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Sakyo: I thought they'd immediately give me a risky job to punish me for being a cheeky fool, but my first gig was to babysit a brat. Not at all what I was expecting.
Sakyo: Hm. This isn't really a story to tell in public, is it?
Juza ...Nom nom.
Sakyo: Don't you think that's enough whipped cream? It's practically drowning in it.
Juza: S’cool.
Sakyo: ...Right.
Sakyo: Anyway, the boss said that after my mother's done for me, she deserved a new home, and I should be the one to buy for her.
Sakyo: I was barely 20 when he told me to do that, And I thought it was never going to happen. but he kept me well-paid, and I kept saving up for it.
Sakyo: It was a few years ago that I could finally afford to get her a newer, better home. But that was also when she got remarried.
Sakyo: Her new husband's an ordinary guy. An honest man. He had a child from a previous marriage, so now I have a sister who's much younger than me.
Sakyo: After marrying, Mother moved in with them.
Sakyo: They set up a room for me in case I ever wanted to move in with them, but I can't have them living with a member of the yakuza.
Sakyo: I’d hate for them to endure unwanted attention or rumors, so I’ve been keeping my distance.
Juza: ...
Sakyo: That apartment we were looking at is big enough for their family of three, and the security is top-notch.
Sakyo: It's close enough to the station so their commute wouldn’t be an issue, and there are plenty of colleges in the area for my sister to choose from in the future.
Sakyo: I thought with this I could finally do something for my mother, and show her new family my appreciation for taking such good care of her, one last time.
Juza: I think it's that ‘one last time’ part she didn't like.
Sakyo: What?
Juza: If you wanna show her your appreciation, you should just do what she said. Go see ‘em more.
Sakyo: Who knows what the neighbors will say if they saw a guy like me hanging around their house? My sister could get bullied over this.
Juza: Don't you think your stepdad prolly knew what he was gettin’ into when he married your mom? I mean, they even got a room ready for you to go home to.
Sakyo: ...
Juza: We... found out that you were looking for an apartment an’ we were real worried that you were plannin’ to leave the company.
Sakyo: How did you find out?
Juza: Uh...
Sakyo: Tell me. Now.
Juza: He didn't want us to sell him out...
Sakyo: Sakoda... He gonna regret this.
Juza: We've been really uneasy this whole week ‘cause you didn't tell us anythin’, and we couldn't ask you, either.
Sakyo: THIS is the reason why you lot have been acting like that? You've got to be shittin' me...
Juza: It was a big deal to us! The Autumn Troupe can't afford to lose you.
Sakyo: I figured you guys would be happy not getting yelled at me anymore if I left.
Juza: I mean... Settsu did mention somethin' like that.
Sakyo: He would, that bastard.
Sakyo: Well, I wouldn't be surprised if all of you thought the same.
Juza: ...Cut the crap!
Juza: Of course Settsu wasn't bein' serious! Can'y you get it in your head that you're important to people?
Sakyo: ...
Juza: It's not just the Autumn Troupe that accepts you. Your mom, stepdad, and stepsister do, too.
Juza: I ain't sure how to put it, but...
Juza: Isn't that what people call 'love' or somethin'?
Sakyo: Huh?
Sakyo: 'Love'...? I never thought I'd hear you say something sappy like that to me.
Juza: Never thought I would, either.
Sakyo: Well... Maybe you're right.
Juza: Hey.
Sakyo: We're home.
Izumi: Sakyo! Are you really moving out of the dorm?!
Sakyo: ...
Omi: H-hey, we said we were telling you everything in full confidence, didn't we?
Izumi: Even so, this is something we have to talk about together not keep secret!
Izumi: Why didn't you discuss this with me?! This isn't right!
Taichi: Sakyo! Please don't leave us! I'll be so sad if you do!
Sakyo: Dammit, I"m not even through the door yet.
Omi: I'm sorry. We found out about how you were looking at apartments and...
Omi: If there's something you do't like about living here, we promise we can work on it, so please--
Banri: It's like I told you before. I'm the leader of this troupe, so you gotta run things by me before you do it, a'ight?
Sakyo: I didn't think you of all people would try to stop someone from leaving the troupe. Didn't you do the same?
Banri: ...Listen, I ain't stopping you. Just sayin' you gotta at least talk 'bout these things.
Sakyo: Heh... Is this the 'love' you were talking about?
Juza: Isn't it?
Izumi: Huh?
Sakyo: Well... Since you all saw my portrait before, I guess there isn't anything I should feel embarrassed telling you guys now.
Sakyo: It's a long story, so get some tea ready or something. Damn, how bad is my luck today...?