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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: MANKAI theater - Backstage. Afternoon. 'Alex in Wonderland' costumes
Izumi: All right, today's the start of the last half of our performances. Let's keep working hard till closing night!
Sakuya: You got it!
Tsuzuru: Yeah!
Masumi: Can I say something?
Izumi: Hm?
Masumi: The Mad Hatter's lines are tedious and hard to understand and go on for way too long.
Masumi: The Chesire Cat is way too energetic, and sometimes it makes him stand out in a bad way.
Masumi: The White Rabbit doesn't seem to be in a hurry at all, which makes the whole scene drag.
Masumi: The King of Hearts needs to come upstage more or else he gets lost in the crowd.
Sakuya: What?!
Tsuzuru: You're gonna say all of that right before we go on?
Itaru: Yeah, might be cool to say that sooner than later.
Citron: But this is so like Masumi...
Tsuzuru: You're right. Totally something he'd do.
Sakuya: We'll try harder, Masumi.
Izumi: (Wow. Masumi seems to be right back to his old self again.)
Masumi: ...That good?
Izumi: Yeah, it was all good advice. Timing aside, it was the right call to make as leader.
Masumi: Good.
Izumi: Now it's all up to you and Itaru.
Itaru: Don't worry, we'll just go with the flow and do it our own way. It's all good.
Izumi: (Itaru seems different, too. Less stressed, maybe?)
PA system: *Buzzz* (Curtain call)
Masumi: It's about to start.
Itaru: Let's go.
SCENE CUT: Mankai theater - Stage (School courtyard with a large tree, daytime).
Izumi: (First is the scene between Alex and the professor.)
Izumi: (The professor lectures Alex for thinking that hanging out with his friends is a waste of time. This part is important because it ties in into the final scene.)
Professor (Itaru): Alex, say there is a treasure of gold that only your friends can see, but it is invisible to you.
Professor: What could it be?
Alex (Masumi): If we think about it logically, Professor, a situation like that could never exist in reality. Therefore, the only conclusion is that it is a dream. Are we done now?
Izumi: (...Huh.)
Professor: Ah, excuse me- perhaps that was too simple. Then what seperates dreams from reality?
Alex: .....
Professor: Alex, what you have in intelligence, you lack in imagination. Here, try drinking this.
Alex: And this is?
Professor: Plain black tea. A balm for the mind. Perhaps it will help loosen up your rigid way of thinking.
Alex: I doubt it, but I suppose I'll take your word for it. I know you're not gonna let me leave till I drink it, anyway...
Izumi: (I can't believe it. Masumi is ad libbing!)
Professor: You're a tough one, as usual.
Izumi: (Itaru looks like he's having fun, and the're both acting more like themselves. This is already worlds different than before!)
SCENE CUT Alex falls asleep. Alex' costume changes from modern to Wonderland.
Izumi: (After Alex drinks the professor's tea, he falls asleep and meets the White Rabbit...)
White Rabbit (Tsuzuru): Oh dear, I'm running late! I must hurry!
Alex: Why are you dressed up like a rabbit? You a mascot or something? This is a school, not an amusement park.
Alex: Aren't you emberrassed, being in a bunny suit at that age?
White Rabbit: S-Shut up! You've just made an enemy out of me and all my kin!
Izumi: Pfft...
Izumi: (That ad lib was basically their conversation when they first saw the costumes.)
White Rabbit: What, are you claiming that you're dressed up like a college student, then? You certainly don't look like one to me!
Izumi: (As he's arguing with the White Rabbit, Alex falls into the hole into Wonderland...)
SCENE CUT: Stage changes to Wonderland forest.
Alex: A situation like this could never exist in reality. The only conclusion would be... that I'm dreaming?
White Rabbit: Whoa! You sure you want to sit there?
White Rabbit: Now what am I to do? I'm busy enough without having to babysit you!
White Rabbit: ...But I suppose I am to blame for getting you in this mess. Come on, then. I'll show you the way.
Alex: Damn right your will! This is all your fault!
White Rabbit: My! Aren't you an arrogant one!
Izumi: (The White Rabbit leads Alex to the Chesire Cat...)
Chesire Cat (Sakuya): Hey, that's my favorite napping spot. Think you could move?
Alex: First it was a rabbit, now a catboy? Have you no shame?
Chesire Cat: And I was just getting used to the ears and the tail, too... Does it look that bad?
Audience Member 1: Pfft. That part wasn't in there before!
Audience Member 2: Maybe they're ad libbing!
Izumi: (That's my Spring Troupe! They're acting just like they always do.)
Alex: This dream is giving me a headache.
Chesire Cat: Seems to me like you're the one dreaming, though.
Chesire Cat: If you wanna wake up, you'd be better off finding what you really need to do instead of taking a cat nap here.
Chesire Cat: Go see the Mad Hatter. I'm sure his tea party will wake you right up.
Alex: Tea again? Doesn't anyone here do anything other than laze around?
Chesire Cat: Yaaawn. Nighty-night.
Alex: .....
Audience Member 1: They're ad libbing a lot today.
Audience Member 2: It's funny.
Izumi: (I guess I can relax now that they're in the swing of things.)
Izumi: (The roles were written for them, but what really shines is their relationships and trust in each other.)
Izumi: (The audience's reaction is totally different that on opening night, too. I think this could actually work!)