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Cheer Events are similar to Season Events but you uses Cheer Points Cheer point.pnginstead of Event Items. They don’t feature Cards but have Ranking Prizes. Special Vadges can be gained from Cheering on certain characters.

How To Participate

Events are accessible through the Event button on the Play tab, or directly through the main page slider. If there is currently not an event ongoing, then the button will be grey and you will not be allowed to click on the page.


  • Play the Event Practice like you would normally do. However, Shows will randomly pop up during your practice. Complete the performances successfully to gain Cheer Points.
  • Use Cheer Points to support your favorite actors in the Mankai Cheer Station. It will be accessible through the Event Page with the purple "Mankai Cheer Station" button.
  • Rank in the leaderboards to compete with other players on who gets the most Event Pts.
  • Collect a certain amount of Event Points to unlock amazing rewards.
  • Rank in the leaderboards to get even more rewards. Your rank tier is based by percentage of the number of active participants in the event.

Mankai Cheer Station

Here players have the opportunity to cheer for the actors. You can cheer for as many as you want! But you will only gain reward (Limited Badges) when giving 1000 Cheer Pts to an actor. The Actors will also say something special when you give them Cheer Pts and when they are chosen as Fav Actor. Fav Actors will be chosen by how many Cheer Pts they have. Mankai Cheer Station menu.png
The top picture shows the Fav Actor along with all the actors you can cheer on. The bottom shows the page where you can give points to the selected Actor.
Mankai Cheer Station Cheer page.png

  • Select the character you want to cheer on my clicking on their profile icon. You can see how many Cheer Points you have in total, how many you gave to that character, your Rank, etc.
  • To give Cheer Points, press the pink "Send Cheer" button. There, you can select how many you want to give. You have the option to choose 100, 500, 1000, or 2000 points, but can also enter a custom number. You can give all the Cheer Points you currently have by pressing on the yellow "Select All" button.


Events usually start at 19:00 PST/PDT or After Maintenance (around 8-9 PM) and last 10 days, including the starting day and end at 23:59 PST/PDT.

After Events finish, the Event Programs will only be available from the Main tab. You will not be able to further play the event and get points for it, but may look at the list of Rewards, your final ranking, etc. The Practice will NOT be moved to the Plays tab after the event has ended and you will no longer be able to play it.

You will still be able to read Event Chapters after the Event has finished.

Cheer Points

You can earn Cheer Points mainly by completing Shows or doing Tryouts. Other methods will have limits to how much you can earn. Special Login Bonuses will also give some Cheer Pts.

Action Cheer Pts Max times earned
Clear Matinee x6 Cheer Points Cheer point.png Unlimited
Clear Soiree x7 Cheer Points Cheer point.png Unlimited
Clear Finale x8 Cheer Points Cheer point.png Unlimited
Clear Encore x10 Cheer Points Cheer point.png Unlimited
x1 Pull x15 Cheer Points Cheer point.png Unlimited
x10 Pull x150 Cheer Points Cheer point.png Unlimited
Daily Missions
Complete all x50 Cheer Points Cheer point.png x9 (total 450 Cheer Pts)
Trading Post
x200000 Coins Coins.png x10 Cheer Points Cheer point.png x10 (total 100 Cheer Pts)
x30 Supporting Actor Awards Silver trophy.png x10 Cheer Points Cheer point.png x10 (total 100 Cheer Pts)
Spend x60 Gems Diamond.png x50 Cheer Points Cheer point.png x2 (total 100 Cheer Pts)
Spend x250 Gems Diamond.png x250 Cheer Points Cheer point.png x2 (total 500 Cheer Pts)
Spend x680 Gems Diamond.png x600 Cheer Points Cheer point.png x2 (total 1200 Cheer Pts)

Special Cards

Some cards will offer boosts during shows. Using them in your Show team or having them as a Guest Actor will give an advantage. These bonuses will not occur when Special Actors are used as Support Roles (where members are selected automatically).

  • Limited-time cards offered in the paired tryout will give big bonuses, shown with a Boost Icon.png icon.
  • Birthday Cards from the Premium Tryouts of that month will give smaller bonuses, displayed with a Small Bonus Icon.png icon.

Positive effects include:

  1. Event Performance Boost - Special Actors will provide performance boosts for Co, Ac, and Dr during the event period.
  2. Increased Event Items - Clearing an Event Show with a Special Actor will result in an increase in rewarded Event Items. Event Items earned will also go up depending on a) how many Special Actors you have on your Team and b) how many times they have been bloomed.

Practice and Shows

  • Use LP to play practices. Bento Bentou.png and Onigiri Onigiri.png will refill them.
  • When a Show pops up, meet the amount of Points required. Spend SP to play a show. Kame Boxes Kameman Box.png and Kame Buns Kameman.png will replenish it.
  • If you cancel a Show, the required points will go down. Show Points correspond with the number of Event Items you earn.
  • Shows rotate in Matinees, Soirees, and Finales. Sometimes after those, there is a random chance of an Encore appearing. Encores require much more points.
  • Use Cheer Boosts with extra SP to multiply your points. If you fail to meet the Pt requirement of the Show, you have another chance to successfully meet it.
  • Don't cancel an Encore unless you run out of time because they are a good chance to get a lot of Event Items at once.

Voice Lines

These lines can be heard when viewing the Mankai Cheer Station page. The actors are eager to be cheered on by the Director.

Favorite Actor Lines
Character Line Audio
Sakuya Knowing that you're here with me

makes it all worth it! Please cheer for me lots!

File:Sakuya fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Masumi With you cheering me on, I know I

won't lose. I'll give my all for you.

 Info icon.png
Tsuzuru File:Tsuzuru fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Itaru File:Itaru fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Citron I will present you with 5 rare folk

crafts if I recieve your Cheers!

File:Citron fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Tenma File:Tenma fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Yuki File:Yuki fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Muku File:Muku fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Misumi Your Cheers have the power of 100

Super Mr. Triangles! Please keep Cheering for me!

 Info icon.png
Kazunari File:Kazunari fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Banri File:Banri fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Juza If you Cheer for me, I know I can

do my best. ...Hope I'll be hearin' your voice lots.

 Info icon.png
Taichi File:Taichi fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Omi File:Omi fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Sakyo File:Sakyo fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Tsumugi File:Tsumugi fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Tasuku File:Tasuku fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Hisoka File:Hisoka fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Homare File:Homare fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png
Azuma File:Azuma fav actor line.ogg Info icon.png

These lines can be heard when players gives cheers to the actors.

Cheering Lines
Character Line Audio
Sakuya Thanks for the Cheers!

I'll give it my all!

 Info icon.png
Masumi I'll live up to each of your Cheers for sure.  Info icon.png
Tsuzuru I'm so happy you've cheered for me! Thanks!  Info icon.png
Itaru Thx. Guess I gotta put my best foot forward now.  Info icon.png
Citron I will do my best for you and your Cheers!  Info icon.png
Tenma Got your Cheers. Thanks.  Info icon.png
Yuki Don't think I'm happy 'cause of these Cheers.  Info icon.png
Muku Thanks for Cheering for me! I'm so happy!  Info icon.png
Misumi Yay,, Cheers! Be sure to watch my performance!  Info icon.png
Kazunari TY! Kazu's gonna kill it out there!  Info icon.png
Banri File:Banri cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Juza Thanks. I'll try my best. File:Juza cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Taichi File:Taichi cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Omi File:Omi cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Sakyo File:Sakyo cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Tsumugi File:Tsumugi cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Tasuku File:Tasuku cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Hisoka File:Hisoka cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Homare File:Homare cheering line.ogg Info icon.png
Azuma File:Azuma cheering line.ogg Info icon.png