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Japanese is so hard! But no protein!

The cat’s in the hat!

Citron (シトロン) is a man of mystery who suddenly appears and joins the troupe. He’s enthusiastic when it comes to studying theater and language alike. He still makes mistakes sometimes, but to dare is human! Though at times it’s hard to tell if he’s telling the truth or not, he brings cheer to the group when they need it.

He shares room 101 with Sakuya.


Citron has dark skin, with medium-length sandy blond hair and blue eyes. His foreign appearance gives him a stark contrast from the rest of company members. He usually wears traditional clothes from his home country, resembling Indian or Pakistani garbs. He also likes to wear golden jewelry with expensive looking gemstones. While Citron himself shows off some skin with his plunging neckline, he tells others to cover up because he saw their appearance as almost naked and scandalous.


Being the mood maker and goofball of the Spring Troupe, he often lightens up the atmosphere with his mistakes in Japanese and the misuse of certain words. The young man is able to sense and relieve the tension of others and can calm them down in many situations. Citron also tends to be a more open and optimistic person. His personality contrasts with Tsuzuru's more serious one, leading to them having a Boke/Tsukkomi type of relationship. Nonetheless, Citron is a person that is hard to evaluate and this causes some sort of distance between him and his colleagues.


This foreigner is the most mysterious character of them all. Nothing much is known about him, aside from the fact that he claims to be a foreign exchange student and had no place to stay. However, the truth is that he ran away from home. As a young adult, he doesn't have to get permission to live in the dormitory and can keep a low profile. His circumstances are still unknown though.


These are the roles Citron has played:

  1. Friar Laurence in Romeo and Julius
  2. King of Hearts in Alex in Wonderland
  3. S in A Clockwork Heart
  4. Wizard of the North in The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz
  5. King Arthur in Knights of the Round IV


  • In his doodle he draws an animal and writes “ウユ” above. He wanted to write “ウマ" which means horse but made a mistake. Although the animal he drew does not look like a horse at all...
  • Citron respects Homare for his eccentric poems, Itaru for his artistic controller handling, and Tsuzuru for laser beam-like quips.
    • Yet he didn't understand what rival meant and thought the word was 'rifle'.
  • A role Citron would like to have in the future is one with more lines, like a chatty pelican or a squirrel that is good at tongue twisters.
  • The first thing he did after he came to Japan was eating sushi and tempura, and watching Rakugo.
  • For Citron, the Mankai Company is "a very very warm place".
  • Citron owns a leopard in his home country named Juliano (the leopard seen in Citron SSR 【Style】). Citron SSR Style unbloomed full raw.jpeg
  • Citron's signature reads "Citron" in both English and katakana.
  • He once made a doll he named Citron Jr. rigth


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