Earn Cash Conversations

Spring Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sakuma Sakuya - Gacha Rep
Veludo Station
Itaru: .001% probablilty? You kidding me?
Sakuya: ???
Sakuya: Um, are you playing a gacha?
Itaru: Yup. Can you pull for me?
Veludo Park
Itaru: I swear this game has a sensor that picks up exactly what you want...
Sakuya: What sensor...?
Sakuya: You know so many things I don't!
Itaru: You're better off not knowing any of this.
Itaru: Can I ask you to roll my 10 gacha again?
Sakuya: It's just pushing a button, right? Of course!
Itaru: The limited UR came home! Gachas are definitely Sakuya's thing, huh.
Sakuya: I don't really get it, but I'm happy to play a part!
Usui Masumi - No Fraternizing Policy
Veludo Station
Masumi: If she isn't here, what's the point. 
Itaru: How about imagining everyone here is her?
Itaru: Masumi, you ever heard of fan service?
Masumi: Nope.
Velvet Park
Itaru: You've got a good face, why don't you smile more?
Masumi: For what purpose? I only smile for Directors sake.
Masumi: What's the benefit about this made up appearance? You never get tired of it?
Itaru: Haha. That's one of the various ways of an adult.
Velvet Town Library
Masumi: Itaru as a prince character, that doesn't fit at all.
Itaru: I think so too.
Itaru: Ah? An emergency maintenance? Stop bullshitting me.
Masumi: ...I pity the women who think of Itaru as a prince.
Minagi Tsuzuru - Give Me Your Phone
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Will you please put your phone away?
Itaru: Can I use it as a prop?
Tsuzuru: You really used it as a prop... Props to you, man...
Itaru: And I used up my stamina too ♪
Velvet Park
Itaru: Tsuzuru, would you try this gacha?
Tsuzuru: I didn't get a rare card.
Itaru: Uwa, what a praiseworthy drop... Really... As expected from Tsuzuru.
Tsuzuru: I don't understand it very well, but I think something is wrong.
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: Yes, yes. Good, let's begin.
Itaru: Ah, wait a moment. The 3x experience fever started.
Itaru: Tsuzuru, your face looks tired. It's fine by me if you need some consultation?
Tsuzuru: Whose fault do you think it is!? Really... I need a remote control for you.
Citron - First Rate Interpreterting
Veludo Station
Citron: The ladies of the town said you were hot, Itaru. Would you like a fan?
Itaru: Not trying to brag, but hot means good-looking in this case.
Citron: But what does the temperature have to do with your looks?
Itaru: Because it makes you hot and bothered? ...You know what, let's stop there.
Velvet Park
Citron: Itaru, your stamina should be almost fully refilled.
Itaru: Really. Citron GJ.
Citron: I'm not just a foreign student. I'm awfully yakiniku![1]
Itaru: That's tough... Could have meant, useful[2] maybe.
Velvet Town Library
Citron: Meeting Itaru got me one yen each time! I'll treasure it.
Itaru: That's way too cheap. I want to be a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.
Itaru: I'll work on my Japanese!
Citron: Well, you're fine like this. Somehow I think it's funny.
Chikage Utsuki - Elite Office Workers
Veludo Station
Itaru: You're having dinner with the guys from A Corp. tomorrow, right?
Chikage: Nope. I don't really gel with the sales rep there.
Itaru: It didn't sabotage your relationship? Teach me your ways.
Chikage: Sorry. Trade secret.
Veludo Park
Itaru: One of the girls in HR gave me something to give you.
Chikage: What a coincidence. One of the girls from Accounting gave me this for you.
Itaru: Looks like she got you chocolate. Too bad.
Chikage: And you got a ream of invoices and an energy drink. Good luck.
Veludo Library
Itaru: Play any online games? I saw a guild master with glasses just like yours.
Chikage: Can't say I know much about them. Don't you have a presentation tomorrow?
Itaru: Damn, forgot there's a guild event today. Hey, Chikage. We're buds, right?
Chikage: Since when have we been buds?

Summer Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sumeragi Tenma - Fanservice Pro
Veludo Station
Itaru: Winking's the best kind of fanservice!
Tenma: Seriously? If they roll their eyes it's your fault.
Itaru: You're terrible at winking, Tenma.
Tenma: ...I'll practice at home.
Velvet Park
Itaru: Why don't we try to add in some skinship? That's one part of fanservice.
Tenma: Is that really a part of fanservice...?
Tenma: That you can make people happy just by some body contact...
Itaru: That's the deal. Top tier fanservice.
Velvet Town Library
Itaru: I just remembered fanservice final form.
Tenma: The final form of fanservice...?
Tenma: .....You're scaring me. Does that kind of fanservice really exists...
Itaru: As I thought playing with a winning tactic is really nice.
Rurikawa Yuki - Beguiling Looks
Veludo Station
Yuki: Your looks don't match your personality at all. It's fraud.
Itaru: You of all people have no room to talk.
Itaru: What was my nickname again?
Yuki: Elite Swindler. Totally perfect for you, right?
Veludo Park
Itaru: Yuki, working in a maid cafe would make you really popular.
Yuki: Are you trying to pick a fight with me?
Itaru: I just thought in certain maid otaku circles you would be really sought after.
Yuki: Just be very grateful to your parents who gave you that face, I mean it.
Veludo Library
Yuki: When you see a good face with a lousy personality it's especially disappointing.
Itaru: So after all, I'm getting insulted again?
Itaru: Our society can be influenced really easy, a bit smiling and everyone allows themselves be deceived.
Yuki: Ah, I get that. Nothing beats something cute.
Sakisaka Muku - Benchmark of Adulthood
Veludo Station
Muku: Itaru, you're like a prince! I wanna grow up to be just like you!
Itaru: A prince, huh? Too bad my castle's an office building.
Muku: Hmm...
Itaru: You're really staring. Or maybe scrutinizing is a better word...
Veludo Park
Muku: Your hairstyle is the same the one of a prince out of one of my manga!
Itaru: Seriously. There's my 2D version.
Itaru: If I could choose, I would prefer to ride on a dragon rather than a white horse.
Muku: Uwa! Like an elven prince!
Veludo Library
Muku: Itrau-san, today you're really cool too!
Itaru: Is that so, I haven't slept all night.
Itaru: If there were a healer like you, I would like to have him in my party.
Muku: A Party...!? Ah, so mature...!
Ikaruga Misumi - Triangle Game Dev
Veludo Station
Misumi: Itaru! Do you have triangle a triangle game?
Itaru: A triangle game? Like, a puzzle game?
Itaru: A triangle puzzle game?! Lemme play!
Misumi: I'll look for one. Gimme a sec.
Veludo Park
Itaru: It doesn't look like there are any games with triangles...
Misumi: Give your best, give your best~! Triangle, triangle~!
Itaru: How about you create your own triangle game?
Misumi: I see. That's possible too.
Veludo Library
Itaru: Misumi, what Kind of triangle game would you want to play?
Misumi: Hmm... A game where you can make traingles out of triangles!
Itaru: Making traingles out of triangles. You mean something like a brain fitness game?
Misumi: Brain fitness? But I mean triangles, you know?
Miyoshi Kazunari - Social Media Masters
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Taruchi, my man! Your follower count exploded!
Itaru: I just uploaded a Let's Play of a new game.
Itaru: I'm craving ramen. Know any good places?
Kazunari: Hang on. I'll ask my followers.
Velvet Park
Kazunari: I got more than 1000 likes! Yay ♪
Itaru: Congratz.
Kazunari: How about we upload a pic together, Itarun?
Itaru: Cover my face with a stamp. I don't want to reveal my real life identity.
Velvet Town Library
Kazunari: Itarun as such a strong boosting power~
Itaru: Because I have more than a 5 digit number of followers.
Kazunari: Uwa, my speed's been restricted. So lame~
Itaru: For real. Don't mind it.

Autumn Troupe[edit | edit source]

Settsu Banri - Hardcore Gamers
Veludo Station
Banri: You're done with the guild event already? You're a monster.
Itaru: Think I'm the guild master for nothing?
Itaru: Hehe, need me to cover you?
Banri: I don't like your tone. I'll do it myself.
Velvet Park
Itaru: Damn, the new event gacha is here. I have to spend a bit on it.
Banri: Don't hold back.
Itaru: For real, an emergency maintenance? Die.
Banri: That's an eight hour long course.
Velvet Town Library
Itaru: I'm still holding a grudge over the kill you stole from me yesterday.
Banri: Are ya a kid? The gaming world is ruthless, ya know.
Itaru: As an apology, when we get back you'll accompanying me to the time limited quest.
Banri: As I predicted. There are some boosting items I wanted to collect.
Hyodo Juza - Out of a Fighting Game
Veludo Station
Itaru: ......
Juza: W-What?
Itaru: ↓↑〇△→↑←
Juza: !?
Velvet Park
Itaru: Everytime I look at you I unintentional want to press commands.
Juza: Commands...? Like in a game?
Itaru: Once I say ↑→, you perform a roundhouse kick.
Juza: O, okay...?
Velvet Town Library
Itaru: There was a character like you in a brawler I used to play.
Juza: A brawler... Never played one.
Itaru: When I say →↑〇△↓↓, fire a hadoken.
Juza: As I expected that's impossible.
Nanao Taichi - F2P vs P2P
Veludo Station
Itaru: Really hoping this card comes home.
Taichi: Ooh! I'm gonna try pulling too!
Taichi: I got it! Saving all those crystals really paid off!
Itaru: ...Wanna fight, Taichi?
Velvet Park
Taichi: I've put money in this game before too you know! 300yen.
Itaru: Huh? Don't make light of whales.
Taichi: Itaru's equips are amazing. Did you cheat!?
Itaru: Cheat? It's the result of hardwork. Whaling gets results.
Velvet Town Library
Taichi: I want to join Itaru's guild too!
Itaru: Come back after you pass level 300.
Taichi: I'm gonna do the event without putting in money.
Itaru: I'm going to crush you with everything I have.
Fushimi Omi - Midnight Snack Supplier
Veludo Station
Itaru: I'll have an order of ramen tonight.
Omi: Tonkotsu?
Itaru: A side of grilled onigiri too.
Omi: Haha. Roger that.
Velvet Park
Itaru: Yesterday the onigiri I asked for as a late night snack, they suddenly disappeared.
Omi: Ah... the criminal might be Misumi...
Itaru: Bag shaped onigiri are okay too.
Omi: I see. Understood.
Velvet Town Library
Omi: As for midnight snacks shouldn't I make something light for you stomach?
Itaru: I want those late night calories.
Omi: For next time I recommend boiled chicken ramen.
Itaru: Then I'll go with that tonight.
Furuichi Sakyo - Elite Adults
Veludo Station
Itaru: Is our troupe really that poor?
Sakyo: Wouldn't say poor, but things are tight.
Sakyo: Raising your data plan for some pixels? Give some of that cash to us/
Itaru: Yeah, no.
Velvet Park
Itaru: Accounting, for a moment I saw myself doing that.
Sakyo: That would be helpful.... But, don't make any weird expenses.
Itaru: Even better, invest in stocks for the first time.
Sakyo: Even the way you invest money is wasteful.
Velvet Town Library
Itaru: I understand a bit about economics, so feel free to contact me anytime.
Sakyo: I see. I might consult with you next time.
Itaru: Should I tell you what the best time to purchase stocks is?
Sakyo: Let's talk in private.

Winter Troupe[edit | edit source]

Tsukioka Tsumugi - Experienced Tutors
Veludo Station
Itaru: Do you tutor elementary kids?
Tsumugi: I used too, but now I mainly tutor high schoolers.
Tsumugi: Ah right, you tutored Sakuya before, didn't you?
Itaru: Just once. He was so attentive.
Velvet Park
Itaru: Tsumugi's kind teaching gives indeed a feeling that he's a skillfull teacher.
Tsumugi: Haha. I'm happy that you think so.
Tsumugi: Itaru-kun seems suited to be a private teacher.
Itaru: Is that so. Well being Sakuya's private teacher wasn't so bad, though.
Velvet Town Library
Tsumugi: I'll assemble a studying group and look through their homework, what about you Itaru-kun?
Itaru: I'll go back inside so I pass.
Tsumugi: Science is not one of my strong points. If Itaru-kun could come that would be reassuring.
Itaru: I'm skillful at teaching and it's flattering to get asked... I get it, I'll drop by for a bit.
Takato Tasuku - Pulls no Punches
Velvet Station Front
Itaru: Crap, it's EXP fever! Sorry, Tasuku. You're on your own.
Tasuku: You've gotta be kidding me!
Itaru: Nice, they've started a referral campaign. Can I send you an invite?
Tasuku: Whatever. I'll sign up for it but that's it.
Velvet Park
Itaru: You really want to stay with the same company for many years. Don't you get tired of it?
Tasuku: Here they're all like siblings to me so I won't get tired of it.
Itaru: Tasuku's trained body. Like a super soldier hidden in the forest.
Tasuku: Stop comparing me to a game character.
Velvet Town Library
Tasuku: Chigasaki is bad at soccer, ah it's nothing.
Itaru: Ah, did you just now make fun of me?
Itaru: Tasuku resembles the muscle idiot of gym teacher I had, back in High school. Nostalgic.
Tasuku: Muscle Idiot...Your the type who often went to the infirmary doing gym classes, am I right?
Mikage Hisoka - Light Novel Protag?
Velvet Station Front
Itaru: You've seriously got amnesia?
Hisoka: Yeah.
Itaru: Dude, you're like the hero in a light novel...
Hisoka: Light novel...?
Velvet Park
Itaru: With Mikage's secret name and such you feel like you're the hero of a light novel.
Hisoka: I don't know about that, I'll sleep.
Itaru: As an ingame attribute: You feel like a dark assassin to me.
Hisoka: Zzz...zz...
Velvet Town Library
Itaru: Can't wait to see how the light novel's story develops.
Hisoka: Zzzzz....
Itaru: Tell me once you get your memory back.
Hisoka: Understood. ...Is that somewhat fun?
Arisugawa Homare - Needs more Earplug
Veludo Station
Homare: Glider, glider, flying high! Holland's naan brings such delight!
Itaru: ......
Homare: I see that you're wearing earplugs, Itaru. Are you ready for bed?
Itaru: ......
Velvet Park
Homare: Oh, Itaru-kun has forgotten to remove his earplus this morning. Let me remove them.
Itaru: That's scary and beyond positive.
Homare: Itaru-kun, so you actually have scatterbrain dojikko attributes.♪
Itaru: A natural airhead eccentric and the most troublesome guy....
Velvet Town Library
Homare: I bought earplugs as well! So? I can't hear your voice.
Itaru: The difference between an idiot and a genius can be indeed paper-thin.
Homare: I wrote a poem for you! So please listen carefully.♪
Itaru: Equipping stability​ earplugs.
Yukishiro Azuma - Frivolous Vistors
Veludo Station
Itaru: If we don't meet our quota, we're only allowed one side tonight.
Azuma: Is that what Sakyo said? Guess we just gotta do it.
Azuma: We just missed meeting our target. Oh well, we can always buy a side dish.
Itaru: That's a genius idea.
Velvet Park
Azuma: When the sun is so strong, my tension goes downhill...
Itaru: It makes it difficult to see the smartphone screen.
Azuma: I'm getting tired. Why don't we go have tea for a bit?
Itaru: Agreed.
Velvet Town Library
Itaru: Uwa, what a troublesome guy. Wouldn't it be good to ignore that?
Azuma: Today's theme for the Street Act is rage.
Azuma: I performed, I performed ♪
Itaru: Well, I'll continue with my game...

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Yakiniku is a Japanese dish of grilled meat similar to Korean barbecue.
  2. Citron said Yakunitatsu that means useful or helpful and it sounds a bit like Yakiniku the meat dish.
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