to work on the costumes.

Muku Before: I-I'm off! I'm k-kinda nervous...

After: Phew... I'm happy that everything went well.

Misumi Before: All right, see you later! Tri-tri-triangle!

After: Did I do a good job? Do I get a Super Mr. Triangle?

Kazunari Before: All riiight, let's get this show on the road, vibes to the max ♪

After: Finished! Great work, fam ☆!


Autumn Troupe

Character Lines Audio
Banri Before: Just you wait, I'll be finished in no time.

After: Huh, that was easy. Let's move on to the next one.

Juza Before: Let's get going... huh? I ain't nervous at all.

After: Who are you calling tired? I'm just gettin' started.

Taichi Before: Will there really be a ton of chicks there?!

After: Dude... I had no idea we were so popular!

Omi Before: All right, time to give it my all.

After: Good work. Feels great when you've gotten everything done.

Sakyo Before: I won't go even a second over. Leave it to me.

After: It was pretty well-received. We finished just as planned, so quit worrying.


Winter Troupe

Character Lines Audio
Tsumugi Before: I'm a little excited... I'll be going, then.

After: Wow, time flies. Um, can we do this for a bit longer?

Tasuku Before: See you later. I wonder what role I should try today...

After: Can't get enough of this... Guess I'll do some solo training when I get back.

Hisoka Before: I'm sleepy, but I'll do my best... Zzz...

After: All done. Good night.

Homare Before: We must truly be in a state for you to want to send me out like this...

After: Goodness... were you not taught to avoid wasting the talents of a genius?

Azuma Before: I don't really want to be out in the sun... but I guess there's no way around it.

After: All done. Now... what should I get as my reward?

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