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Audience Member A: Ooh, what's going on?
Audience Member B: They're starting an improv battle over here!
Tsuzuru: Aw, man...
Omi: I didn't think we'd actually be challenged to an improv battle.
Wanda: Hehe! I won't let you two run away! 
Tsuzuru: This could be really risky, but we don't have the option of refusing. Guess we'll just have to do this.
Omi: Yeah. All right, we accept your challenge.
Wanda: That's what I'm talking 'bout! Let's do this!
Audience Member A: Aw, that was so cute!
Wanda: Hehe! Thanks!
Omi: Hm, that was a pretty fun and lively performance. 
Tsuzuru: They're a tougher opponent than I thought they'd be, but we can't lose here. Let's go, Omi!
Omi: Hm? Dude, did you change your bandages?
Tsuzuru: Glad you noticed! This is Vampire Brand's newest product. It's 100 percent cotton and soft as a baby bat's bottom.
Omi: Man, I love that brand! Since we wear these every day, we gotta be picky with what we get.
Tsuzuru: I agree! But the other species just don't get the importance of high-quality bandages. I bet they'd use dirty dishcloths if that's all they had.
Omi: Tell me about it. So, like, the other day, I was eating spaghetti and ended up splattering tomato sauce all over myself, right?
Tsuzuru: Oh, no! That had to have left some nasty stains!
Omi: They would've, but I managed to wash 'em out right away. A bit of wear and tear on our bandages make us look more badass, but tomato sauce? Hard pass.
Tsuzuru: You could've just lied through your teeth and said it was blood. No one would've known any better.
Audience Member B: Ahaha! Oh my god, this is hilarious!
Audience Member C: It makes it even funnier that they're both such tough-looking guys talking about something so silly!
Wanda: Argh! I hate to admit it, but you two were good!
Wanda: We won't lose next time, so watch out!
Tsuzuru: Thank goodness we managed to pull that off...
Omi: Now we have more than twice the candy we had before! Looking good.
???: Oh? Well, if it isn't the No-Name Company.
Omi: Huh?
Haruto: We meet again.


Haruto: Huh. You have more candy than I expected. Unfortunately for you, we'll be taking it all now.
Izumi: Wow, you guys got so much candy!
Taichi: Oof... I-it's getting kinda too heavy for me to carry all of it.
Tasuku: It hasn't been easy lugging it around with us all day.
Izumi: But it's proof of how much the crowd loves you! I'll take your complaints as cries of joy.
Izumi: I wonder how everyone else is doing. I think Tsuzuru and Omi were around here...
Izumi: Oh!
Haruto: Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Taichi: ...
Tsuzuru: ...
Omi: Sorry... We were no match for him.
Haruto: Ahaha. Hate it break it to you, but I just finished taking all of their candy from them. 
Tasuku: Haruto...
Haruto: Oh, Tasuku, you were here, too? I didn't even notice you.
Taichi: ...
Haruto: Huh? That costume...
Haruto: Why's someone like you wearing that? What, do you think you're hot stuff now?
Taichi: I, uh...
Tasuku: Speak for yourself. You're the werewolf again? Guess you couldn't make your way to the top this year, either.
Haruto: Huh? You trying to start something? 
Tasuku: I should be the one asking you that.
Izumi: H-hey, cut it out, you two!
Haruto:   You want to put your candy where your mouth is, then? Let's do an improv battle.
Tasuku: Bring it on.
Izumi: Tasuku?!
Taichi: B-but we're almost out of time. We could lose everything here!
Tasuku: ...There's no way we're going to lose.