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Normal Homescreen Quotes

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Occassion Line Audio
Morning Good morning. Let's put out our best work today. I'll see you later.
Noon For lunch I could have...Indian, Mexican, or Thai food. Hmm… Decisions, decisions.
Evening Sleep well tonight. ...Sweet dreams. I'll see you tomorrow.
Night Eh… staying up this late? If it’s alright, shall I keep you company? Tell me, what do you want to do?
Regular ...You've got some guts, I'll give you that.
Regular I put these spices together myself. They're quite good. Want a taste? Come on. Don't be shy.
Regular When I look at you, I'm reminded of a certain nosy fool I used to know.
Regular Are these glasses fake? I wonder.
Regular Please stop. Thanks.
Regular The only thing to be found in truth, is weakness. Be wary of who you consider a friend.
Regular I’m just your everyday white collar worker.
Regular You want to know more about me? How brave. Look deep in my eyes, then. ...A little closer.
Regular Chika-usa? Curry blog? Whatever could you be talking about?

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
2nd Anniversary 2 years, huh? That kindness of yours might get you in trouble someday… but I’ll protect you.
Valentine’s Day 2021 Huh. These chocolates have a bitter and slighty spicy favor to them. Thanks for these.
White Day 2021 Here, for last time. Haha, don't worry. they're completely normal chocolates, I swear.
April Fool’s Day 2021 ...Ahem. In my country, proper adults always add extra spice to their spicy food.
Children's Day 2021 There's a nerdy looking koi nobori in the garden and some weird guy dancing...talk about chaos.
Tanabata 2021 {{{tanabata2021}}}
Last Day of Summer Break 2021 Summer vacation has nothing to do with us adults. Childish notions like that should be forgotten.
Halloween 2020 Trick or Treat. Sorry, I don't accept treats. Not a fan of sweets. ...So now, hurry up with the trick.
Halloween 2021 Trick or treat. But actually… no treats for me. Now then, what kind of tricks should I try this year?
Christmas 2020 Merry Christmas. Looks like I have to be Santa this year. Isn't that what adults do?
New Year 2020 {{{new year2020}}}

Birthday Quotes


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday
Omi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Omi. Your cooking's always great. I can just adjust the spiciness myself.
Tsumugi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tsumugi. I'm interested in learning more about plants. Teach me sometime.
Hisoka chibi icon
Look, it's gingerbread. I can eat it even if it's sweet. ...Happy Birthday, December.


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy Birthday. You're the one woman I'd lay down my life for, you know. Just remember that.
Sakuya chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Sakuya. I'm really grateful to you. ...Now then, should we start our match?
Masumi chibi icon
Masumi's birthday... Maybe I should try hiding the director for the occasion? Haha, kidding.
Tsuzuru chibi icon
Sorry for always tricking you, Tsuzuru. I just can't get enough of that surprised face of yours.
Itaru chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Chikasaki. I'll take you to a nice place for lunch. Aren't I a great coworker?
Citron chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Citron. If you want help with something about your country, just ask me any time.
Chikage chibi icon
It's been a long time since anyone's celebrated my birthday. It's embarassing...but it's not bad.
Tenma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tenma. Let me know if you need help with school...or anything else.
Yuki chibi icon
Yuki's birthday today? Guess I'll just continue being his glasses mannequin...
Muku chibi icon
Muku's present? I found some rare picture books for him, but I'll keep quiet about that for now.
Misumi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Misumi. I found this triangle on the other side of the world. Be careful with it, yeah?
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Kazunari. Thanks for all of your great designs. Such talent at a young age.
Kumon chibi icon
I asked Kumon to show me some cool moves with Hisoka, but I guess I wasn't clear enough...
Banri chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Banri. You don’t need to worry about me when you come to our room to play games.
Juza chibi icon
Everything in the dorm is sweet for Juza’s birthday. It's heaven for him, but hell for me…
Azami chibi icon
Azami's birthday? It’s good that he’s growing up, but I will miss that banter of ours…
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tasuku. Carrying around that sleepy sack around must be hard. Keep at it.
Homare chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Homare. Tell me if you're having a hard time with Dece... I mean, Hisoka's care.
Azuma chibi icon
I'm giving Azuma some high quality alcohol. It's pretty strong, but it's the real deal.
Guy chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Guy. I've gotten much better at Zafran thanks to you.

Practice Quotes

Time for practice. Go easy on me, will you?
I look forward to my coin toss with Sakuya each day. Surprised?
It might be fun to do a magic show with Masumi.
Tsuzuru's a worrier, but he's definitely essential to Spring Troupe.
Talking with Citron really tests your Japanese abilities. It's kind of fun.
Honestly, I prefer Chigasaki's true form. Why? That's a secret.
I'm in spice withdrawal...
What would be a good ad lib here...?
So the platforms are here and the stage blocks are there? Got it.
Tonight's curry? Make mine 30 times more spicy. Thanks.
Do you think an ad lib like this works here?
Tomorrow’s meeting starts at three o'clock, huh...
I should make my movements bigger? I'll give it a try.
This is a pretty challenging role.
Finished. Today's practice was pretty fun.

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen Things are downloading at the moment. If anyone gets in the way, I’ll… never mind.
Voice Volume I'm going to begin the checking of volume. Turmeric, Laurel, Coriander, Fennel, Cumin...
1 on 1 Practice What should I do next?
Special Training Is special training over now?
Blooming Buh-buh-blooming. ...Were you the one who picked this line out for us?
Ultimate Blooming {{{ultimate blooming}}}
Earn Cash Intro
Earn Cash Outro
Dissmiss Actor I'll leave him in your hands. I'll continue to protect him, as well as you and the rest of my family here, even in the shadows.
Show succeeded Mission complete
Show failed
Skills used in Show
4th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{4th play}}}
5th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{5th play}}}