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Normal Home Screen Quotes

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Occassion Line Audio
Morning Good morning! The early bird catches the germs!
Noon Today is a peaceful day. Let me dance to celebrate!
Evening Nights in Japan are an oasis of relaxation.
Night It is against the law in my country to stay up so late.
Regular Today is a peaceful day. Let me dance to celebrate!
Regular Oh? What is it?
Regular Japanese, it's difficult after all...
Regular No protein! Not to worry!
Regular My people believe that ladies come first.
Regular Tsuzuru's come-backs are very sharp...
Regular It is time to study Japanese! I have my dictionary ready!
Regular Japanese culture is a treasure!
Regular I wish to show you my country one day. Will you come with me?

Special Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
1st Anniversary Wow! Our anniversary! But every day in the Mankai Company is a joyous one indeed!
2nd Anniversary I really love the Mankai Company! I would like to stay for a very, very long time!
Valentine’s Day 2020 In my country, men are the ones who give presents to ladies! I hope you like it!
Valentine’s Day 2021 Oh? You got me chocolates this year?! We must be sharing a mutual love!
White Day 2020 A White Day return gift?! Only mine is special?! Oh, I’m really happy!
White Day 2021 Happy White Day! These are for you! There is a wonderful surprise inside!
April Fool’s Day 2020 I am Citron. I have come from beyond the seas… overseas. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
April Fool’s Day 2021 I approve greatly of all the new Citrons! Spring Troupe is doing a very nice job so go see them!
Children's Day 2020 So this is the famous catfish flag! I have never seen one so big!
Children's Day 2021 I heard that this is the season for tango! We must enjoy a passionate tango dance time together!
Tanabata 2020 A wish? No, no! This is a spell for exorcsising evil spirits!
Tanabata 2021 {{{tanabata2021}}}
Last Day of Summer Break 2020 In my country, it is summer vacation all year round!
Last Day of Summer Break 2021 Summer vacation this year was very fun! For this season, watermelon splits are a must, too!
Halloween 2019 {{{halloween2019}}}
Halloween 2020 Happy Halloween! Trip or Tree! I am a mad chef for this year's Halloween! Off with your head!
Halloween 2021 “Bwahaha! You have courage entering this place, human…” Demon King Citron has descended!
Christmas 2019 {{{christmas2019}}}
Christmas 2020 Merry X-mas! I have an extra big sock for you! It is exploding with presents!
New Year 2019 {{{new year2019}}}
New Year 2020 Wow, Japanese New Year has begun! HNY! Let's get it!

Birthday Quotes


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday In my country, birthdays involve both meeting up and promising eternity to each other.....
Sakuya chibi icon
Sakuya, congratulations! I'll give you local crafts from my country as a present.
Masumi chibi icon
Oh-! Masumi's birthday! I shall present him with some local crafts from my home country!
Tsuzuru chibi icon
Since Tsuzuru has to take a lot Tsukkomi, I'll present him a some of my country's folk crafts.
Itaru chibi icon
Itaru wanted to get a game~ Instead, I'm going to give him folk crafts from my country!
Citron chibi icon
Oh! My birthday! From here out on Director keep up believing in me!
Tenma chibi icon
It is Tenma's birthday! Happy Happy Birthday!
Yuki chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Yuki! I do not swindle!
Muku chibi icon
It is Muku's day! I pray that you will become a dashing prince one day!
Misumi chibi icon
Misumi Birthday, congratulations~ Triangle, triangle...
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy Bee Day, Kazu! Let us party until the cows come home!
Banri chibi icon
Happy Birthday Banri! Do not play too many games with Itaru, okay?
Juza chibi icon
It is your day, Juza! Remember! You must smile more!
Taichi chibi icon
Taichi! I wish you a very special and happy congratulations on this day!
Omi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Omi! I You make my country's cuisine very well! Guy also agrees!
Sakyo chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Sakyo! Let us go onsen-hopping sometime! With ping pong and flavored milk, too!
Tsumugi chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Tsumugi! My Japanese got much better thanks to you!
Tasuku chibi icon
Tasuku's Birthday! As a celebration, I will show you a dance from my country~
Hisoka chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Hisoka! I would also like to learn your ninja arts! Can I be your disciple?
Homare chibi icon
Happy Birthday! Homare's poems are masterpieces. When I get back to my country, I will pass them on.


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy B-Day! I will escort you to a wonderful party! ...Your hand, miss?
Sakuya chibi icon
Sakuya!, Happy B-Day! It is fun being roommates with you! Let us continue forever!
Masumi chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Masumi! Your present will be the director...who I will dance with during the party!
Tsuzuru chibi icon
My manzai partner, Tsuzuru! Happy B-Day! I will think of jokes for Citrun soon!
Itaru chibi icon
Today it is the Divine Whale Itaru's birthday! Many congratulations! Do not whale too much, okay?
Citron chibi icon
Today is the day I burst into this world! I am happy everyone celebrated with me!
Chikage chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Chikage! I gave you my country's famous spice! You'll breath fire if you eat it!
Tenma chibi icon
HBD, Tenma! I will eat fatty tuna at the sushi restaurant you recommended me!
Yuki chibi icon
HBD, Yuki! I will give you some silk from my country! It is an ultra rare item!
Muku chibi icon
Muku, Happy Birthday! I am sure you will become a wonderful prince.
Misumi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Misumi! Please celebrate with this triangle onigiri I made for you!
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy Bee Day, Kazu! My blog posts are also going viral, so it is time for my Instablam debut!
Kumon chibi icon
Happy Birtday, Kumon! I have some traditional wellness goods from my country for you!
Banri chibi icon
Banri, Happy Birthday! I have practiced a duet! We can sing it together today!
Juza chibi icon
It is Juza’s birthday! I got some sweets from the neighbourhood ladies! Let us eat them together!
Azami chibi icon
Happy Bee Day. Azami! Your raps are always so fresh! We must have a battle, yo!
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Tasuku! We should try doing some Noh together!
Homare chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Homare! I will be a guest author in your next poetry anthology!
Azuma chibi icon
HBD, Azuma! I will find victory tonight! And I will be the one controlling the table!
Guy chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Guy. I can only hope that you will stay by side as my dear companion...and friend.

Practice Quotes

Practice is oh so fun!
Sakuya is a good and cute boy! I want to take him home with me.
Masumi is very cool, but very childish...
In the future, I'll form a comedy duo with Tsuzuru!
Itaru is a splendid P2W warrior!
Convos with Chikage are very fun and chilling!
Kamekichi loves to peck me! It is a painful love...
Leave the tongue twisters to me!
How do you read this kanji?
This scene would be more exciting if we have a dance in it!
Break time, please!
My home country is 1 million light-years away from here.
Tonight is all night karaoke with Banri!
Thank you for the practice! I have worked up some sweat!

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen I am downloading this data through the power of telekinesis…! Rrrghh… please wait…!
Voice Volume It's a mic yooo~ It's a check yooo~ It's Citron yooo~
1 on 1 Practice I am a changed man now.
Special Training Please be repentless with your strict training methods!
Blooming Buh-buh-Blooming! I have hatched from my shell anew!
Ultimate Blooming {{{ultimate blooming}}}
Earn Cash Intro My preparations are perfect! I am ready to go any time!
Earn Cash Outro We made so much money! It is all thanks to me!
Dissmiss Actor Oh... I will not be going back to my country. ...I will simply return to the ordinary life of an exchange student.
Show succeeded I thought I could, and I did!
Show failed I can keep going a little longer!
Skills used in Show
4th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{4th play}}}
5th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{5th play}}}