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"I, look good in formal style? This noble posture, it was forged in my home country."
Card Name Citron
【Dressing Formally】
【フォーマルにキメて】 シトロン
How to Obtain Initial
Available in the Friend Scout
Backstage Story Versatile Shiritori Genius
Card Stats
Rarity N
Attribute (min/max)* Comedy.png Comedy 861 / max
Action.png Action 615 / max
Drama.png Drama min / max
Max Rank Lv. 40
*Max refers to stats at maximum level (bloomed twice and completely special-trained.)
Lead Skill
Gentleman's Knowledge
Max Rank Lv. 10
Effect (Initial) Sr increase for all units.
Ad lib Skills
Elegant Bearing
Max Rank Lv. 4
Effect (Initial) 5% possibility of small Sr increase