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Spring Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sakuma Sakuya - Students of Nonsense
Veludo Station
Sakuya: I need to renew my pizza...
Citron: Pizza? Maybe Omi can make one!
Sakuya: I love acting with you, Citron!
Citron: Oh, Sakuya! You are a very good boy!
Veludo Park
Citron: This necklace of mine has a curse...
Sakuya: Eeh!? A-A curse!?
Citron: About this curse, it is a secret between Sakuya and Citron-san.
Sakuya: Y-yes...! I will also look for a method to undo the curse!
Velvet Town Library
Citron: "It can not get cut with a knife." I recently remembered that in Japanese!
Sakuya: Is-isn't that a riddle...? I have to study more Japanese too...
Citron: Sakuya, together, let's sliding Japanese ♪
Sakuya: Sli-sliding...? Like in Baseball...?
Usui Masumi - The Terror of Citron
Veludo Station
Citron: Poor Masumi... the director didn't allow you into her room again today
Masumi: !? Were you spying on me again?
Citron: I am always lurking behind everyone's backs!
Masumi: That just sounds like a horror movie.
Velvet Park
Masumi: Citron behind your back, that already became a horror urban legend.
Citron: I want to become the cities legend!
Citron: I won't lose to the "Only Mouth Woman"!
Masumi: That, probably meant "Slit-mouthed Woman[1]".
Velvet Town Library
Citron: The ear on the wall, the eye through the Shōji, behind that, it's Citron... I want to make that popular.
Masumi: Stop it.
Citron: Beware of what's behind your back tonight... ♪
Masumi: I'm getting chills...
Minagi Tsuzuru - Mankai Comedy Duo
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Why are you wearing a bowtie?
Citron: Today isn't street comedy?
Tsuzuru: Tsuzuru, your jokes are an artillery-grade human cook!
Citron: That's an insult to cooks!
Velvet Park
Citron: Tsuzuru, an authentic "what the hell"[2]! Show it to me!
Tsuzuru: I won't. What's an authentic....
Citron: Ohh, the top of Tsuzuru's head resembles a coffee pudding~
Tsuzuru: What the hell!
Velvet Town Library
Citron: In manzai, the "I've had enough!" line is from the end celery.
Tsuzuru: Ehh? There's such a celery... Wait, it's the end theory!
Citron: Tsuzuru, you're steadily improving your tsukkomi!
Tsuzuru: I have the feeling that's Citron-san's expectation....!
Chigasaki Itaru - First-Rate Interpreting
Veludo Station
Citron: The ladies of the town said you were hot, Itaru. Would you like a fan?
Itaru: Not trying to brag, but hot means good-looking in this case.
Citron: But what does the temperature have to do with your looks?
Itaru: That's tough... Could have meant, useful[3] maybe.
Velvet Park
Citron: Itaru, your stamina should be almost fully refilled.
Itaru: Really. Citron GJ.
Citron: I'm not just a foreign student. I'm awfully yakiniku![4]
Itaru: That's tough... Could have meant, useful[5] maybe.
Velvet Town Library
Citron: Meeting Itaru got me one yen each time! I'll treasure it.
Itaru: That's way too cheap. I want to be a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.
Itaru: I'll work on my Japanese!
Citron: Well, you're fine like this. Somehow I think it's funny.
Chikage Utsuki - Irresponsible Pair
Veludo Station
Citron: To think I would finally meet my fearful rival here...
Chikage: So I'm your rival? Interesting.
Citron: Chikage! You must not encroach on my turf with your lies and contraception!
Chikage: Deception? ...I think you've already won this battle.
Velvet Park
Velvet Town Library

Summer Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sumeragi Tenma - Sushi Buds
Veludo Station
Citron: Today, I will perform the role of a shrimp!
Tenma: What kind of skit is this?!
Citron: All that running around made me empty in my stomach!!
Tenma: Let's get some sushi before heading back.
Velvet Park
Citron: Tenma what kind of sushi do you like?
Tenma: I would say the best sushi is the big toro.
Citron: Because it's melting that's why it's tuna[6]... Japanese is simple and easy~
Tenma: Come back after you're able to speak Japanese properly.
Velvet Town Library
Citron: Tenma, I found a sushi restaurant!
Tenma: Oh, is it good?
Citron: The pickled ginger is bony[7] it's really unique!
Tenma: What's the point in praising the ginger! Or rather what's bony!
Rurikawa Yuki - Kabuki Enthusiants
Veludo Station
Citron: I got tippets for the kabuki show this weekend!
Yuki: I'll tell Tasuku. Also, it's "ticket".
Citron: I want to be called House of Citron!
Yuki: House of Citron. There, ya happy?
Velvet Park
Citron: Today we defeat Kazu!
Yuki: Do you understand what it means?
Citron: We do the MANKAI Company kabuki challenge!
Yuki: Making the costumes will be fun.
Velvet Town Library
Citron: I put all of Citron's style inside the show!
Yuki: I hope you just glance from the side.
Citron: The total input was perfect! Kabuki actor was right on the mark.
Yuki: Stop meddling in.
Sakisaka Muku - Out of a Fairytale
Veludo Station
Muku: You're so elegant, Citron! Like a prince from a distant land!
Citron: You are very fond of princes, aren't you?
Muku: White horses are nice, but wouldn't riding a unicorn be amazing?
Citron: Ah, unicorn! The salty snack at the movies, right?
Velvet Park
Citron: Muku, if you want to be a prince you have to master how to be a good emperor​.
Muku: Emperor studies...! Wow, that sounds cool!
Citron: I, Citron-sama shall teach you everything about how to be a good emperor.
Muku: I'll, I'll be in your care...!
Velvet Town Library
Muku: The new volume's prince seems to be like Citron-sama....!
Citron: Wow, maybe he was modeled after me.
Citron: Should I cosplay the manga's prince. Should I try that for Muku's sake.
Muku: Waa, I'll look forward to it! I'll ask Yuki-kun if he could make the costume!
Ikaruga Misumi - Our Meeting Was Onigiri
Velvet Station Front
Citron: You must love onigiri. You shocked me back then!
Misumi: Sorry for eating your onigiri! But it was sooo good!
Citron: Let's make onigiri together sometime!
Misumi: Oni-oni-onigiri! Tri-tri-triangle!
Velvet Park
Citron: My belly is empty.
Misumi: Let's have onigiri!
Citron: Let's buy onigiri and go back home!
Misumi: I have enough mo~ney!
Velvet Town Library
Misumi: So about onigiri~ What is it called in English?
Misumi: It's a riceball!
Misumi: Riceball...? It's not a ball but a triangle, you know?
Citron: Oh, I knew this would happen someday...
Miyoshi Kazunari - Linguistic Innovators
Velvet Station Front
Citron: Kazu, you are so fleek!
Kazunari: ...Wrong, but valid, though! Thanks!
Citron: You have an odd way of speaking, Kazu. What language is it?
Kazunari: Just my own spin on words!
Velvet Park
Kazunari: Ronron, raise the vibes!
Citron: I understood that! I'm totally shaking!
Kazunari: Ronron next time pose for my sketches!
Citron: Pose? I'll do my best and try it out!
Velvet Town Library
Kazunari: I'm really hungry now~
Citron: The world of stage play also needs yakiniku set meals.
Kazunari: Our tastes match! Let's make Citron-Kazu combi!
Citron: Agreed ・ Decided!

Autumn Troupe[edit | edit source]

Settsu Banri - Karaoke Lovers
Veludo Station
Citron: Karaoke was so heated last night!
Banri: It lasted for about 4 hours~
Citron: We will get a perfect score tonight!
Banri: Yeah we will.
Velvet Park
Citron: Banri likes rock?
Banri: Yeah kinda and it's easy to sing.
Banri: Citron's songs always have some obscure genre.
Citron: Japanese karaoke is amazing! It has everything!
Velvet Town Library
Citron: I want to have a karaoke room in the dormitory attic!
Banri: We can't make the Manager's room into a karaoke room.
Banri: Ah~, still want to sing...
Citron: We still got some free time! Let's Go!
Hyodo Juza - A Real Japanese Punk!
Veludo Station
Citron: A real Japanese punk! I have always wished to meet you!
Juza: Huh? Why?
Citron: The punk is always the one who invites the most tears in school TV dramas!
Juza: ???
Velvet Park
Citron: Juza comb your hair back in to a pompadour!
Juza: I never wore a pompadour.
Citron: I think it would absolutely suit you!
Juza: Is that so...?
Velvet Town Library
Citron: Where are you hiding your brass knuckles?
Juza: No, I don't have any.
Citron: I want you to invite me to your next duel!
Juza: O-okay.
Nanao Taichi - Ways of Speaking
Veludo Station
Citron: You're so cute, Taichi! You will find a lover in no time!
Taichi: You really think so?! I want a girlfriend SO bad!!
Citron: You speak so funny, Taichi!
Taichi: You've got no room to talk, Citron!!
Velvet Park
Citron: Taichi can you give paw?
Taichi: I'm not a dog-! I can! I'll do it!
Citron: Taichi, paw.
Taichi: Woof... eh, I didn't wanna do it~!
Velvet Town Library
Taichi: I long for a Gokon~!
Citron: I'm going to host one!
Citron: I will catch a lot of foxes this time!
Taichi: You've got the meaning for kon in gokon wrong~!
Fushimi Omi - Taste of Home
Veludo Station
Citron: Can you cook the food of my country, Omi?
Omi: I guess you miss food from back home, huh?
Omi: Can we get the ingredients in Japan?
Citron: No program at all!! I shall get it air lifted here!
Velvet Park
Omi: I ordered your countries recipes.
Citron: Thank you.
Omi: I give up... I can't read these recipes they all are in a foreign language....
Citron: Don't worry I'll translate!
Velvet Town Library
Citron: Oh, I translated the recipe into Japanese.
Omi: ...Somehow it's difficult to read.
Citron: Oh, I'll look forward to tonights dinner!
Omi: ...I'll do my best.
Furuichi Sakyo - Mankai Hot Springs
Velvet Station Front
Citron: Let's go on a relaxing hot spring trip!
Sakyo: That'd be nice. It's good for cleansing your mind and body.
Citron: Let's dig up our own spring and start the Hot Bath Company!
Sakyo: Not happening.
Velvet Park
Citron: You find onsen when you go south.
Sakyo: No, it's north.
Citron: When we speak about onsen, fruit milk and table tennis is a must!
Sakyo: What? You mean milk coffee and messages.
Velvet Town Library
Citron: I'll make a natural onsen out of the dormitory bath!
Sakyo: ONSEN Company, you didn't gave up on that...
Citron: An onsen will be a good financial resource in large quantities without mistake.
Sakyo: ...There is something to that. If you could clear the aspect of the maintenace costs...

Winter Troupe[edit | edit source]

Tsukioka Tsumugi - Grammar Tutor
Veludo Station
Citron: Tsumugi, you tutor Japanese, yes?
Tsumugi: I guess you'd call it language arts, in this case.
Citron: I want you to become my Japanese teacher!
Tsumugi: Sure thing. I'll help you whenever I can.
Velvet Park
Citron: Please don't mold back.
Tsumugi: Okay, I won't hold back.
Citron: Street acts are broad-minded​~
Tsumugi: Did you mean, profound[8]? Let's learn to use correct japanese little by little.
Velvet Town Library
Citron: I like Japanese's first prize! It's nice!
Tsumugi: Did you mistook it with being mighty warrior[9]...?

Or did you really meant to say first prize...?

Citron: 事後解決してしまうのは紬の悪いクセって丞言ってたヨ.
Tsumugi: た、たぶん自己完結かな?後で丞に聞いておこう…
Takato Tasuku - Transcending Language
Veludo Station
Citron: Let's work till our muscles are covered in sweat and blood and we cry!!
Tasuku: That's an interesting way of saying blood, sweat, and tears...
Citron: I love the way you beat your chest and roared!
Tasuku: I didn't do any of that.
Velvet Park
Citron: タスクは癒しチューバ、ゴマと醤油どっちが好きネ?
Tasuku: なんのことを言っているのかさっぱり分からん…
Citron: 稽古をしながら資金稼ぎまさに移籍二丁目ダヨ!
Tasuku: 春組のやつらはこの言葉が分かるのか…?
Velvet Town Library
Citron: ツヅルがなかなかセリフ増やしてくれないネ...
Tasuku: そりゃそうだろうな.
Citron: オー、失礼ネ。ワタシはいつでもピュアっピュアダヨ.
Tasuku: その話し方はわざとなのか…?
Mikage Hisoka - Dancing Kings
Veludo Station
Citron: ~~~ ♪
Hisoka: Dance...?
Citron: Do you like dancing, Hisoka?
Hisoka: I don't care either way.
Velvet Park
Citron: In my country, we dance to become one with nature. This is the water dance~
Hisoka: Becoming one with nature...
Hisoka: ~~~♪
Citron: Wow!  Your wind-fusion dance is fantastic!
Velvet Town Library
Citron: Today's theme of the play is once and for all, dancing!
Hisoka: ...Understood.
Citron: ~~~♪
Hisoka: ~~~♪
Arisugawa Homare - Unlikely Chemistry
Veludo Station
Citron: I could get addicted to your poems!
Homare: You've got a unique way of turning a phrase too, Citron!
Homare: Ah! I feel...inspired! Hmm, hmm, hmm~♪
Citron: Art is like a firecracker!
Velvet Park
Citron: I got a great idea! I'll dance to Homare's poems.
Homare: Oh...that's...sounds pretty interesting.
Citron: Let's do more collaborations from now on!
Homare: Indeed. Let us propose that the director as well.
Velvet Town Library
Homare: Citron-kun, why don't you provide the poems for our collaboration this time?
Citron: Okay! That sounds like a very interesting plan.
Homare: 2人でカンパニーの活性化に努めていこうではないか.
Citron: Aye Aye. ♪
Yukishiro Azuma - Mahjong Masters
Velvet Station Front
Citron: Azuma, let's have another match tonight!
Azuma: Okay. Be prepared to lose, though.
Citron: Thank you for the night of passion, Azuma.
Azuma: You're very welcome.
Veludo Park
Citron: Kazunari is cunning. This is Tsuwamono[10] Completed Set!
Azuma: Yesterday I was nearly defeated by Sakyo-kun.
Citron: I will stop Azuma's winning streak.
Azuma: The prince eyes tell me, you're serious.
Velvet Town Library
Citron: We start at midnight after the children went to bed.
Azuma: It's time for us adults.
Citron: The mahjong board​ is the battlefield.
Azuma: Fufu, I won't lose my face in front of the prince.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Kuchisake-onna
  2. Citron is talking about "nandeyanen" something a Tsukkomi often replies to a Boke in a comedic act.
  3. Citron said Yakunitatsu that means useful or helpful and it sounds a bit like Yakiniku the meat dish.
  4. Yakiniku is a Japanese dish of grilled meat similar to Korean barbecue.
  5. Citron said Yakunitatsu that means useful or helpful and it sounds a bit like Yakiniku the meat dish.
  6. (トロットロだからトロ) Citron made a wordplay here.
  7. Another wordplay on ginger (ガリ) and bony (ガッリガリ).
  8. Citron confused 奥が深い with 懐が深い here.
  9. Again Citron said Ittōtōsen (一等当選) but might meant to say Ikkitōsen (一騎当千).
  10. Citron is talking about "Pro Mahjong Tsuwamono", a game by Nitendo.
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