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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI theater - Stage (Wonderland Forest). 'Alex in Wonderland' costumes
Izumi: (Next, Alex makes his way through the forest and finds himself at the Mad Hatter's tea party.)
Mad Hatter (Itaru): You'll wake up if you drink my tea? Never heard that one before. Right, everyone?
Mad Hatter: Hm, yes, you're right... I was just thinking the same thing.
Alex (Masumi): Hey.
Mad Hatter: Now what do you all think I should do with this young man? Hm, yes, I see...
Alex: Hey, I'm talking to you!
Izumi: (The mood of their exchange here changed, too).
Izumi: (They didn't put in any ad libs here or anything, but it just feels a lot more natural.)
Alex: Who else are you talking to? I'm the only one here.
Mad Hatter: The only one here? Are you? How odd, I'm quite sure I invited the March Hare and the others...
Alex: Look around! It's just you and me.
Mad Hatter: Look around, hm? But looks can be deveiving. Am I wrong?
Mad Hatter: There are many people who pay lots of money for things they cannot see. Like in-app purchases, for one.
Izumi: (Um, did he just call himself out on stage?)
Alex: And so?
Mad Hatter: And so, in other words, there's nothing wrong with my imaginary conversation with my good friend the March Hare here.
Alex: ...My head hurts.
Izumi: (Before, Tsuzuru said Alex was too cold and the Mad Hatter too eager, but they have the perfect balance now.)
Izumi: (The Mad Hatter doesn't seem too interested in Alex, yet still languidly provokes him. It's a good mix.)
Izumi: (They're maintaining distance between themselves while being aware of the other's prescence.)
Izumi: (I can really see their natural relationship here. That's why it feels so natural.)
Izumi: (But most of all, Masumi looks like he's having fun. I can really tell he's enjoying the play.)
Izumi: (Same goes for Itaru.)
Izumi: (That makes me really happy, since both of them have always seemed less passionate abut performances than the others.)
Izumi: (Just watching them gets me excited. I'm having so much fun!)
SCENE CUT: Mankai theater - Stage (Heart Castle's rose gardens, daytime).
Izumi: (Next is the scene with the King of Hearts.)
Izumi: (The Mad Hatter told Alex to visit the King, who orders him to play a match of croquet. But then the King gets angry.)
King of Hearts (Citron): Off with his head!
Alex: Huh?!
King of Hearts: You heard me.
Alex: What the?! I only came here to-
King of Hearts: Off with his head, I say!
Alex: Why, though?! Nothing here makes sense!
Izumi: (Citron's really putting himself out there today. He had a tendency to position himself too far back, but that's all fixed now.)
Izumi: (And it works just perfectly. His prescence really ties the scene together.)
King of Hearts: Put him behing bars!
Izumi: (And he got his line right! Nice!)
SCENE CUT: Stage changes to the school courtyard. The costumes change from Wonderland to modern.
Professor (Itaru): Morning, Alex. How are you feeling?
Alex: Terrible. Like I wasted a ton of time.
Professor: Yes, that quite right. That's the answer.
Alex: To what?
Professor: Did you forget? The thing that your friends can see, but you can't.
Alex: Yeah, I forgot, 'cuz it didn't matter.
Professor: Honestly...
Alex: So? What's the answer?
Professor: What was invisible to you was the treasure of free time. Your moratorium only lasts for now- you should enjoy it while you can.
Alex: I'll take it into consideration.
Professor: Oh? You're being quite agreeable today.
Alex: ...Let's just say I'm sick and tired of tea.
Professor: .....
Izumi: (Masumi changed the delivery of that line... But it was really great!)
SCENE CUT: End of performance. MANKAI theater - Audience Seating Area.
Audience Member 1: That was so good!
Audience Member 2: Yeah, it was better than the last time I saw it! I want to come back again!
Izumi: (It was a huge success!)
SCENE CUT: MANKAI theater - Backstage. 'Alex in Wonderland' costumes.
Itaru: You changed the delivery of your last line in the last scene.
Masumi: Not really.
Itaru: You were smiling.
Masumi: ...Yeah.
Masumi: ...'Cuz I was having...fun, I guess.
Itaru: Hm? What did you say?
Masumi: ...I'll never say it again.
Tsuzuru: Great job! Man, you guys completely changed your act!
Sakuya: The Mad Hatter and Alex were awesome!
Citron: You did great justice to them!
Itaru: Guess we finally pulled it together. Sorry we worried you all.
Masumi: Curtain call.
Itaru: Yeah, sure.
Tsuzuru: All right!
Sakuya: Let's go!
Citron: Go!!
SCENE CUT: Spring Troupe in 'Alex in Wonderland' costumes againt curtains.