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DIsmissing Members is a way to get Coins Coins.png or free up on space. You can dismiss any type of actor. Kamekichi Cards give a lot of Coins but you can also dismiss regular cards. You can choose from your Actor List or Lobby. Dismissed Actors will be deleted, so be careful!

You can dismiss up to 20 Cards in a batch. Cards that are currently on a Team or padlocked will not be able to be dismissed. Cards unavailable will be dark and you cannot select them until you remove them from the team or unlock them.

To make it easier for you, you can press the "Select Kamekichi" button and it will auto-select all the Kamekichi cards that you currently possess, up to 20. Press "Clear" to remove all selected cards and the pink Dismiss button will dismiss them. There will be a confirmation button so don't worry if you accidentally miss-click.

You can Sort actors by Character, Rarity, Level, Lead Skill, Affection, Day added, blooms, times trained, total power, and attributes. Filter them by Event Boost, Act, Rarity, Affection, Attribute, and Troupe Member.

Kamekichi Cards

There are 3 types of Kamekichi Cards:

  • N
    Kamekichi N icon
  • R
    Kamekichi R icon
  • SR
    Kamekichi SR icon

You can get them from the Trading Post or Weekend Practices.

Rarity Coins given
N 4000 Coins.png
R 8000 Coins.png
SR 16000 Coins.png

Actor Cards

The amount of coins given for Actors depend on:

  • Rarity
  • Level
  • Blooms

Dismissal Lines

Spring Troupe

Character Line Audio
Sakuya It's sad, but I'm sure we'll meet again someday. I know we will.
Masumi I'll do my best to meet you again. Until then, wait for me.
Tsuzuru Thanks for everything. I won't forget my time here for as long as I live.
Itaru I just started thinking of this place as my home after a while. ...Never thought I'd be this sad...
Citron Oh... I will not be going back to my country. ...I will simply return to the ordinary life of an exchange student.
Chikage I'll leave him in your hands. I'll continue to protect him, as well as you and your family, even in the shadows.

Summer Troupe

Character Line Audio
Tenma I can't have anyone see me like this. I'm done with the stage.
Yuki Nobody really understood me after all. All I was doing was what I liked, and yet...
Muku A little pebble people crush underfoot like me could never be a prince. I was so stupid...
Misumi Guess I need to find another triangle home! But I dunno if I can find a better triangular place than here...
Kazunari I have a ton of friends, so you don't need to worry about me! I'm not sad at all...
Kumon Ehehe... guess I couldn't do it after all. I should've just listened to what Juza said...

Autumn Troupe

Character Line Audio
Banri Haha... Guess there's nothing I can do. I still ain't losing to Hyodo, though.
Juza I learned the meaning of friendship in this place. It's gonna be hard to go back to being alone.
Taichi I made a ton of great friends here. All because I joined this troupe. It's been an honor!
Omi Hey... do you think I became a good enough actor to face him with pride?
Sakyo Short as it was, it was good, living out my dream... It was good meeting you again, too.
Azami I'm going back to being that runaway boy again, huh... This time I'm doing it properly. I won't cause anymore trouble for you.

Winter Troupe

Character Line Audio
Tsumugi I'm running away again... even though I promised not to. I can never stand by his side again...
Tasuku Thanks for everything. Don't really think there's anything for me to say at this point, so... See you around.
Hisoka The moon is calling for me... I have to go. Thanks for accepting someone as empty as me.
Homare I suppose there was no need for such a defective being as myself... But it was a good life experience!
Azuma I'll be all alone again, huh. Such is the nature of human relationships, I guess...
Guy Don't worry about me. ...I'll just be going back to being an android.