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Izumi: Today's the day, everyone!
Kazunari: Whoa, look at all these troupes in costume! This is totes beyond wild!
Omi: I'm definitely not used to seeing Veludo Way like this. It's so different from how it usually is.
Izumi: You all have such a different feel going on with all your wonderful costumes, too!
Taichi: Hehe, you think so? Your outfit's really cute as well, Izumi!
Kazunari: Agreed! All right, I'm gonna make sure my acting and photo skills are on point today!
Tsuzuru: Sounds like your Instablam followers are going to be flooded...
Tasuku: That's the special Halloween stage. It'll be the main venue for today's event.
Azuma: Wow, it's pretty big. 
Tasuku: The winners will get to perform on it. It's the highlight of the contest, and a lot of people will be here to watch them.
Taichi: ...
Tsuzuru: I guess we should split into our pairs now.
Izumi: Yup! Good luck, everyone. I'll be walking around to check in on you all.
Kazunari: Gotcha! Let's grab that candy and get this party going, people! 
Taichi: Yeah!
Omi: Let's do our best.
Azuma: See you all later.
Kazunari: Grr! Brace yourself, 'cause I'm gonna eat you up!
Azuma: Oh my, what an adorable puppy.
Kazunari: An adorable puppy? Please. Have you seen these pointy fangs and sharp claws?
Azuma: You don't have to be so angry. Come. Why don't you lend your ears to this demon for a bit?
Azuma: You actually just crave affection, don't you? Come here, I'll pet you.
Kazunari: Yes, that's right... I love fetching balls, eating snacks, and being petted...
Azuma: Hehehe, that's a good boy.
Kazunari: Arf! Awooo!
Kazunari: Huh?! W-what did I just say...?!
Audience Member A: Ahaha! That werewolf's super cute!
Audience Member B: And the guy playing the demon is so sexy!
Kazunari: Thanks! Trick or treat!
Audience Member B: Aaah, oh my god! U-um, here you go!
Audience Member A: We're rooting for you!
Azuma: Hehe, thank you.
Kazunari: Please support the Mankai Company!
Taichi: Here we go!
Tasuku: You got it! I'm right behind you!
Audience Member: They're so cool!
Taichi: Thanks so much!
Tasuku: Not bad. We've been getting quite a good amount of candy.
Omi: Thank you very much.
Audience Member C: Both of your acting was amazing! 
Audience Member B: You look great in those costumes, too. Please take this candy!
Tsuzuru: Thank you!
Omi: I'm glad they enjoyed our performance.
Tsuzuru: Yeah. I'm pretty relieved. I still can't believe there are so many people and troupes here.
Omi: Me neither. Where should we head next?
???: Hey! You two mummies over there!
Omi: Hm?
Tsuzuru: Do they mean us?
Young Actor: Yeah, you two! Looks like you have a lot of candy there! Now's our chance to steal it all from you!
Wanda: I'm Puck Wanda from the Bad Boys Troupe, and I challenge you to an improv battle for all your candy!