Mini Conversations are the small talks the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one, the player is rewarded with one Diamond each.

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius
Side Chigasaki Itaru (1/3)
Itaru: Tybalt stabs Mercutio, after that Romeo stabs Tybalt, hm...
What does Tybalt use? A rapier? I'm more of a fighter who uses a tachi, though.
Of course I mean virtual, but I'm already used to the latter from mental training.
Should I take the weapon request to Tetsurou-san? Or to Yuki?
...Hm? It looks like I'm having fun?
Haha, well, maybe it's not so boring.
Side Chigasaki Itaru (2/3)
Itaru: On my way back home, I thought there was something dark on the wayside. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Hisoka.
I spoke to him, but he didn't respond so I left him there and came back.
A time limited event was starting anyways. He might be still sleeping there right now, though.
Director-san, tell it to Tasuku in my place, okay?
Side Chigasaki Itaru (3/3)
Itaru: ..Urgh, again?
After getting attacked so passionately by the daughter of a business partner, she got my LIME and won't stop inviting me to dinner.
It keeps interrupting my gaming sessions and I really wish she would stop...
Do you think it would be better if I went out with her at least once? ...Well, I wouldn't if Director-san says I shouldn't.
Itaru & Kazunari Talk
Kazunari: Hey hey, so Itarun's like, suuuper popular right?
Itaru: Hm, I guess so.
Kazunari: 'Cause your appearance is just like The Handsome Prince even though you're really like this! I'm so jelly of the Elite Salaryman~
Itaru: Mm.
Kazunari: Guess even I could change impressions if I wear a suit, eh!? Itarun's beige and casual are great after all~
Itaru: Yeah.
Kazunari: Hey there, you listening!?
Itaru: Yeah yeah... Oh, I died. Continue.
Kazunari: Yup, continue! You ain't listening at all! You're just gaming![1]

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland
Side Chigasaki Itaru (1/3)
Itaru: The Hatter’s Tea Party, huh……. It’s not that I don’t like tea but I’ve never bought tea leaves or stuff like that.
What do I always drink then, you ask? Well, when I’m at work I drink a lot of coffee.
When I’m home or out I drink cola. To go with games I have hamburgers, potato chips and carbonated drinks.
This lineup is the strongest. It’s non-negotiable.
It’s unhealthy? Well then, make me a healthy snack tonight, Director.
Side Chigasaki Itaru (2/3)
Itaru: That reminds me, the other day we were talking about cola, but it turns out that Taichi also loves cola quiet a lot.
I said I drink a lot of cola so it become a cola showdown between the two of us.
The match about drink companies, hiding the bottle from each other, and guessing the flavor.
I thought that I would definitely win, but Taichi is really good at guessing the flavor, and the result was a tie.
I wonder if it had to do with his untamed sense of smell.
Taichi really is like a dog in that aspect.
Side Chigasaki Itaru (3/3)
Itaru: Ah, I got it. Here, the character for a new game is featured in this gaming magazine.
I just thought it was a feeling that I had seen something like this before but this character looks like you, Director.
I mean the face, hmm, or maybe the aura? The posture or something like that. Somehow it’s not alike?
It seems as though in this game you are able to change the character’s name to whatever you like, if we become close I wonder if I should change it to your name.
Itaru & Tasuku Talk
Itaru: Tasuku, don’t you play games?
Tasuku: Games….. I don’t play them a lot, but I often played Pro Evolution Soccer in the past.
Itaru: Seriously? They just released the new one.
Tasuku: Is that so?
Itaru: I was just about to play. If you like do you wanna play?
Tasuku: Ahh. It might be good to play after such a long time.
Itaru: Okay. Well then, meet me in my room tonight.

Mini Conversation for the Relaxed Group[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for the Relaxed Group
Side Chigasaki Itaru (1/3)
Itaru: Director-san, ah - it's already such an hour.
Nn~, yesterday I was in a bit of a hustle. I was in my gaming zone till morning.
Hehe, that's only natural on a day before the holidays start.
Today is my first off day so I'll devote myself to online games now.
And like always, entering room 103 is forbidden~.
Side Chigasaki Itaru (2/3)
Itaru: Ah, Director-san. Do you know where Misumi went?
Well... If I don't find him soon, and get it back I'll die.
Oh yes, my controller was kidnapped. Before I noticed I was raided.
If you see him, tell him I'll replace it with this triangle gum. Until than I'll kill time with social games.
Side Chigasaki Itaru (3/3)
Itaru: Haa, Sakuya is really the best. He hit the limited time SR at one shot.
It's not an SSR?
....Look. This character. Doesn't she look like Director-san? And it is properly locked now.
I'll carry you with responsibility, would that make you happy forever? ...The character I mean.
Itaru & Yuki Talk
Yuki: .......
Itaru: ....What? Starring so motionlessly at me. Where you so charmed by me wearing a suit?
Yuki: Is the fake elites brain also fake? I only thought you look unexpected good in suit.
Itaru: It's unusual for me get praised. I imagine this will certainly be destroyed soon.
Yuki: Well anyway... I would have chosen a way better fitting suit.
Itaru: Oh, I was actually thinking about getting a new one soon. ...Ah, is tomorrow a day off for you?
Yuki: You will drive there, right? I have to do some shopping.
Itaru: Yes yes. I'll get the car.

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