Mini Conversations are the small talks the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one, the player get's rewarded with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius
Side Citron (1/3)
Citron: I still think I have too few lines.
Friar Laurence was actually the head of the organization that controlled the town from the shadows! The last wall standing before the journeying Romeo and Julius is-
...What do you think? Stories just need have an evil boss!
Leave it to Citron to act it out, wild and dirty!♪ I'll definitely get the best male lead lamination!
I'll go and tell Tsuzuru now~!
Side Citron (2/3)
Citron: Oh...I lost to Tsumugi in rock, paper, scissors again. Japanese rock paper scissors is unfair to me.
Where I come from, we use our whole body to express the tiger, elephant, and human.
There is no doubt that you all will be addicted to it if you try!
Side Citron (3/3)
Citron: ~~♪~~♪
Director should relax and try dancing some time too!
You never danced before? Oh, no problemo. Citron will be the kind escort!
It should be 100% fine if Director follows my movements and dances along with me!
Oh, Director is also panting very hard.
Citron & Tenma Talk
Citron: Tenma! I learned new Japanese. Tongue twister!
Tenma: Huh, try it.
Citron: Raw urchin, raw seaweed, raw roe! The neighboring persimmon is a guest-eating persimmon!
Tenma: You're not saying it right! In fact, you're saying something entirely different!
Citron:'s difficult.
Tenma: Listen, this is how you do it. Raw wheat, raw rice, raw eggs! The neighboring guest is a persimmon-eating guest!
Citron: Oh! Nice, Tenma! Perfect!
Tenma: Hmph! This is a lease of...piece of cake!
Citron: ..Tenma, did you just...
Tenma: N-no! You made that up!

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland
Side Citron (1/3)
Citron: I have a lot more lines compared to when we did Romeo and Julius.
I only had 5 lines before.
At the time I thought Tsuzuru was bullying the newcomer.
I’ve become better at Japanese, so even if I have a lot of lines it will be a piece of cake!
With my fluent Japanese I’ll get the fans drunk♪ No, not drunk, I mean that I have them fall madly in love? Yeah, I think that’s right!
Side Citron (2/3)
Citron: Just now Muku was dozing off, so I tried poking his cheeks. Muku’s cheeks were soft and squishy!
Those squishy rice cakes didn’t seem anything like the skin of a boy going through puberty!
They were just like marshmallows!
Oh! My mistake! If I said something like that and Hisoka tried to eat Muku’s cheeks, it would be horrible, right!?
Director, please keep this conversation a secret from Hisoka.
Side Citron (3/3)
Citron: I might have said this before but, I’m a fan of cat ears!
Sakuya’s cat ears are so cute but if you wore cats ear, Director, it would be the cutest thing ever.
Next time I want you to secretly put some on and show me. I want to pat you a lot while you wear cat ears.
Oh! Of course your usual self is also very cute. Pats and hugs are always welcome♪
Citron & Hisoka Talk
Citron: Everyone was saying you’re like a ninja, Hisoka! Japanese ninja are so cool! Are you also able to use ninjutsu? Like “water escape no jutsu”!
Hisoka: …..Yeah, I can use it.
Citron: Really!?
Hisoka: Sleeping no jutsu…….. Snore…..
Citron: Oh! If that’s the case then I can use it too. Sleeping no jutsu! ZZZ…..

Mini Conversation for the Relaxed Group[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for the Relaxed Group
Side Citron (1/3)
Citron: Oh! Today is a holiday! Let's practice one of my countrys folk dances in the courtyard!
Director, would you be my partner? Shall we dance?
It's okay, it's okay! I'm a gentleman so I'll lead!
That's great, great! Like a moth dances in the sky!
Side Citron (2/3)
Citron: Sakuya and I went to the town library! I borrowed japanese enka!
The song had a nice tempo. I very very like it.
You can perfectly sing to it too! Namu Amida Butsu Namu Amida Butsu....
Oh... That's not an enka song? This and that got me really excited!
Side Citron (3/3)
Citron: The sky is dark. A pitch black holiday.
Ah, I get it. Everyone in the company they all got together!
It's surely because Director's laughing! That smile attracts others.
Directors smile is very very shiny. It's the sun that shines for everyone!
Citron & Muku Talk
Muku: There was a time Citron-sama was a mage.
Citron: Oh, there certainly was a time like this. Muku can you use magic?
Muku: I can't use magic... But, those people who can are really cool!
Citron: Not at all. There are incidents with life-threatening curses!
Muku: Curses.....!? Citron-sama have you ever been cursed!?
Citron: It's like that~ There was an occasion, there I was cursed and became a ring-tailed lemur.
Muku: That's a monkey, right!
Citron: At this time I went to an oni slaying hero who was born from a peach!
Muku: Ah, please tell me more of that story!

Mini Conversation for The Clockwork Heart[edit | edit source]

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