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Choice Tryouts are usually limited to only 1 time (must be 10x pull) per user and use Choice token.png Choice Tokens. These Tryouts are very rare and only appears during a short period. It gives players a chance to choose one card of their choice from the set, only after doing a 10 pull with Premium (Paid) Gems Diamond.png, meaning you cannot participate without spending REAL money.

Only when doing a 10 pull (in which you do not have the option to do single pulls either), you will gain a Choice Token that gives you an opportunity to choose one featured Card.

Note: When doing a 10 pull you are not guaranteed a SR or above card!

Choice Tryouts may include Revival Token Tryouts, where you can also choose which Card you want, however those use a different type of Token, and do not include Paid Gems.


  • The tryout will last around one week. It usually starts at 19:00 PST/PDT and ends at 18:59 PST/PDT.
  • Choice Tokens will expire once the Tryout period is over, so make sure to use them before they disappear!


Type # of Pulls Cost Rarity
Gems (Paid) Diamond.png 10 Pull (One Time Only) x145 Premium Gems R-SSR
Choice Token Choice token.png 1 Pull (One Time Only) x1 Choice Token R-SSR

Past Choice Tryouts

1st Anniversary- Spring & Summer Choice Tryouts banner.png
1st Anniversary: Spring & Summer
October 28 - November 5
1st Anniversary- Autumn & Winter Choice Tryouts banner.png
1st Anniversary: Autumn & Winter
October 28 - November 5
Start dash scout banner.jpg
Start Dash
One week from starting the game