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Earn Cash Conversations

Spring Troupe

Sakuya - Coin Toss Competitors
Veludo Station
Chikage: Let's do a round to liven things up. Which hand?
Sakuya: R-right
Chikage: You tend to choose right, you know. That might be why you always loose.
Sakuya: Wait, really?! I'll keep that in mind!
Veludo Park
Sakuya: This time I'll do the coin toss! Okay, I hold it like this and...Aaah!
Chikage: …It seems we've lost our coin.
Sakuya: I just wanted to do it all cool like you do…
Chikage: Practice makes perfect. I'll give you this coin, so practice on your own.
Veludo Library
Sakuya: Chikage, which country is this coin from?
Chikage: It's a legendary coin from a small country that was destroyed long ago.
Chikage: I was just kidding about the coin. I hope you can take good care of it.
Sakuya: Don't worry, I will!

Masumi Usui - Magic Teacher and Student
Veludo Station
Masumi: ...Chikage, I have a request.
Chikage: What is it? I have a feeling I already know, though.
Masumi: Teach me more magic tricks. I'm gonna master them all for her.
Chikage: Knew it. All right, I can teach you some more.
Veludo Park
Chikage: What kind of trick is good? We could use cards, coins, ro...
Masumi: Ro?
Masumi: You trailed off before. What did you mean by "ro"?
Chikage: Nothing. ...I fear for the director's life if we bring ropes into this.
Veludo Library
Chikage: Masumi, did you show the director the tricks you learned? How'd it go?
Masumi: She laughed a lot. Teach me more.
Masumi: I wanna do something flashy next time. With some rope.
Chikage: ...Something flashy, huh. I'll look into it.
Tsuzuru Minagi - Crazy Story Generator
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Hm...
Chikage: Something on your mind, Tsuzuru? I can lend an ear.
Tsuzuru: I've been looking over my notes for new ideas, but they're all so cliche.
Chikage: If you're in need of inspiration, I can offer a few ideas.
Veludo Park
Tsuzuru: Can you name the biggest failure you've ever witnessed on the job?
Chikage: One time, a package went missing and lost the company 10 million yen.
Tsuzuru: I could barely focus on our skit...TEN MILLION YEN?
Chikage: I mean, I didn't say it happened to me. I watched it on an in-flight movie.
Veludo Library
Tsuzuru: You were just talking to some boy from a different country. You know him?
Chikage: He's an informant gathering data on this area. He's actually older than me.
Tsuzuru: Now way, he was totally a kid...Wait, what's this about an informant?!
Chikage: Haha. Feel free to use this in one of your plays.
Chikage Utsuki - Elite Office Workers
Veludo Station
Itaru: You're having dinner with the guys from A Corp. tomorrow, right?
Chikage: Nope. I don't really gel with the sales rep there.
Itaru: It didn't sabotage your relationship? Teach me your ways.
Chikage: Sorry. Trade secret.
Veludo Park
Itaru: One of the girls in HR gave me something to give you.
Chikage: What a coincidence. One of the girls from Accounting gave me this for you.
Itaru: Looks like she got you chocolate. Too bad.
Chikage: And you got a ream of invoices and an energy drink. Good luck.
Veludo Library
Itaru: Play any online games? I saw a guild master with glasses just like yours.
Chikage: Can't say I know much about them. Don't you have a presentation tomorrow?
Itaru: Damn, forgot there's a guild event today. Hey, Chikage. We're buds, right?
Chikage: Since when have we been buds?
Citron - Irresponsible Pair
Veludo Station
Citron: To think I would finally meet my fearful rival here...
Chikage: So I'm your rival? Interesting.
Citron: Chikage! You must not encroach on my turf with your lies and contraception!
Chikage: Deception? ...I think you've already won this battle.
Veludo Park
Citron: Chikage...I have made a grave mistake.
Chikage: If you want, I can hide the evidence.
Citron: I have lost tne whole yen...How unlucky I am!
Chikage: Is it time for me to use some of my magic?
Veludo Library
Citron: I told Tsumugi I would get bombs for the garden! It will burst beautifully!
Chikage: I guess we should gather some spectators for this.
Citron: I will preform a trick for my land! Ta-dah! And now Tsuzuru has fainted.
Chikage: So Zafra's magic tricks are just curses. Nice to know.

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - Secret Tutoring
Veludo Station
Tenma: Hey, Chikage. You're pretty smart, right?
Chikage: Smart enough to know that you're about to ask me to do something for you.
Tenma: I'm struggling with my homework...think you could help a guy out?
Chikage: By 'help', you mean 'teach', right? Sure, I don't mind.
Veludo Park
Chikage: I got the impression that Tsumugi was your go-to for homework. Why me?
Tenma: N-no reason...
Chikage: Perhaps you're embarresed that you need help just like everyone else?
Tenma: N-no! That's not it at all!
Veludo Library
Tenma: The test tips you taught me were amazing! They all worked!
Chikage: Glad to hear it. I'm sure Tsumugi will be surprised at how well you score.
Chikage: You DID remember to write your name on your test, right?
Tenma: ...Crap.
Yuki Rurikawa - Glasses Mannequin
Veludo Station
Yuki: Help me out with some shopping after this.
Chikage: Sure. I'm assuming you want me to carry things, right?
Yuki: That, and I want you to be my personal glasses mannequin.
Chikage: Your...what?
Veludo Park
Yuki: Those glasses over there look nice. Try them on.
Chikage: Yeah, yeah.
Chikage: These glasses? All right. They're on.
Yuki: Your eyes didn't get at all squinty without your glasses. Boring. 0/10.
Veludo Library
Yuki: Okay, try on these glasses next.
Chikage: ...Are these glasses actually meant to be worn?
Chikage: These glasses are way too artistic. They serve no practical use.
Yuki: But they look hilarious so they stay on.
Muku Sakisaka - International Book Club
Veludo Station
Muku: Were you reading a book in another language the other day?
Chikage: Yeah. When I travel on business, I make a habit of stopping by a bookstore.
Chikage: Muku, you like books, right? Want me to buy you something some time?
Muku: Really?! You would?! Thank you so much, I can't wait!
Veludo Park
Chikage: Here you go. I got this book on my last business trip. It's all about cats.
Muku: Thank you so much! The binding is so stylish!
Chikage: It uses simple words, so it shouldn't be to difficult to follow the story.
Muku: And I can learn a new language while I'm at it! I'm so excited!
Veludo Library
Muku: I read that book you gave me about cats in one go! It was so good!
Chikage: Already? That's quick.
Chikage: I'll get you another book then. How about a romance novel?
Muku: That'd be wonderful! Thank you so much!
Misumi Ikaruga - No Cats Allowed!
Veludo Station
Misumi: Today's street act's theme iiiis... Ta-dah! A cat nap! We'll be the cats!
Chikage: ...
Misumi: Chikage... You can't be the cat owner! You're supposed to play the cat!
Chikage: Playing a cat my age is kind of...
Veludo Park
Misumi: Chikaaageeee...let's play cats!! Hisoka played one before! On stage, too!
Chikage: Hisoka is a special case. Quit lumping me with him.
Misumi: Let's play tag with Hisoka and the neighborhood cats! It'll be fun!
Chikage: ...I'll consider it.
Veludo Library
Misumi: Ah! There's a pair of brother kitties over there! They say they wanna play!
Chikage: ...Go ahead and play without me.
Misumi: You may not like cats, but they sure like you!
Chikage: I wish they didn't.
Kazunari Miyoshi - In the Know
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Man, the art supply store near the station moved... Wonder where it is now?
Chikage: There's a new art store that opened two stations away. Maybe that's it?
Kazunari: For real? Thanks a bunch, Chikachon!
Chikage: Always glad to help.
Veludo Park
Chikage: There's someone I need to meet. Do you know any quiet and private cafes?
Kazunari: I got you, fam! Just gimme a second and I'll give you my list!
Kazunari: So who're you meeting? A friend? A co-worker? Or maybe...?!
Chikage: Who am I meeting indeed.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Chikachon, where do you get all your info? Online?
Chikage: Sometimes. But you have to take what you see online with a grain of salt.
Chikage: Your info is always reliable and up to date. I appreciate it.
Kazunari: You've got the best deets too, Chikachon! Aside from the super spicy stuff.
Kumon Hyodo- Anti-Sweets
Veludo Station
Chikage: I got a gift from one of the people who saw our play.
Kumon: Really?! I wonder what it is? Let's open it later!
Kumon: Let's see...looks like a cream puff...
Chikage: Full of whipped cream, too...
Veludo Park
Chikage: Hard to believe you don't like sweets with that brother of yours.
Kumon: It' not that I can't eat all sweets, I just really can't do cream...
Kumon: But don't tell my bro I don't like cream. okay?!
Chikage: You've hid it the whole time? That's a heck of a complex you have...
Veludo Library
Kumon: Muku and Juza both like sweets, so why am I the only one that doesn't...?
Chikage: It's just personal preference. Reducing sugar intake is healthier, too.
Kumon: Could it be that I'm not actually related to either of them?!
Chikage: Don't worry, I have no doubt that the three of you are all related.

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Escape Room Champs
Veludo Station
Chikage: Banri, I found a pretty interesting place we could check out.
Banri: We ain't talking about some super spicy restaurant or anything, right...?
Chikage: It's a place where you'll use your brains and your brawn in equal measure.
Banri: ...Oh? All right, you've got me listenin'.
Veludo Park
Banri: So you were talking about a friggin' escape room? It was fun, though.
Chikage: I've played a bunch online, but this was my first time doing it in person.
Chikage: I found some others, too. This one seems fun.
Banri: Oh man, no one has beaten it? I'm so in. Watch me ace this shit.
Veludo Library
Chikage: "What's the deal with Veludo's unstoppable duo?"
Banri: Huh? What're you looking at? Is that an escape room forum post?
Chikage: Looks like we're famous.
Banri: Wish there was a harder escape game out there, though.
Juza Hyodo - Sweet Tooth vs Spice Lover
Veludo Station
Juza: Went to that Japanese snack place you said was good.
Chikage: Weren't the chilli senbei crackers amazing?
Juza: I'm a fan of their special whip cream crackers. Gonna go back soon.
Chikage: ...I see. Good for you.
Veludo Park
Chikage: I recently found a place with some good sweet buns. Want to stop by?
Juza: Sounds good. Could do with a snack just about now.
Juza: Looks like their top sellers are strawberry and chocolate.
Chikage: ...They put those in buns?
Veludo Library
Juza: Want a bite of my strawberry 'n chocolate bun?
Chikage: All right, then you can have a bite of my ultra spicy dandan bun, too.
Juza: Awmph. (Wish I were eating somethin' sweet...)
Chikage: ...Nom. (Wish I were eating something spicy.)
Taichi Nanao - Cross Cultural Love
Veludo Station
Taichi: Ch-Chikage... Have you ever dated a foregin chick?!
Chikage: I'll leave that to your imagination. What do you want to know?
Taichi: Figured since your're a globtrotter, your love life's gotta be global too!
Chikage: I don't usually talk about my private life. Sorry to disappoint you.
Veludo Park
Taichi: Is it different dating people abroad?
Chikage: Yeah, I guess so. For one, people don't really do love confessions.
Taichi: Wait, really?! Then how does anyone start a relationship?!
Chikage: It just happens. Sometimes you just click with someone.
Veludo Library
Chikage: People here are so proper. There are some places where cheating is the norm.
Taichi: No way! Cheating is the worst! If I were cheated on...I couldn't take it...
Taichi: I think my popularity knowledge has grown thanks to you!
Chikage: Taichi, you'll find love on your own just fine without any of that.
Omi Fushimi - Extreme Spice
Veludo Station
Omi: Think you can take me to one of your regular spicy haunts sometime?
Chikage: Sure, but don't feel like you have to change your menu to suit my tastes.
Omi: It's just my goal to master everyone's favorite food at the dorm, you see.
Chikage: Looks like you're getting pumped up.
Veludo Park
Omi: Was today's green curry spicy enough for you?
Chikage: I would've liked it a smidge spicier. Or maybe a little mroe than that.
Omi: I tried making your serving spicy enough, but I guess I fell short.
Chikage: It still tasted amazing, though. Right out of restaurant kitchen.
Veludo Library
Chikage: Judging from your grocery bag...we're having something spicy tonight, huh?
Omi: You knew right away. I shouldn't be surprised.
Omi: It's a perfect combo of rich flavors and spice that'll surprise even you.
Chikage: Oh? I'm intrigued. Give me all you've got.
Sakyo Furuichi - High-Spec Specs
Veludo Station
Chikage: Apparently we're referred to as the "bespectacled elite".
Sakyo: Characters with glasses are either elite or just plain "four-eyes."
Sakyo: But we can't let such lazy character cues dfine us when blah blah blah...
Chikage: This is so meta.
Veludo Park
Chikage: You always wear the same glasses, don't you, Sakyo?
Sakyo: And you change yours up every now and then. Any reason why?
Chikage: I change it up depending on the time, place, and location. For business.
Sakyo: I don't believe a damn thing that comes out of your mouth.
Veludo Library
Sakyo: By the way, Utsuki. I heard you get a lot of cash in travel allowances.
Chikage: Why are we suddenly talking about money?
Sakyo: Your wallet can save us when we're in a bind. Also, your connections.
Chikage: Money aside, at least let me keep my connections private.
Azami Izumida - A Role Model (?)
Veludo Station
Chikage: There sure are a lot of young couples around today. ...You okay there?
Azami: W-what? I'm fine. Let's just start the street act, okay?!
Chikage: Look, that couple over there is going in for a hug-
Azami: !!!??? ...Wait, no they aren't, you shitty four-eyes!
Veludo Park
Chikage: You're so innocent. You know these couples are going to XXX and XXX, right?
Azami: Wha-why are you telling me this?!
Azami: Sakyo's just shitty, but you're shitty and a perv!
Chikage: Haha. You really know how to hit people where it hurts.
Veludo Library
Chikage: That gap between your looks and personality must be your charm, Azami.
Azami: Yeah, well, that hidden side of yours is real creepy, if you ask me.
Azami: You're the farthest thing from an upright member of society I've ever seen.
Chikage: You just realized that now? Think of me as an example of what not to do.

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Mind Games
Veludo Station
Tsumugi: You've always felt a bit close to us, even from the beginning.
Chikage: You don't say. Why?
Tsumugi: I suppose it's because of the flowers you sent us. Thanks for those.
Chikage: You're welcome.
Veludo Park
Chikage: Tsumugi, ever notice that you look me straight in the eye when we talk?
Tsumugi: Ahaha. I suppose it must be a bit unnerving, huh. Sorry.
Tsumugi: You're so hard to read. I want to figure you out for my own peace of mind.
Chikage: Haha. You're surprisingly determined.
Veludo Library
Tsumugi: Oh, right. Do you think we can stop by that flower shop over there?
Chikage: And the Garden Boss rears his head again. Of course we can.
Tsumugi: Let's chose flowers for each other.
Chikage: ...Now I see what this is. Very clever, my friend.
Tasuku Takato - Tech Enthusiasts
Veludo Station
Tasuku: The dorm's PC finally kicked the bucket. No use fixing it now.
Chikage: Ah, that useless piece of junk. It's a great chance to buy a new one.
Chikage: Even if its only for browsing, we really should get one with better specs.
Tasuku: I agree. The problem is whether Sakyo's grip on our wallet does too.
Veludo Park
Chikage: I know a guy who owns a shop selling these things. Want to go see him?
Tasuku: I'd agree, but...
Tasuku: ...You sure this place isn't selling stuff off the black market?
Chikage: You have a wild imagination.
Veludo Library
Tasuku: Everything's so flat recently. I'm kinda sick of it.
Chikage: You're the type who believes the bigger the better with hardware, huh.
Chikage: Why don't we get ourselves a huge old computer and disassemble it together?
Tasuku: Now you're talking.
Hisoka Mikage - Moonlit Shadows
Veludo Station
Hisoka: It's disturbing walking out in the open with you in the middle of the day.
Chikage: That's my line.
Hisoka: I'm tired. I'm gonna pass out. Carry me.
Chikage: You've really lost your stamina. ...And you're definitely heavier now.
Veludo Park
Hisoka: Didn't you miss carrying me? You can thank me with some marshmallows.
Chikage: Shut the hell up. And don't even think you can get anything more out of me.
Hisoka: You're always so high-string. You should take a nap.
Chikage: I don't need to. You sleep enough for the both of is.
Veludo Library
Hisoka: In December, they set up a small X-mas market over there.
Chikage: ...What are you implying?
Hisoka: They sell gingerbread. It tasted pretty close to the ones we used to have.
Chikage: ...Just 3 won't be enough this year. Should we buy up their whole stock?
Homare Arisugawa - Masterful Artists
Veludo Station
Homare: Yesterday, I participated in a drawing contest of some sort with Kazunari.
Chikage: A drawing contest? Sounds kind of juvenile.
Homare: Feast your eyes on my creation! I have quire the artistic touch, non?
Chikage: Picasso would weep.
Veludo Park
Homare: You should try drawing, Chikage!
Chikage: I've never really drawn that much.
Homare: I wonder what sorts of delightful doodles you'd draw. Do show me if you do.
Chikage: I think they'd be like any other doodle, but sure.
Veludo Library
Chikage: I tried my hand at drawing something like you suggested. Want to see?
Homare: But of course. Let us see how deep your artistic sense flows.
Chikage: Here you go. Sakuya said I had unexpected tough.
Homare: At the very least, your sloppiness is reminiscent of Hisoka's art...
Azuma Yukishiro - Rare Sake Buyer
Veludo Front
Azuma: Hey, Chikage. There's this alcohol I'd like you to buy for me sometime.
Chikage: Sure thing. Tell me more about it later.
Azuma: It's this one. Next time you're out on business, can you get it?
Chikage: ... I won't be traveling that far for a while.
Veludo Park
Chikage: I bought you some liquor on my last trip. It's a pretty rare one.
Azuma: Hehe, tonight's late night drinking session should be fun.
Azuma: This bottle is exquisite. It has a nice fragrance, too.
Chikage: I hope you enjoy how it tastes.
Veludo Library
Azuma: I really misjudged that alcohol you gave me. It was quite strong.
Chikage: Can't judge a book by it's cover and all. ...I could say the same of you.
Azuma: Let's try out some drinks together, just the two of us. Are you free tonight?
Chikage: I'm not sure if I'm mentally prepared for this.
Guy - Advanced Zafran Class
Veludo Station
Guy: It seems you have a knack for picking up languages.
Chikage: Only because I go abroad so often. I can speak some Zafran, too.
Chikage: I'd love to master the language. Teach me more when you have time.
Guy: Zafran is not widely spoken. Learning it must have been difficult.
Veludo Park
Guy: <Let's be chefs at the imperial palace for our next act.>
Chikage: <Got it.>
Guy: Your Zafran listening skills are very good.
Chikage: Thank you very much.
Veludo Library
Chikage: Ah, right. I was planning on picking up some spices on my way home.
Guy: Picking up spices...? Off the ground? That sounds unsanitary.
Chikage: ...I think I might need to teach you a little, myself.
Guy: That sounds good. I will share you knowledge with Citronia as well.