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Spring Troupe

Sakuya - Students of Nonsense
Veludo Station
Citron: I need to renew my pizza…
Sakuya: Pizza? Maybe Omi can make one!
Sakuya: I love acting with you, Citron!
Citron: Oh, Sakuya! You are a very good boy!
Veludo Park
Citron: This necklace of mine is cursed…
Sakuya: What?! C-Cursed?!
Citron: This curse is a secret between you and me, okay?
Sakuya: U-Um, okay! I'll figure out a way to break it.
Veludo Library
Citron: I learned a new phrase! "What comes round will become round.
Sakuya: I don't know what that means... I guess I should study more!
Citron: Will you hit books with me, Sakuya?
Sakuya: Hit books? Is that a game?

Masumi Usui - The Terror of Citron
Veludo Station
Citron: Poor Masumi... the director didn't allow you into her room again today.
Masumi: !? Were you spying on me again?
Citron: I am always lurking behind everyone's backs!
Masumi: That just sounds like a horror movie.
Veludo Park
Citron: I want to become an urban legend!!
Masumi: You're halfway there, lurking behind our backs like that.
Citron: I shall be even scarier than Big Feets!
Masumi: ...It's Big Foot.
Veludo Library
Citron: Jason in the wall, Bloody Mary in the mirror, Citron behind your back...
Masumi: Knock it off.
Citron: You better watch out...you better watch out...♪
Masumi: I just got the chills.
Tsuzuru Minagi - Mankai Comedy Duo
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Why are you wearing a bowtie?
Citron: Today isn't street comedy?
Tsuzuru: Tsuzuru, your jokes are an artillery-grade human cook!
Citron: That's an insult to cooks!
Veludo Park
Citron: Tsuzuru! Give me your best, classic "what the heck?"!
Tsuzuru: I'm not saying it. ...And what do you mean by classic?
Citron: Ohh! Your head is like coffee pudding, Tsuzuru!
Tsuzuru: What the heck?!
Veludo Library
Citron: Tsuzuru, the key to a good routine is to say, "Eh, fuhgeddaboudit"!
Tsuzuru: Where do you get these from?
Citron: Tsuzuru, you are improving so much!
Tsuzuru: I never wanted to!
Itaru Chigasaki - First Rate Interpreterting
Veludo Station
Citron: The ladies of the town said you were hot, Itaru. Would you like a fan?
Itaru: Not trying to brag, but hot means good-looking in this case.
Citron: But what does the temperature have to do with your looks?
Itaru: Because it makes you hot and bothered? ...You know what, let's stop there.
Veludo Park
Citron: Itaru, your stamina has recovered!
Itaru: For real? GJ, Citron.
Citron: I always strive to be full of hearty tips!
Itaru: Damn, this one's hard. ...Helpful tips?
Veludo Library
Citron: Break your legs, Itaru! I will be rooting for you!
Itaru: Yeah, that's 'break a leg'. You got a grudge against me?
Itaru: I'm going to try harder at speaking better!
Citron: I don't mind if you stay the same. It's pretty funny.
Chikage Utsuki - Irresponsible Pair
Veludo Station
Citron: To think I would finally meet my fearful rival here...
Chikage: So I'm your rival? Interesting.
Citron: Chikage! You must not encroach on my turf with your lies and contraception!
Chikage: Deception? ...I think you've already won this battle.
Veludo Park
Citron: Chikage...I have made a grave mistake.
Chikage: If you want, I can hide the evidence.
Citron: I have lost tne whole yen...How unlucky I am!
Chikage: Is it time for me to use some of my magic?
Veludo Library
Citron: I told Tsumugi I would get bombs for the garden! It will burst beautifully!
Chikage: I guess we should gather some spectators for this.
Citron: I will preform a trick for my land! Ta-dah! And now Tsuzuru has fainted.
Chikage: So Zafra's magic tricks are just curses. Nice to know.

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - Sushi Buds
Veludo Station
Citron: Today, I will perform the role of a shrimp!
Tenma: What kind of skit is this?!
Citron: All that running around made me empty in my stomach!!
Tenma: Let's get some sushi before heading back.
Veludo Park
Citron: What do you like the material of your sushi to be, Tenma?
Tenma: You what kind of sushi I like? Tuna for sure.
Citron: Tuna... So much better than one-na or three-na! Get it?
Tenma: Yeah, no.
Veludo Library
Citron: I found a wonderful sushi place, Tenma!
Tenma: Oh, is it good?
Citron: The sliced giner is so crunchy, it was a masterpiece!
Tenma: You went there for the ginger?! And what do you mean, crunchy?!
Yuki Rurikawa - Kabuki Enthusiants
Veludo Station
Citron: I got tippets for the kabuki show this weekend!
Yuki: I'll tell Tasuku. Also, it's "ticket".
Citron: I want to be called House of Citron!
Yuki: House of Citron. There, ya happy?
Veludo Park
Citron: Let us kabook over to Kabuki!
Yuki: Do you ever just listen to yourself?
Citron: We should do our own take on a kabuki play!
Yuki: Making the costumes for that would be fun.
Veludo Library
Citron: It's time for me to show you my best flotation glance!!
Yuki: ...You mean flirtatious?
Citron: My flotation was perfect! I am ready for my kabuki debut!
Yuki: I'm too tired to correct you anymore...
Muku Sakisaka - Out of a Fairytale
Veludo Station
Muku: You're so elegant, Citron! Like a prince from a distant land!
Citron: You are very fond of princes, aren't you?
Muku: White horses are nice, but wouldn't riding a unicorn be amazing?
Citron: Ah, unicorn! The salty snack at the movies, right?
Veludo Park
Citron: Muku, if you wish to become a prince, you must first master Kingcraft!
Muku: Kingcraft...?! Whoa, that sounds super cool!
Citron: I will school you in the ways of Citron-style Kingcraft!
Muku: O-Okay, sure!
Veludo Library
Muku: There is a prince who looks just like you in the newest book of this manga!
Citron: Wow, I might have been the model for it.
Citron: I'll try to cosplay as that prince for you!
Muku: Wow, I can't wait! I'll ask Yuki to make the costume!
Misumi Ikaruga - Our Meeting Was Onigiri
Veludo Station
Citron: You must love onigiri. You shocked me back then!
Misumi: Sorry for eating your onigiri! But it was sooo good!
Citron: Let's make onigiri together sometime!
Misumi: Oni-oni-onigiri! Tri-tri-triangle!
Veludo Park
Citron: I'm so hungry I could eat an elephant!
Misumi: Have some onigiri!
Misumi: We got a ton of tips!
Citron: Let us buy tons of onigiri!
Veludo Library
Misumi: How do you say onigiri in English?
Citron: Rice ball.
Misumi: Rice ball? But it's not a ball, it's a triangle.
Citron: I always knew this time would come...
Kazunari Miyoshi - Linguistic Innovators
Veludo Station
Citron: Kazu, you are so fleek!
Kazunari: ...Wrong, but valid, though! Thanks!
Citron: You have an odd way of speaking, Kazu. What language is it?
Kazunari: Just my own spin on words!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Ronron, get those vibes up!
Citron: Got it! I'll start vibrating lots!
Kazunari: Ronron, you interested in being a model for my work?
Citron: Motel? No, I already have a place to stay!
Veludo Library
Citron: Yakiniku's the go-to meal, even in acting!
Kazunari: You're giving me the munchies, man!
Kazunari: We make a great pair! Just call us Citrokaz!
Citron: Let us celebrate!
Kumon Hyodo - Zahfra Culture Class
Veludo Station
Citron: Kumon, you are a health jockey, right?
Kumon: Er, what's a healthy jockey?
Citron: Let me teach you a special exercise from my country!
Kumon: I have no idea what's going on but I'm in your hands!
Veludo Park
Kumon: Ohhh, you meant to say 'health junkie'! I'm glad I asked Tsuzuru!
Citron: Yes! Oh, Kumon! You must improve your listening comprehension, my friend.
Citron: Before going to bed, try posing as a panther, gorilla, and corpse fly!
Kumon: Is that a legendary exercise from your homeland! I'll totally try it out!
Veludo Library
Kumon: I've been trying out your special exercise every night with Sumi!
Citron: Practice makes purpose! You must continue as long as you can!
Kumon: I gotta teach the rest of Summer Troupe this!
Citron: Yes! It is perfect for stretching before practice!

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Karaoke Lovers
Veludo Station
Citron: Karaoke was so heated last night!
Banri: It lasted for about 4 hours~
Citron: We will get a perfect score tonight!
Banri: Yeah we will.
Veludo Park
Citron: Banri, do you like rock?
Banri: Not really, but it's easy to sing.
Banri: I never know what genre you're singing...
Citron: Japanese karaoke is the best! It has everything!
Veludo Library
Citron: I'm going to construct a karaoke room under the roof!
Banri: Pretty sure Matsukawa won't want to live in a karaoke room.
Banri: Ah, I just wanna sing...
Citron: We can still make free time! Go, let's go!
Juza Hyodo - A Real Japanese Punk!
Veludo Station
Citron: A real Japanese punk! I have always wished to meet you!
Juza: Huh? Why?
Citron: The punk is always the one who invites the most tears in school TV dramas!
Juza: ???
Veludo Park
Citron: So you prefer combed-back hair style to a pompadour, yes?
Juza: I've never had a pompadour...
Citron: I think you'd look wonderful with a pompadour!
Citron: For real...?
Veludo Library
Citron: Where have you hidden your brass knuckles?
Juza: Don't have any.
Citron: Invite me to a deserted alleyway to battle you!!
Juza: Um, okay.
Taichi Nanao - Ways of Speaking
Veludo Station
Citron: You're so cute, Taichi! You will find a lover in no time!
Taichi: You really think so?! I want a girlfriend SO bad!!
Citron: You speak so funny, Taichi!
Taichi: You've got no room to talk, Citron!!
Veludo Park
Citron: Taichi, you can do shake and sit?
Taichi: I'm not a dog, but sure! I can do it!
Citron: Taichi, shake!
Taichi: Arf! ...And that's all you get!
Veludo Library
Taichi: I wanna go to a singles party.
Citron: I'll sponsor it!
Citron: I will invite many boxy ladies for us!
Taichi: ...Do you mean foxy ladies?
Omi Fushimi - Taste of Home
Veludo Station
Citron: Can you cook the food of my country, Omi?
Omi: I guess you miss food from back home, huh?
Omi: Can we get the ingredients in Japan?
Citron: No program at all!! I shall get it air lifted here!
Veludo Park
Omi: I sent you my country's recipes.
Citron: Thanks.
Omi: Darn... This recipe's all in a foregin language.
Citron: Not to worry! I will translate it for you!
Veludo Library
Sakyo Furuichi - Mankai Hot Springs
Velvet Station Front
Citron: Let's go on a relaxing hot spring trip!
Sakyo: That'd be nice. It's good for cleansing your mind and body.
Citron: Let's dig up our own spring and start the Hot Bath Company!
Sakyo: Not happening.
Veludo Park
Citron: We should head to the south for hot springs.
Sakyo: Nah, the north's better.
Citron: Hot springs make me think of fruity milk and ping pong!
Sakyo: You gotta be kidding. It's all about coffee milk and massage chairs.
Veludo Library
Azami Izumida - Foreign Makeup Research
Veludo Station
Azami: You have a really unique look, Citron.
Citron: Unique look?
Citron: You mean to say I am beautiful and amazing and unforgettable yes?
Azami: ...I wouldn't go that far.
Veludo Park
Citron: Do you also look at makeup from other countries?
Azami: Yup. What's makeup like in your country, Citron?
Citron: You must have eyes as bold as a macaw, and lips as bright as a parakeet?
Azami: ???
Veludo Library
Azami: Ah, your country's further south, so they'd prefer vivid colors...
Citron: Yes, that! Please try it on me sometime!
Citron: I want to be sparkling and burning and very brazzle-dazzle!
Azami: Uh...sure. But be quiet while I'm doing your makeup.

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Grammar Tutor
Veludo Station
Citron: Tsumugi, you tutor Japanese, yes?
Tsumugi: I guess you'd call it language arts, in this case.
Citron: I want you to become my Japanese teacher!
Tsumugi: Sure thing. I'll help you whenever I can.
Veludo Park
Citron: Don't go over-easy on me!
Tsumugi: Er, sure. I'll be strict.
Citron: Street acts can be very con flex!
Tsumugi: Do you mean "complex"? Let's work on your vocab a bit...
Veludo Library
Citron: I have many favorite phrases. Like, 'it's raining cats and men'!
Tsumugi: Do you mean it's 'raining cats and dogs'? or 'it's raining men'?
Citron: Tasuku told me that you have a habit of seeing forest trees.
Tsumugi: Um, the forest for the trees? I'll ask him later...
Tasuku Takato - Transcending Language
Veludo Station
Citron: Let's work till our muscles are covered in sweat and blood and we cry!!
Tasuku: That's an interesting way of saying blood, sweat, and tears...
Citron: I love the way you beat your chest and roared!
Tasuku: I didn't do any of that.
Veludo Park
Citron: Tasuku, you prefer your visa with pineapples?
Tasuku: I literally have no idea what you're talking about.
Citron: Let's earn money while we rehearse! Then we will be rolling in the batter!
Tasuku: Anyone from Spring Troupe know what he's saying...?
Veludo Library
Citron: Tsuzuru won't give me more lines...
Tasuku: Can you blame him?
Citron: Do you talk like that on purpose?
Tasuku How rude! My intentions are only pure!
Hisoka Mikage - Dancing Kings
Veludo Station
Citron: ~~~ ♪
Hisoka: Dance...?
Citron: Do you like dancing, Hisoka?
Hisoka: I don't care either way.
Veludo Park
Citron: In my country, we are one with nature when dancing! This is my water dance!
Hisoka: One with nature...
Hisoka: ~~~♪
Citron: Whoa! You have become one with the wind! That dance was amazing!
Veludo Library
Citron: Today's theme for our skit is dance!
Hisoka: ...Okay.
Citron: ~~~♪
Hisoka: ~~~♪
Homare Arisugawa - Unlikely Chemistry
Veludo Station
Citron: I could get addicted to your poems!
Homare: You've got a unique way of turning a phrase too, Citron!
Homare: Ah! I feel...inspired! Hmm, hmm, hmm~♪
Citron: Art is like a firecracker!
Veludo Park
Citron: I just had a great idea! I shall make up a dance to your poem!
Homare: Oho...an interesting proposal.
Citron: Let us release more work together!
Homare: Mm. I'll ask the director.
Veludo Library
Homare: Citron, want to write a poem with me?
Citron: Sounds good! It will be fun! ♪
Homare: The two of us will revitalize the company! ♪
Citron: Hip, hip, hooray!
Azuma Yukishiro - Mahjong Masters
Veludo Station
Citron: Azuma, let's have another match tonight!
Azuma: Okay. Be prepared to lose, though.
Citron: Thank you for the night of passion, Azuma.
Azuma: You're very welcome.
Veludo Park
Azuma: Sakyo almost got us yesterday.
Citron: Kazunari also has a sharp eye. Two very strong players!
Citron: I was the one who stood in the way of Azuma's double chan!
Azuma: I can tell how serious you are, Prince. I can't wait.
Veludo Library
Citron: We will start at midnight when the children are asleep and silent.
Azuma: And then...it will be grown-up time.
Azuma: Hehe, I guess I can't let down my guard in front of a prince.
Citron: The mahjong table is a battlefield.
Guy - Zafra Ambassadors
Veludo Station
Citron: <What's on the schedule today, Guy?>
Guy: <Tea with the Japanese sweet shop owner, yoga with the rice shop owner...?
Citron: <I'm asking about your plans, not mine.>
Guy: <I am your attendant. Your plans are my plans.>
Veludo Park
Guy: <Japan has a variety of strange and unique mascot characters.>
Citron: <Mascots are an essential part of Japanese culture, you see.>
Citron: <I know! Why don't we make a mascot of my father?>
Guy: <Of his Majesty...?>
Veludo Library
Citron: Okay, Guy! No speaking in Zafran today, all right?
Guy: Understood.
Citron: Our skit turned into a manzai act because of our language mistakes!
Guy: My apologies. It is difficult for me to understand your Japanese sometimes.