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Izumi: Where in the world could Itaru be?
Banri: Maybe he got too tired and ran off somewhere to game.
Tsuzuru: Oh, come on, he wouldn't do that. Wait, he might...
Hisoka: Zzz...
Izumi: There's no signal here, so I can't even try calling him.
Azuma: No, now, Izumi. You can unfurrow those brows. I'll stay behind to wait for him, since I'm tired and would like to rest some more.
Izumi: What are you saying, Azuma?!
Tsuzuru: Just because we've almost secured our victory doesn't mean you and Itaru can stop trying, Azuma...
Azuma: Oh, but it'd be terribly sad to leave Itaru behind, wouldn't it? I'm sure he'll pass by eventually if I wait here.
Banri: That makes sense. With how much he was complainin' about being tired, I doubt he went ahead of us.
Izumi: B-but if we split the group up...
Yuki: What's the harm? Just let the senior citizens rest.
Azuma: I agree with you wholeheartedly, Yuki. You young and sprightly ones go on ahead, okay?
Izumi: (Ngh... How am I supposed to say no when he's smiling at me like that?)
Izumi: All right, if you insist. Try to catch up with us as quickly as you can once you find him, okay?
Azuma: Yes, ma'am.
Yuki: The Psycho Sleeper's all yours, Villager C.
Tsuzuru: Why am I in charge of him again?!
Azuma: Here are his marshmallows.
Tsuzuru: Haah... Stay strong, Tsuzuru... Those gift cards are waiting for you!
Tsuzuru: Hisoka, would you like a marshmallow?
Hisoka: Awmph. Om nom...
Izumi: I'll help too, Tsuzuru!
Banri: Let's get goin', then.
Yuki: Yeah. And just as one last reminder...
Yuki: Don't you dare get your costumes dirty!
Tsuzuru: Yes, sir...
Banri: Oh, shit. I think I just got some dirt on my sleeve.
Yuki: What'd you say?
Banri: I'll wash it out when we get back, all right?
Yuki: You'd better make sure to scrub the stain out, got it?
Banri: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, where are the others? They're taking forever.
Yuki: They'll catch up eventually. There's only one way down from here, so it's not like they'll get lost.
Yuki: Ugh, how are they so slow? Can't they just try a little harder?
Banri: Not like they can help it. They're not young like us. But, damn, I don't wanna grow up into adults like them.
Yuki: Me, neither.
Banri: You're pretty well put together, though, so it's not like we have to worry 'bout you or anything.
Banri: So whaddya wanna be in the future? A famous fashion designer or somethin', like Azuma said?
Yuki: ...
Banri: You okay?
Yuki: The way my school system works, I'll be automatically enrolled in St. Flora High without needing to take an entrance exam.
Yuki: That's great and all, but they don't offer fashion design courses. The thing is, I DO want to study fashion properly...
Yuki: There's only so much I can learn from self-study, after all. And I really want to try studying abroad, too.
Yuki: But St. Flora High follows a general curriculum, and they don't have study abroad programs for fashion design, either.
Banri: ...
Banri: Damn. You've been thinking real hard 'bout your future, haven't you?
Yuki: That's because my dream is to pursue fashion design...
Yuki: I'll probably just end up going to St. Flora High, but...
Yuki: I still want to study fashion design. I don't know if I should give up already...
Banri: I get where you're coming from.
Banri: But I don't think you need to force yourself to choose right now.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Banri: you're only in middle school, dude. You got plenty of time to think about your future and stuff. Like, friggin' years. So don't sweat it yet.
Yuki: But--
Banri: Hey, isn't that the finish line over there?
Yuki: Oh!