Darts Dispute1.png
Kazunari: Tada--! Look what I got~!
Tsuzuru: A darts set?
Izumi: Where did you get it from?
Kazunari: The darts club got dissolved, so I got it on a first-come, first serve basis~!

So, let's play some darts everyone!

Taichi: Yay! Darts look cool, right~!
Izumi: I want to try it out a little.
Masumi: I'll teach you. First, how to hold them.
Tsuzuru: Hey hey hey, you just want to get close to her!
Masumi: ...shut up.
Hisoka: ...
Izumi: Ah, Hisoka-san.
Kazunari: Oh, if Hiso Hiso joins, we'll have an even number, right? It'll be a 3-on-3 face-off--!
Hisoka: ...face-off?
Izumi: It's for darts. Hisoka-san, can you play it?
Hisoka: Darts...
Izumi: (some time later) Yay! High score!!
Taichi: Oooh--! Director-sensei did it~!
Kazunari: Hiso Hiso's up next.

Hey, you aren't taking the darts?

Hisoka: ...yeah. Sleepy.
Izumi: Hisoka-san, are you having fun?
Hisoka: ...zzz.
Tsuzuru: He's already asleep...
Masumi: Bother.
Kazunari: Well, Hiso Hiso's taking a break for this round. So I'm next~!
Taichi: I'm going to the kitchen to get some juice~!
Hisoka: ーー!
Izumi: Hmm? Hisoka-san, why did you get up so suddenーー
Hisoka: Lend me one.
Kazunari: Wah, so suddenly!? That's my dartーー!
Izumi: Wait, why are you facing the kitchen!?

You're not actually going to throw itーー!

Hisoka: ーー.
Taichi: Eek!
Kazunari: Uwahー...it grazed Taicchan's face.
Izumi: He...hey! You can't throw darts at people!
Hisoka: ...mistake. I thought it was a bug for a moment.
Taichi: Bug!?

Y-Y-You thought I was one!?

Hisoka: I wouldn't miss such a big target. It was a spot next to you.
Taichi: Where's the spot...

Uwah!? There's actually a tiny spot here!? And you hit it dead-on~!

Izumi: Eh...
Kazunari: Taicchan, to commemorate getting grazed, say cheese!
Taichi: Ah, peace...

Wait, I don't a picture of this~! My life really was in danger!

Hisoka: ...good night.
Taichi: It's someone else's problem!?
Tsuzuru: He's sleeping so well, even though it's so noisy here.
Kazunari: So, Hiso Hiso's actually really good at darts!?


Izumi: No, we shouldn't be talking about darts right now!
Taichi: I was about to die!!
Masumi: ...heh.
Tsuzuru: Oh, that's rare. Masumi got hooked on the conversation. That's great, Taichi.
Taichi: I'm not happy at all about that~!
Hisoka: Snore...marshmallows...getting stabbed...no.
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