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Captain Sky's Pirates
Izumi: Misumi, why didn't you invite Madoka to watch the play?
Misumi: He's always busy, and besides… Madoka’d get in trouble if he's caught seeing me.
Izumi: Oh…
Misumi: And instead of him coming to see me, I'll go and see him after our last show! Secretly,

of course.

Izumi: Sounds like a plan. But in order for you to do, we have to make sure our first show goes smoothly, okay?
Misumi: Okaaay!
Kazunari: C’mon, guys! It's huddle time!
Tenma: We're not doing a weird group call again, are we?
Muku: What's the word, Captain?
Misumi: Swords at th’ ready, men!
Tenma: …!
Kazunari: Aye aye, sir!
Misumi: Muku, you go here, and Tenma, over here… Yuki stand here, and Kaz, stay right here! Now point your swords forward!
Tenma: Are we doing this in character or not, dammit?!
Yuki: What’re we even doing?
Kazunari: Um... Making a square, I guess?
Misumi: Not just any square! if I put my sword down in the middle just like this...
Muku: Oh! You divided it into two triangles!
Izumi: (No matter how many times I see it happen, I don't think I'll ever get over how Misumi completely changes when he gets into character.)
Misumi: Aye! it's time to sail, me hearties!
Muku: Aye aye, sir!
Kazunari: Aye aye, sir!
Misumi: Weigh anchor, men! Let’s keep ‘er steady!
Paul: He has to be somewhere on this harbor! Find Black Beard and report back to me!
Naval Officers: Yes, sir!
Izumi: (The play begins at a seaside harbor...)
Informant: Sky, I've got me a bit o’ information ye’d be a fool not to take, and I’d be willin’ to share it with ye for just a few generous coins.
Sky: Aye, tryin’ to swindle me again, ye picaroon? The bigger fool I'd be to pay for information that not be worth anythin’, I’d say.
Informant: Then what say ye if I tell ye it could get ye a million dollars?
Sky: A MILLION? I say take these here coins an’ tell me quick, scoundrel!
Informant: Ye e’er heard of the pirate, Black Beard? He be havin’ a bounty on his head worth one million dollars, and they say he's hiding somewhere in this here harbor.
Izumi: (That's our nice and reliable Misumi! He's completely in character and not stumbling at all!)
Sky: Listen up, ye scurvy dogs! We be lookin’ fer Black Beard!
Henry: Cap’n, I heard about that rascal, but I hardly think he's worth our time!
Sky: Henry, ye damn fool! He’s worth a million dollars! How's that for ‘worth our time’?!
Sky: Aye, with that kind of money, we can e’en fix our broken mast an’ replace our sail with a nicely stitched one…
Jonny: C-Cap’n! We could do it! Got tears in me eyes!
Sky: Arr, ye got a good head on ye, Jonny, ye do!
Henry: All that blubberin’ an’ we nay e’en seen the scoundrel yet…
Izumi: (Their rapid-fire rapport is perfect, and Muku’s nice and relaxed, too! It's good to see all of them clearly enjoying this, as well.)
Izumi: (Considering the Summer Troupe’s usual daily banter, I shouldn’t be surprised at how natural and easy this is for them, though.)
Pirate A: Get ‘im! He ran o’er here!
Francoise: Ngh…
Sky: What's the rush for, lassie? Bein’ chased, are ye? If it be help you be needin’, I can lend ye a hand.
Francoise: …!
Pirate A: Where’d that damn Black Beard go?
Pirate B: Blast it! We lost ‘im!
Sky: Black Beard…?
Francoise: I’ll be takin’ my leave now, if you’ll excuse me.
Sky: Hold on, lil’ lassie. You’re not the scoundrel we be lookin’ fer, be ye?
Francoise: Of course not! Ye can tell by lookin’ at me that I’m no pirate!
Sky: Arr, that be true. It be a lad an' not a lassie we be lookin' fer, anyway.
Henry: Cap'n, this scoundrel's holdin' onto a fake black beard.
Francoise: Wh-where did YOU come from?!
Sky: Blimey! Then ye really be Black Beard!
Francoise: ...!
Sky: Avast!
Francoise: Let me go!
Sky: Arr, tryin' to escape now, are ye, lassie? Those hands o' yers be stainin' redder by the second!
Jonny: Ye did it, Cap'n!
Henry: Heh. Ye must be really nothin' but a small fry fer us to snare you as easy as this, lass.
Francoise: Release me at once!
Francoise: You'd regret turnin' me in! One million dollars is nothin' compared to the mountain of treasure I could lead you to if you took me on as a crew member!
Sky Treasure, say ye? And how much be this mountain of treasure worth?
Francoise: It would easily fetch ya four million dollars, by my guess.
Sky: Welcome to th' crew, lassie!
Francoise: Glad to be part of your ship, Cap'n. The name's Francoise.
Sky: Hehe! Four million dollars! We shan't be wantin' for naught with that amount of booty!
Henry: Arr, speak of a pretty coin, and Cap'n loses his head again...
Jonny: Aye, and yet our pocket's are as empty as e'er...
Henry: Rest easy, mate. They DO say slow an' steady wins the race. ...Real slow.
Sky: Arr, watch yer, tongues, scallywags! Who ye be callin' slow?!
Henry: Can we be sure this wee runt truly be Black Beard?
Francoise: Even the lowliest deck swab can still hoist th' main sheet! 'Sides, yer 'ardly a giant yerself!
Henry: As the navigator of this here ship, all I'll be needin' is me brains, not me brawn.
Francoise:  Hmm. I have the oddest feeling that I've seen you somewhere before...
Henry: Yet I have nary a memory of you, lass.
Sky: Tighten the sails! Anchors aweigh and keep 'er steady!
Izumi: (And so Black Beard Francoise joins Sky's pirate crew.)
Francoise: Heh! I can't believe the cap'n was stupid enough to trust me! Stealin' their gold will be as easy as taking candy from a babe!
Henry Aye, I agree with you that our cap'n be a fool, but ye nay be taking our gold'n escapin' into the night, lass.
Francoise: What?! How're you still awake?! I was sure I had mixed the sleepin' medicine into all the food...!
Henry: And I saw ye do it, lil' lassie.
Francoise: B-but everyone else is sleepin'! Even the captain!
Henry: Aye, because they all be damned fools, e'ry last one o' 'em.
Izumi: (Watching Muku and Yuki circle around each other here really shows how much Muku has grown.)
Izumi: (These kinds of quick-witted exchanges are Yuki's forte, but the fact that Muku isn't losing out on the pacing is beautiful.)
Francoise: W-well! I could take someone like you on, any day!
Francoise: Ack! Ow, ow, ow!
Henry: What was that ye be sayin' now?
Francoise: I'm sorry! I give, I give!
Henry: I be warnin' hey how, but this ship an' crew be poor as anythin'. Ye'd be hard-pressed to find an escape boat out o' here, much less any booty.
Francoise: What?!
Henry: Yer plenty welcome to try an' swim ashore, though.
Francoise: Blimey... There's no way to escape?
Henry: Aye that be the long an' short of it. So ye best be keepin' yer promise and lead us right to that treasure o' yers.
Izumi: (With that little scuffle resolved, Black Beard and Sky's crew forge on ahead, completely unaware that they are being pursued.)
Paul: That's the ship Black Beard boarded. I want all hands on deck and at the ready! Full speed ahead!