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Azuma: They crashed into an oncoming car while on the road and were thrown to the bottom of a cliff.
Azuma: They found my parents' bodies but not my brother's...
Azuma: I know it's a lost cause, but I continue to grow my hair out in the hopes that he'll come back one day.
Azuma: Even now, I wish I hadn't encouraged them to go without me that day. I wish I had stopped them instead...
Azuma: But I know all the thinking and regret in the world won't change the past.
Izumi: Azuma...
Azuma: After that, I lived by myself. I would have nightmares about the accident when I slept at night and was always afriad of having to face the mornings alone.
Azuma: That's why I took up cuddling.
Azuma: And I joined the Mankai Company for a similar reason.
Azuma: Perhaps the only reason I'm still acting with you all is so I won't end up alone again.
Azuma: That's why I can't help but feel how guilty when I see how dedicated Tasuku is to his art and how much Izumi believed in me when she gave me the lead role...
Azuma: Since Reo welcomes his loneliness, I thought I'd be able to act the part better if I spent time alone again.
Tasuku: Is that why you've been coming here every night?
Azuma: Yes.
Azuma: It's a shame... I never meant for all of you to see this weak and miserable side of me.
Azuma: But after seeing Tasuku try so hard to reach out to me, I don't feel so embarrassed about it anymore.
Tasuku: It was pretty embarrassing for me to do all of that too, you know.
Azuma: We were in the same boat, then.
Azuma: Since we're all adults in the Winter Troupe, we know how to keep a comfortable distance form one another, so as not to step on anyone's toes.
Azuma: That's why we've never confronted each other more than necessary.
Azuma: But that comfortable distance also serves as a way to protect ourselves.
Azuma: That way of thinking makes dealing with people much easier, but it's also a really isolating and lonely way to live.
Homare: ...
Hisoka: ...
Azuma: Ever since our debut show, I haven't dared delve into my past or face my regrets.
Tasuku: ...
Azuma: We don't have to overshare, and we can blame it on alcohol and say we forgot it all afterwards, but can we talk openly to each together, just for tonight?
Azuma: It might help to take a step forward as a team.
Tsumugi: I think that's a great idea. I want to learn more about you all, and I want you to know about me, as well.
Homare: What a fine notion. I believe we shall all benefit from it.
Hisoka: ...Sure.
Tasuku: We should get some drinks.
Tsumugi: Yeah, we should. It'll help us open up a bit more.
Izumi: Let's make this a fun all-nighter, then!
Homare: An all-nighter, you say? How thrilling.
Hisoka: ...You'll probably fall asleep first, Arisu.
Tasuku: So, what should we talk about?
Tsumugi: I think you're the only one who hasn't talked about their past yet, Tasuku.
Azuma: I've finally said my piece.
Tasuku: So it's my turn, huh...
Homare: Perhaps you could enlighten us with the reason why your relationship with Tsumugi had deteriorated so badly back when the Winter Troupe had just formed.
Azuma: I'd like to know why, too...
Tasuku: Tsumugi and I initially auditioned for the God Troupe together years ago, but I was the only one who passed.
Tasuku: Even though Tsumugi was really crushed by that, I wasn't able to reach out and comfort him. After that, we ended up growing apart.
Tasuku: Afterward, I heard Tsumugi had given up on acting, and it felt like I had been betrayed.
Tausku: But I was also mad at myself for not being able to do anything fro him when he needed support.
Azuma: Sounds like a very 'Tasuku' way to handle things.
Tasuku: When we met again, he was do different from the Tsumugi I used to know, who used to always work his hardest and asked fro nothing back. It really shocked me.
Tsumugi: Tasuku...
Tasuku: Every time I saw him get anxious about acting or being near me, a wave of emotions I didn't know how to deal with overcame me. That's why I acted the way I did.
Homare: In other words, you were sulking.
Azuma: Seems like it.
Tasuku: ...
Azuma: It must've been hard to grow up with someone who isn't very honest with his feelings, Tsumugi?
Tsumugi: Honestly, I was equally to blame for giving up on something I devoted myself to just because of a single failure.
Tsumugi: Besides, you told me that you love my acting, so I think your debt has been repaid, Tasuku.
Izumi: Sounds like a happy ending to me.
Azuma: Looks like he knows what's really important in the scheme of things.
Tasuku: ...You didn't have to tell them about that part.
Izumi: No need to be embarrassed, Tasuku. Now's the time to share our thoughts and feelings with one another.
Tasuku: Well, what about you, then?
Izumi: M-me?! I'm just here as an honorary guest, since I'm not part of the Winter Troupe! I'm exempt from the discussion!
Azuma: And what makes you think that?
Izumi: W-what...?!
Tasuku: There's a surprising amount of information we didn't know about each other.
Azuma: Indeed. There are plenty of things we don't bother sharing, after all.
Izumi: I'm sure you'll all start opening up more to each other form now on.
Azuma: The Spring Troupe is like a family, the Summer Troupe like school friends, and the Autumn Troupe like comrades for the same cause. What does that make us, then?
Tsumugi: Hmm... I don't think we fit into any of those categories.
Tasuku: Yeah, I don't really see us as close buddies or anything.
Hisoka: ...We're something.
Homare: And what would that 'something' be, exactly?
Azuma: He probably means that our group's relationship is something that can't be put into words.
Hisoka: ...Yeah.
Tsumugi: We've been fine without a label this whole time, so maybe we don't need one.
Azuma: Perhaps not.
Homare: Oh, I have the most brilliant idea! Why, what more fitting a title for us than 'noble figures fated to share the same destiny'?!
Tasuku: We literally just decided to drop any labels for now.
Homare: In sickness and in health, for better or for worse, we shall share our laughter and our tears as those with an intertwined fate... How beautiful we are!
Izumi: I can already hear wedding bells in the distance...
Hisoka: ...Too much commitment.
Homare: Why, excuse you! I believe it is 'just right', not 'too much'!
Tasuku: Well, I'm fine with whatever you guys decide on.
Tsumugi: I guess I'd say our relationship is supporting each other when our burdens become too heavy to bear on our own.
Azuma: That's about right, I'd say. It'd be wonderful to stay this way with everyone.
Hisoka: Zzz...
Homare: Mm...
Tsumugi: Zzz...
Azuma: Everyone's fallen asleep.
Tasuku: So much for staying up all night.
Azuma: We should et some rest, too. Staying up at my age doesn't do any favors for my skin.
Tasuku: Right... By the way, are you really going to cut your hair?
Azuma: Maybe. What do you think I should do?
Tasuku: I'm sure you’d look great, but you looked like a different person when you wore a wig in our last play. It was a bit hard getting used to seeing you like that.
Azuma: Is that so?
Azuma: Oh.
Tasuku: What?
Azuma: Look outside. It's morning already.
Tasuku: Wow, we really did stay up all night… Yawn… I’m ready to crash.
Azuma: ...
Tasuku: What's up?
Azuma: I just never realized how beautiful the sunrise was from here.
Tasuku: You definitely have an amazing view from the top floor.
Azuma: But today’s the last day I'll be able to enjoy it.
Tasuku: Are you giving back your key?
Azuma: Yes. I don't need to come back here anymore.
Tasuku: What's your other key for?
Azuma: It's the key to my family's place. I haven't gone back there even once since losing them.
Azuma: I've been too afraid that it would make my loneliness resurface.
Tasuku: ...
Azuma: Once I gather the courage to return there, could you come with me? Just kidding, of course...
Tasuku: ...
Azuma: Hehe. Of course he would fall asleep right at the good part.
Tasuku: Zzz...
Azuma: Good night, and sweet dreams.