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Bespectacled Man: ...
Store Worker: Did you need any help, sir?
Bespectacled Man: Oh, I'd like to buy flowers for a friend of mine who will be performing in a play.
Store Worker: In that case, how about these flowers over here? They’d make for a gorgeous bouquet.
Bespectacled Man: Hmm. They do look nice...
Bespectacled Man: What kind of flowers are these?
Store Worker: Those are zinnias.
Bespectacled Man: I see... I'll take some of these, then.
Store Worker: What color would you like? Women would proably prefer red or pink.
Bespectacled Man: Oh, I'm actually gifting those to a man... He's a very close friend of mine.
Azuma: ...
Izumi: Huh? Azuma, your hair... So you didn't end up cutting it?
Azuma: A little someone told me they prefer me with long hair.
Izumi: Really? Who was it?
Tasuku: ...?
Tasuku: Wait, it's because of me?! I never said anything like that...
Azuma: That's what it sounded like to me.
Homare: I do agree with Tasuku. Your long locks have become part of your identity, after all
Tsumugi: Yeah, I think you look better with your hair long, too.
Hisoka: ...It suits you.
Azuma: Thank you.
Izumi: You’ve got great taste, Tasuku!
Tasuku: When did I... say that?
Azuma: It's almost time.
Izumi: Azuma, would you like to give a few words as our lead?
Azuma: Everyone, thank you for trusting me to be your lead. I wasn't sure if I could do it at first, but I’ve made it this far thanks to all your help.
Azuma: I would have never expected this experience to have become my chance to reconcile with my past.
Azuma: I feel like some weight has been lifted off my shoulders after talking with you all.
Azuma: And because of that, I was able to fully accept my role as Reo.
Izumi: (It was definitely a relief to see how dramatically Azuma’s performance as Reo changed after we shared that heart-to-heart at his old apartment.)
Izumi: (He was finally able to apply himself during rehearsals, and his exchanges with Tasuku has become much smoother, too.)
Azuma: I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you'll stick with me until closing night.
Tsumugi: You got it!
Tasuku: Of course we will.
Homare: Lead the way.
Hisoka: ...I'll try my best.
Izumi: Break a leg, everyone!
Kota: Hey, you drunk or something? You’re gonna catch a cold sleeping out here.
Reo: Urgh...
Kota: Oh, geez... Guess I have no choice.
Kota: Look, I'll let you stay at my place since it's close by, but you'd better leave as soon as you wake up.
Izumi: (The play opens with Kota finding Reo crumpled on the ground... right off the bat, we can see how kind-hearted Kota is.)
Reo: Thank you for your help. I don't even remember collapsing on the street.
Kota: Wait, did you make all this?
Reo: I just made do with what was in the fridge, so it's nothing special. It's my way of saying thanks for letting me stay the night.
Kota: Whoa, you even cleaned up the place... You’d be the ultimate wife.
Reo: I've lived a pretty long life, but I can't say I've ever been someone's wife before.
Kota: I’m Kota Seo. And you?
Reo: I’m Reo… Reo Kuto.
Kota: Well, it's nice meeting you, Reo.
Kota: You can crash here for a while if you don't have anywhere else to stay.
Reo: You're okay with having a strange man like me stay here?
Kota: Don't say that about yourself. When I moved here from the countryside, I struggled a lot, too. We have to help each other out at times like this.
Reo: You're so kind.
Izumi: (Reo is touched by Kota’s kindness and flashes him an ephemeral smile. it's clear that he's deeply affected by Kota’s generosity after being alone for so long.)
Izumi: (Azuma’s own otherworldly allure is really helping highlight the contrast between Kota’s normalcy and Reo’s mysteriousness.)
Izumi: (The way Azuma portrays Reo as a peculiar puzzle piece that refuses to fit in with the rest of the world makes him stand out conspicuously compared to Kota.)
Izumi: (And Tasuku has completely abandoned his usual stage presence and is playing Kota as the most unassuming and ordinary man so Azuma can take the spotlight.)
Kota: Huh? Aren't you going to eat anything?
Reo: I have a rather irregular eating schedule, so don't mind me. You go on and enjoy your meal.
Kota: If you say so. I'm gonna help myself, then.
Izumi: (Reo never eats it always wanders off somewhere at night, and these quirks of his slowly build up to create a rather unsettling air about him.)
Nonomiya: So Seo, I heard you taking in a guy who has toppled over on the street? How incredibly sketchy. This is real life, not some late-night TV drama.
Kota: He's a really nice guy and seemed like he needed help. It couldn't have just left him there.
Nonomiya: Sigh. You're going to get hurt by your own kindness one of these days.
Izumi: (And here’s Nonomiya, Kota’s meddlesome coworker. It's rare seeing Homare in a role as normal as an office worker.)
Izumi: (He's really mastered the way to tone down his acting. It's almost hard to believe how extravagant used to be on stage.)
Izumi: (He’s really come a long way…)
Izumi: Good morning. Great weather we're having today.
Kota: Good morning.
Izumi: Have you been off on weekends as well, Mr. Seo?
Kota: Huh?
Izumi: Sometimes, I hear noises coming from your apartment during the day... I was afraid it was a burglar or something.
Kota: Oh, I just have a friend staying over.
Izumi: ...Oh, really?
Franz: I didn’t think I’d be able to meet a fellow vampire here.
Reo: Things have become much easier for us in recent times. It's no surprise there are more of us around now.
Kota: Reo!
Reo: …!
Franz: I see that you’ve found somewhere nice to stay.
Reo: Leave him out of this.
Kota: Hey, Reo!
Franz: We’ve only just met. Let's not fight.
Reo: I don't intend on getting close with you.
Kota: The hell was that about?
Nonomiya: Was that your freeloader? He’s trouble for sure. Probably part of some unsavory organization.
Kota: I'm telling you, he's not that kind of guy... but it's strange that he just ignored me like that.
Izumi: (And with that, Franz, a fellow vampire, makes his entrance.)
Izumi: (Hisoka normally has an airy personality, but this time, he's adjusted himself to match Azuma’s vibe.)
Izumi: (I’ve always thought this, but he really is good at acting.)
Reo: Thanks for helping me out this whole time. I didn't plan to stay for so long, but I felt so at home.
Kota: You don't have to leave right away. You've been a big help to me, too.
Reo: No, I couldn't possibly overstay my welcome.
Kota: Have you already found somewhere else to stay?
Reo: I suppose you could say that.
Izumi: (As usual, Reo and Kota pace around each other at a safe and calculated distance…)
Izumi: (Though Kota worries about Reo, he refrains from asking questions, and Reo refuses to divulge any information. The balance of their relationship is delicate.)
Izumi: (Azuma and Tasuku are the perfect duo to act out this subtle dance.)
Kota: At least give me a way to contact you.
Reo: I will, once I've finished settling in.
Kota: Okay, then. I'm glad that you found a place.
Reo: Thank you so much.
Kota: Hold on, you're planning to leave right now? It's already late. You should at least wait until morning to go.
Reo: ...Guess you're right.
Kota: Let's drink up tonight to celebrate this new chapter in your life.