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A refreshing, prince-type elite salaryman actor...?

Chigasaki Itaru (茅ヶ崎至) is a well mannered elite company employee with a refreshing and gentle aura of an adult. He is trusted by his co-workers and superiors alike and even within the company he is treated like a real prince. However, this is merely his daytime visage, once his free time arrives he changes completely. After Izumi offered him a room for him alone to use, he agreed to join the Mankai Company.

Appearance Edit

Itaru Casual Chibi 2

Itaru is a handsome man in his early twenties with dark blonde hair and small pink eyes. His clothing style is as different as his personality. In his professional appearance, he wears dark green pants in combination with a light blue shirt and white slip over above. Together with black leather shoes and a marine blue jacket. After his work is done he quickly changes into something more comfortable with gray sweatpants, a plain white T-shirt, and a yellow college jacket. Itaru also starts to care less about his appearance and wears his bangs up so they don't get in his way while he is gaming.

Personality Edit

Whenever he is in professional mode, he is gentle and charming like a prince. He genuinely cares about others, but somewhat maintains his distance and likes to keep his private life to himself. The reason for this is, that his professional personality is, for the most part, merely a façade. His true personage is one of a passionate hardcore gamer and somewhat otaku. In this mode, he is not afraid to curse and be rude. Itaru also starts to get bit lazy and outright competitive.

History Edit

Not much is known about Itaru's past. Before he joined Mankai he worked as a successful elite trading company and was quite popular within it. However, his only motivation to work hard was to finance his expensive hobby; gaming. To decrease his living expenses to save more money so he could later spend on games, he searched for a new cheaper room. Izumi found him looking at Bulletin Board on Velvet Way and he quickly agreed to join Mankai once the director assured him a room to himself, so he would not get disturbed while gaming.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Spring TroupeItaruSSRIconSakuyaSSRIconMasumiSSRIconTsuzuruSSRIconCitronSSRIconBig Sr Boost
Good At TeachingItaruSSRIconTsumugiSSRIconSr Boost
Junk FoodItaruSSRIconTaichi IconAc Boost
Gamer ClubItaruSSRIconBanriSSRIconAc Boost
Caviar HaterItaruSSRIconHomareSSRIconCo Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Come here, it can't be helped so I'll pay attention to you."
  • "Hm? What's wrong?"
  • "Ah- I messed up. Seriously don't screw with me."
  • "In front of Director I become looser in so many ways. Haha, so many ways is just how it sounds like."
  • "Damn it, I will kill you small fry."
  • "Seriously, it's finally here."
  • "I want a machine that will automatically get me in the bathtub..."
  • "Haa... I want to live with an unearned income... I want to play games without working."
  • "Haha, you can rely on me with anything."
  • "I wonder, why morning preparations are such a pain."
  • "Isn't it better if you go to sleep already? ...Me? For me, today is another fun day of staying up late.

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Happy birthday. I rather like Homare-san's enigmatic poems."
  • "Tasuku, happy B-day. Tsumugi is the leader, so support him properly."
  • "Happy birthday. I don't say it often, but the Director's curry, I quite like it."
  • "Sakuya seems to be pleased no matter what you give him. Here is my gaming console..."
  • "Valentine's day huh. Somehow it makes me remember my student days." Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "I think you’d receive plenty of return gifts but mine is your number one, right?" White Day Dialogue
  • "I think it’d be best to give Masumi Director-san as the birthday present. What do you think?"
  • "Games? Haha, did you think that I would do something that is such a waste of time?" April Fool's Dialogue
  • "Always enduring hardships, I wonder what you'll write about today~"
  • "Thank you. I didn't expect I would celebrate it this's not so bad."
  • "I have to thank the people who made Children's Day into a national holiday. Thanks to them today, I'm able to play games since morning." Children's Day Dialogue
  • "A present for Citron~ For an Arabian guy like him...maybe an elephant figurine?"
  • "Misumi happy B-Day. By the way, I don't have any triangles."

Practice Quotes Edit

  • "Both practice and leveling are accumulated over days."
  • "Voice practice?"
  • "Maybe I'll put an improv in here."
  • "I wonder if this line could be a bit shorter."
  • "Would you let me take a break for five minutes?"
  • "I'd like to hear your thoughts on my acting?"
  • "I can't keep calm without my phone nearby."
  • "I'm basically a solo player."
  • "I might have Sakuya to use the gacha for me today."
  • "At crucial moments, Sakuya's the indispensable gacha pinch-hitter."
  • "From my perspective, Masumi stumbles his way through life too much."
  • "Thanks to Tsuzuru, I can always be at ease. I'm grateful, so grateful."
  • "Citron's way too much of a mystery, but honestly, he hits my humor buttons at times."
  • "Alright, that's it. My phone, my phooone."

Trivia Edit

Itaru sig
  • Rurikawa Yuki gave him the not so flattering nickname "Fake elite".
    • Kazunari, on the other hand, calls him simply "Itarun".
  • He likes to eat disaster pizza but hates caviar.
  • In Romeo and Julius he portrayed the character of "Tybalt". In Boy Alice in Wonderland he got to play the 2nd lead for the first time as "The Mad Hatter".
  • From time to time, Itaru games against Banri, who is the only one who would pose somewhat of a challenge for him.
    • He thinks of Banri (under the nickname Neo) as his online rival but they fight it out via rankings.
    • The person he respects the most is Sakuya.
Itaru Doodle

Itarus Doodle

  • Itaru is good at gaming and holding up his fake image.
  • He has the room 103 in the dormitory for himself and he refers to it as his castle.
  • Itaru has an older sister.
    • Just because his older sister told him to choose a company that values his looks, he chose his current trading company as his employer.
  • He often uses gaming and internet terms in his speech, whenever he is in casual mode.
  • He once beat a so-called “impossible” dungeon RPG during his student days. It left him half-conscious so he doesn't even remember how he did it or how long it really took.
  • Itaru would like to take part in a stage play that is set in a game-like world. Optional a stage adaptation of a popular video game.
  • To him, the Mankai Company is "The place where he can be himself".

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