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Kazunari: I'm hoooome!
Kazunari: Huh? No ones here? That's rare!
Kazunari: ...I'm so bored. Guess I'll watch some TV till everyone else gets here.
Kazunari: Hm? What's a phone doing here?
Kazunari: Wait, is this Izumi's phone? Guess she forgot it.
Kazunari: Oh hey, a DM from Massu!
Kazunari: ...What the?!
Izumi: Oh hey, Kazunari. You're home. Welcome back!
Kazunari: Heya, Izumi! You've got mail!
Izumi: Ah, I knew I forgot it at home!
Kazunari: Hey, Izumi... About Massu...
Izumi: Hm?
Kazunari: How is he so different in his DMs?! He uses a bunch of emojis and stuff! It's super cute!
Izumi: Different? He's always like this... But I guess he usually has kind of a poker face so I can see why you'd be surprised.
Izumi: He messages me a lot, so maybe it's easier for him to talk this way?
Kazunari: A-ha! So he's showin' you his soft side, eh? Dude, that's insane. Massu's pretty crafty!!
Izumi: You use a lot of emojis in your DMs too, you know. I think they're cute.
Kazunari: Just cute though? They don't make your heart pound? They don't make you swoon?
Izumi: I dunno? Should they?!
Kazunari: Kazunari Miyoshi's Secret Love Technique #52-- Slide into those DMs and show a whole new side of you...!
Izumi: Secret love technique? What are you talking about?
Kazunari: Nothing! I just wanna make your heart race more, Izumi!
Izumi: Okay, then.
Kazunari: I'm not gonna let Massu beat me! I'm gonna be your favorite, I promise!!
Izumi: Um, good luck, I guess?
Kazunari: Thanks!
Kazunari: I'm home!
Masumi: ......
Kazunari: Oh, Massu.
Masumi: ......
Kazunari: Hm?
Kazunari: (He's actually in a good mood for once. Doesn't know I saw his DMs. I'm gonna surprise him...)
Kazunari: (Veeery carefully...)
Masumi: ......
Kazunari: Waaah!
Masumi: ......!
Kazunari: Ah, sorry!!
Masumi: Kazunari...
Kazunari: Here's your phone! Don't worry, the screen's not broken!
Masumi: Knock it off.
Kazunari: (He was totally DMing Izumi! I see how it is. That's why he's in such a good mood!)
Kazunari: Hey, Massu! Didn't know you were the type to use emojis and stickers in your DMs to Izumi.
Masumi: None of your business.
Kazunari: You never use them with me!
Masumi: I don't even know your number.
Kazunari: What? You don't?
Kazunari: Let's trade digits, then! We can become DM besties!
Masumi: No.
Masumi: Hm?
Kazunari: Oh, it's for me.
Izumi: "Can you go to the store and pick up some eggs and milk? I don't have the time to make it over there."
Kazunari: Izumi wants me to go on an errand for her.
Masumi: Huh? Why you...?
Kazunari: "OK! Your wish is my command, Izumi! But you gotta take me with you next time!" Add some hearts aaaannnd...
Kazunari: Sent.
Masumi: There's no way she sent you that. Lemme see.
Kazunari: Hmm, I dunno.
Masumi: Lemme see it!
Kazunari: Only if you give tell me your secret DM techniques! Like how to show a softer side of yourself and make all the girlies swoon!
Masumi: Knock it off.
Kazunari: Then I won't tell.
Masumi: ...Don't contact her anymore.
Kazunari: What?! No way! I like Izumi, too!
Masumi: Nope. I won't let you message her anymore. Delete her contact from your phone.
Kazunari: What?!
Masumi: ...I'll delete it for you.
Kazunari: You're way too overprotective, man! Geez!
Masumi: I'm getting rid of it all.
Kazunari: Massu, dude! Wait!
Kazunari: Don't break my phone!
Masumi: ...Tch.
Kazunari: That was close... Chill out a bit, Massu! There's no need to take it out on my phone!
Masumi: Since when have you two been DMing?
Kazunari: Um, when I joined the troupe and she told me her number?
Misumi: ...I win.
Kazunari: When did you two start?
Masumi: When I joined.
Kazunari: Oh, you joined first, so I guess you do win!
Masumi: I have more message history with her.
Kazunari: But do you know that for sure? I mean, I might have messaged her more than you.
Masumi: ...I'm gonna break it.
Kazunari: Nooo! Don't do it!
Masumi: ...Tch.
Kazunari: You've really got it bad for her, huh.
Masumi: Shut up. 'Course I do.
Kazunari: You said it! Then why don't we be besties in love with Izumi!
Masumi: No.
Kazunari: ...Didn't even skip a beat!
Kazunari: But y'know, if you become love besties with me, then I'll send you the selfie she sent me the other day.
Masumi: Selfie? Why do you have that? I'll delete it.
Kazunari: What?! But if you delete it, I can't show it to you!
Masumi: ......
Kazunari: She modeled some costumes when she went to help out at another theater and sent a pic to me.
Masumi: ...Show it to me.
Kazunari: Then tell me your account name!
Masumi: Grr...
Kazunari: Geez, is it that hard?!
Masumi: Here's my address. Do what you want with it.
Kazunari: Yay! Massu's address is all mine!
Masumi: Hurry up and send it to me.
Kazunari: Okay...Aaaand, send!
Masumi: That's just a suit, not a costume.
Kazunari: Yeah, but isn't it super fresh? She usually dresses so casually!
Masumi: ...Anything looks good on her.
Kazunari: See? You get it! That's why we're love besties!
Masumi: ...I just blocked you.
Kazunari: You're so mean!