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Captain Sky's Pirates
Paul: Hand over Black Beard, and we'll let the rest of you go.
Francoise: Ngh...
Izumi: (Kazunari's acting has improved so much... Looking at how severe his Paul is, you'd never guess how carefree and boisterous he actually is!)
Sky: There be no way we be handin' anyone o'er! Francoise here's just a part of me crew as any other man aboard!
Francoise: Cap'n...
Sky: Nay, there be no way I be lettin' my four million dollars slip away right before me eyes!
Francoise: The fool I was to have felt gratitude at that!
Henry: Aye, ye best be gettin' used to 'im by now.
Jonny: Right pain in the rear, out Cap'n is.
Izumi: (After being surrounded by the Navy, our protagonists find themselves in a pinch. and here's where Henry shows us what he's really got!) 
Paul: H-hey! Let go of me!
Henry: Aye, my apologies, but I really can't be lettin' this ship and crew go down, y'see.
Paul: Why you little...! Wait, aren't you Blo--?!
Henry: If ye don't want the life snuffed outta ye, you'd best shut yer trap an' stay still. Now.
Paul: Hrk...!
Henry: Retreat if ye don't want your cap'n's pretty lil' head separated from 'is neck!
Izumi: (Thanks to Henry's quick thinking and actions, Sky's crew manages to escape.)
Izumi: (But just as they think they're in the clear, they're suddenly surrounded by even more Navy ships than before.)
Paul: There's no way Henry doesn't have another ship other than this penniless and dirty piece of driftwood.
Sky: He called my ship a penniless... and dirty... piece of driftwood...Ouch, me heart stings...
Paul: Tell us where your hideout is! Spit it out!
Henry: It be on one of the seven islands to th' east...
Francoise: H-hey...!
Izumi: (Without a moment's hesitation, Henry reveals the location of the treasure Francoise told them about.)
Izumi: (And thus, the whole crew ends up heading toward the hidden treasure upon the Navy's ship.)
Sky: Curses! it be just our luck to run into these damn'd Navy dogs!
Francoise: If you ask me, t'wasn't a mere run-in. They clearly were chasin' after us from beginnin'.
Jonny: Aye, but I cannae see it as anythin' other than yer fault, Black Beard. Be that not the case?
Francoise: You think they'd send that money ships just to deal with me, you fool!
Sky: Then what other reason could there be?
Henry: Arr, I can't say I know, Cap'n.
Francoise: Avast! I remember now! Yer Bloody Henry!
Sky: Who be that!
Jonny: T-that be the scoundrel who sunk an' plundered hundreds o' pirate ships, Cap'n!
Francoise: 10 million dollars of bounty's on his head!
Sky: 10 million dollars?!
Sky: Shiver me timbers...! If I take this here ship down, I can get me 11 million dollars!

You plannin' to sink an' go down with the ship too then, Cap'n?

Jonny: Henry, be it true that ye be that one and same scoundrel?
Henry: Hehe, no use in hidin' it now, eh?
Jonny: Quit yer titterin'! Yer the reason why an entire naval battalion came down upon us!
Henry: Ye can't be blamin' me, Cap'n. Sky was the one who went takin' Black Beard on an' attractin' all that attention to us.
Francoise: YOU'RE the one attractin' attention, not me, ya lily-livered knave!
Sky: So it be that the smaller ye are, the more famous, huh...

Don't call me small, dammit!

Henry: I'm not small!
Francoise: And what brings the infamous Blood Henry to such a miserly ship, anyway?
Sky: Is it because ye pitied how small and dirty me ship be?!
Henry: Nay, I came with the plan to plunder yer ship, but then I discovered she was as miserable as can be.
Sky: M-misterable, he says...!
Henry: Wihtout a single dubloon to take fer meself, I found meself floatin' along with the crew, but that nay be so bad. T'was a nice break between me raidin'.
Sky: What d'ye take me ship fer?!
Francoise: Aye, I agree. This here ship an' crew be lax an' lazy. Ne'er mention the cap'n's a gullible fool.
Sky: Blimey...
Jonny: Cheer up, Cap'n! This here ship an' crew be like me family!
Sky: Y-Yer a good lad, Jonny...
Audience Member A: Pfft!
Audience Member B: Haha!
Izumi: (This relaxed atmosphere is really letting the audience enjoy themseles to the fullest, That's the stuff, guys! You're doing great!)
Sky: Finally, with this here treasure, we be rich men!
Sky: Huh?
Izumi: (The second they reach shore, the crew manages to escape from the Navy thanks to Henry's wits, and Francoise leads them to the hidden spot. However...)
Sky: That' be nothin'?! Where be the treasure?!
Jonny: Did we get the spot wrong, ye reckon?
Francoise: Nay. There's a treasure chest an' everythin'. This here has to be the right place.
Sky: Arr, then some scallywag got here before we did, eh?
Henry: ...Oh.
Sky: Oh?
Francoise: What is it?
Henry: Huh? Uh, it be nothin'.

Nay, you won't be pullin’ wool o’er me eyes! I heard ye say ‘Oh!’ as if ye just remembered somethin’!

Francoise: Indeed.
Henry: Aye, well, I just remembered I had plundered this here spot long ago, y'see.
Francoise: T'was YOU then, was it, you cowardly knave!
Jonny: NOW ye remember?
Sky:  Ye should've told us that from th' beginnin', dammit!
Henry: But if ye think 'bout it, ye've gained an even more precious treasure than mere gold an' jewels, haven't' ye, Cap'n?
Sky: Have I?
Henry: Aye. Lookee' round and see the friends ye made on yer adventures. They be the best treasure a man could ask fer.
Sky: Henry...
Sky: Don't ye DARE be tryin' to lay sweet words on me when I don't even have me ship anymore!
Henry: Tee hee!
Sky: Ye blasted scoundrel!
Henry: Calm yerself down, Cap'n. We should be gettin' out here quick, 'fore the Navy captures us all.
Sky: Don't ye be tryin' to distract me now!

Cap'n! Ye said ye'd return the money ye borrowed from me once ye gained some treasure, so where be it now?!

Sky: N-now, now, Jonny. Ye can't be goin' on about that forever. Lookee the wealth ye already gained with all the FRIENDS ye made on yer adventures!
Henry: Arr, Cap'n, just as I said.
Francoise: Not even a wee bit of shame in 'im, is there?
Sky: Shut yer traps, fools! We best be gettin' out of here cave 'fore it be too late!
Henry: Aye aye, sir!
Francoise: Aye aye, sir!
Izumi: (Between their complaints and grumbles comes laughter and cheers as Sky's pirate crew flees from the pursuing Navy.)
Izumi: (And, slowly, slowly, their loud voices and heavy footsteps fade into the sound of the breaking waves...)
Misumi: Thank you!
Muku: Thank you very much!
Kazunari: Thanks a mil!
Tenma: Thanks!
Yuki: Thanks.
Misumi: (Gramps, did you see? Were you watching us? This is my most precious treasure in the world, right here!)