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【Blooming Trail】

Citron SR blooming trail.png


Rarity SR.png

Level: 1/80
Comedy.png (min/max): 1367/--
Action.png (min/max): 975/--
Drama.png (min/max): 1561/--
*Max refers to stats at maximum level (bloomed twice and completely special-trained.)
How to Acquire:
1st Anniversary: Spring & Summer Tryouts
""To bloo, I studied much Japanese and got many lines! It worked out well, I think!""
Backstage Story
For the Hardworking Princess!
Lead Skill
Undeniable Delusion Level 1
Increases Team's Dr somewhat
Undeniable Delusion Level 10 (MAX)
Ad lib Skill
No Good to Mope! Level 1
15% chance that Dr will increase somewhat
No Good to Mope! Level 4 (MAX)



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