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Yuki: Well. We're here, even though the others are nowhere in sight.
Banri: We should just go on first. I don't wanna face that weird punishment Sakyo was talkin' 'bout.
Banri: Hey, wait. You helped with it, didn't you?
Yuki: Yeah.
Banri: There's no doubt Itaru's gonna be last place in our group.
Yuki: To be honest, the punishment's going to be extra tough for him, since he's an actual working adult.
Staff Member: Oh! Here comes the Mankai Company's A Team, which has been racking up points left and right!
Staff Member: Not only are they first point-wise, it looks like they'll also be the first group to finish the course!
Yuki: Let's get this over wi-
???: Not so fast. Halt, I say!
Yuki: Huh?
Banri: What the...?
Aaron: We may have lost to you before, but this time we shall triumph! We challenge you to an improv battle, right here before the ensnarement of the golden ribbon!
Yuki: What in the world are you talki-
Staff Member: Can this be? Will we be able to witness a battle right before the finish line?
Yuki: Hey, we haven't said anything about...
Audience Member A: Ooh, are they really going to do it? This is so awesome!
Audience Member B: Aw, yeah! I'm so glad we get to see another battle before it's all over!
Audience Member C: Whoo! You guys got this!
Banri: Oh, come on...
Yuki: How are we supposed to do an improv battle with just two people?
Aaron: Fear not! We shall implement some special rules for you. We'll go two-against-two, and the winners can pass the finish line first! How does that sound?
Banri: Dammit. I reall don't wanna do this, but we can't say no when the crowd's this worked up, either.
Banri: Fine. We'll take you on.
Yuki: We're not losing to you. Don't you dare mess this up, Banri.
Banri: Heh. Who d'you think you're talkin' to, punk?
Banri: Hey...You'll be going home once you open this door connecting the human and cat worlds together, right?
Banri: I mean, obviously you will. After all, you've been doing all this traveling to find a way back to your world.
Yuki: ...Yeah. I do want to go back home, but...I have friends here in the human world now.
Yuki: If I go back, then I won't be able to see all my human friends anymore. I won't be able to see YOU anymore, either. I don't want that...!
Yuki: I wan't to go home, but I don't want to say goodbye to everyone!
Banri: Hey...Don't worry.
Yuki: Huh?
Banri: Even after you go home, all you have to do is figure out another way to find us again. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Banri: You'll find a way, as long as you keep searching. You might even think of something new with the knowledge you've gained from everyone you've met.
Banri: All you have to do is keep your eyes fixed on your goal and try your very best.
Yuki: ...!
Banri: I won't give up on you. Let's do this together, okay?
Yuki: You're right! Thank you...I-I won't give up either!
Audience Member A: Mankai Company, you're the best! That was incredible!
Audience Member B: Their actors really are amazing!
Audience Member C: This is the first time I've seen this troupe act, but I'm hooked! I'm definitely going to watch their next play!
Staff Member: Outstanding! Once again, the Mankai Company has managed to win over their audience AND win the improv battle by a huge margin!
Yuki: Finally, we're done...
Banri: Damn...The sun's already comin' up...
Yuki: ...
Banri: Geez, where the hell are the others?
Yuki: Hey...What was all that about?
Banri: Huh? What was what about?
Yuki: That improv skit we just did. What were you trying to get at?
Banri: Eh, I guess I was trying to say that livin' in the present and not fussin' too much about the future's what life should be about.
Banri: I mean, just look at me. Compared to you, I took like a million years to figure out what I wanted to do in life.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: But you still have lots of things to consider about your future, don't you?
Banri: Well...Yeah, I guess.