You should watch out. You're the type to be found first by the enemy on the battlefield.

Chikage Utsuki(卯木千景 Utsuki Chikage) is a member of Spring Troupe. A man who is always smiling and has a friendly personality, and one who lies with a smile while tossing others around. He is Itaru's senior at an elite trading company and apparently always traveled abroad on business trips. Because of this, he is fluent in multiple languages. Even after joining the troupe, he is an enigmatic person with many mysteries.

He shares room 103 with Itaru in after he moves in, in Episode 5.


Chikage regular chibi

He is a man with grey-blue eyes and dark olive green hair in his twenties. Chikage wears round glasses. He wears a white turtleneck sweater, a light blue bomber jacket, black track pants with a white stripe, and teal sneakers. On his right hand, he wears a bracelet, and on his left hand, he has a silver ring. 


Chikage is a mysterious man with many secrets and gives off a strange air. Chikage is quite sociable. You can never tell when he is lying or telling the truth. He is a shrewd and cunning man, always calm and composed. It is also noteworthy that Chikage is a pretty polite person. He insists that he is an ordinary salaryman that you can find anywhere, but clearly he's more than that. He lies sometimes because he is afraid of looking weak.


Before he joined Mankai Company he worked as an agent in the same organization as Hisoka. After a mission failed and Hisoka disappeared, Chikage was told that Hisoka betrayed the organization and was the reason why their friend, August died, so he swore revenge on him.

He only joined Mankai to get revenge on Hisoka but after he kidnapped the director, Hisoka came to rescue her. After hearing the truth from him he forgave him and apologized for all the trouble he had caused. He was welcomed back by the rest and finally accepted Mankai as his new family and home.


Chikage has a good relationship with the rest of the troupe, although the others are rather curious about what he's hiding.

  • Sakuya: Sakuya admires Chikage for being a responsible and successful adult. Chikage has taken quite a liking to Sakuya and acknowledges him as a leader. He even enjoys playing games with Sakuya.
  • Masumi: Masumi finds Chikage to be troublesome as he does with all the other members. Chikage also seems to like Masumi even though Masumi doesn't really like him. 
  • Tsuzuru: Tsuzuru finds Chikage to be quite an interesting person. He can never tell when he's lying or not. Chikage thinks Tsuzuru is hardworking and very talented at such a young age.
  • Itaru: The two have a respectful relationship since they are colleagues at work, even being rather formal at home. Itaru thinks that Chikage is completely different at home than at work, but not like he was one to talk. Chikage thinks the same for him too, not expecting that the charming young man at work would be a closet game addict.
  • Citron: Chikage is amused by Citron's Japanese. Citron also finds Chikage to be very intriguing, and similar to Itaru in terms of having two different personas at work and home.


These are the roles Chikage has played:

  1. Oswald/ Oz the Wizard in The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz


Surname: 卯 = zodiac sign of rabbit 木 = tree;wood

Given name: 千 = thousand 景 = scenery


  • He (secretly) likes animals, especially cats, however is not very good with them as he feels awkward and doesn't know how to act around them.
  • He has a blog called Chikausa where he reviews spices/curries.


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