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Tsumugi:Hey, Tasuku. I've always thought so, but doesn't Sakyo have really nice handwriting?
Tasuku:Does he?
Tsumugi:Take a look at this.
Tasuku:Oh, you're right. Actually, this is the first time I've seen his writing.
Tasuku:Yeah. Anyway, do you already know what you're going to write?
Tsumugi:Mm-hm. I'm planning to put these pressed flowers in with my message, too.
Tasuku:It must be nice to be so artsy.
Tsumugi:Have you decided what to write?
Tasuku:I'm no good at thinking things up for these things.
Tsumugi:This reminds me when we had to turn in yearbook messages in elementary school. Someone from the student council kept coming to bug you to turn yours in.
Tasuku:It's not my fault I never know what to write.
Tsumugi:And in the end, you only wrote one sentence. If I remembered correctly, it was just "Thank you", right?
Tasuku:Hey, forget about me and focus on your message.
Tsumugi:Hehe. I'm on it
(How has it already been a year since I joined the Mankai Company? It feels like just yesterday...)
(I joined so I could act again but ended up running into Tasuku... That was a really awkward and painful reunion honestly...)
(Back then, I never would've believed we'd be able to act together like we used to.)
(It was a shock and a lot of pressure when our first performance ended up being an act-off with the God Troupe...)
(But that experience helped me affirm my desire to put everything I've got into theater...)

Izumi:Are you tense or nervous?
Tsumugi:I guess I AM pretty tense.
But I want to be here. That's all I'm thinking about right now.

Tsumugi:(As I told Izumi that, all of my uncertainty dissapeared.)
(I won't let my feelings waver anymore, and I'll never let go of this chance I've been given. No matter what happens, I'll keep getting on the stage.)
"I was able to find my way back on stage because of your help. Thank you so much."
"I won't shy away and will continue to act from now on, too."
...There we go.
Tasuku:You're done already?
Tsumugi:Yup. Here you go.
Tasuku:...That wasn't enough for me to brainstorm.
Tsumugi:(I'm so glad I'll get to continue performing with Tasuku and the rest of the Winter Troupe!)
(Having to write my message right after Tsumugi's is going to make my page loo even more depressing... What should I do?)
(Writing a message for Izumi... Talk about easier said than done.)
(But I mean, of course I'm grateful for her. Her passion towards theater always drives me to strive to improve my acting as well.)
(I only chose to audition for the Mankai Company because nowhere else would take me in, but I'm glad things worked out this way.)
(Compared to my time at the God Troupe, I'm able to freely express my opinions and act the way I want to here.)
(The God Troupe's hierarchical structure was stifling, and no one dared challenge Mr. Kamikizaka.)
(The only roles I was given were princely characters, too.)
(I gained a lot of female fans because of that, but it was really hard on me.)
(I've never been good at dealing with women, so interacting with those fans stressed me out a lot.)
(Thinking back now makes me realize how easy it is to talk with Izumi. Even if we have differing opinions on acting, we aren't afraid to share them.)
(She never shies away from anything.)

Tasuku:I knew Tsumugi was acting funny after the God Troupe audition, but I couldn't say anything to him.
Anything I said would come out as bragging since I passed and he didn't. I didn't have the heart to speak up.
And then Tsumugi went on to quit theater, and I beat myself up for never talking to him.
But I couldn't bear to face that regret. All I could do was lash out at Tsumugi for being a quitter.
Izumi:If you regretted it once, you should know better than to do the same thing again.
Izumi:You couldn't talk to him then, but you certainly can now.
Don't let there be any room for more regrets.

Tasuku:(If Izumi hadn't encouraged me back then, I don't think I would've been able to make amends with Tsumugi.)
(And if we hadn't been able to air things out and pull ourselves together as a troupe, we probably would've lost the act-off with the God Troupe, too.)
(Everything worked out because of Izumi...)
(It's not just rehersals she helps us out with. Izumi's overall impact on this troupe is huge.)
"Let's have a great second year, too. - Tasuku Takato"
Tsumugi:You done?
Tsumugi:Let me see.
Oh. You wrote something longer than what you did for our elementary school yearbook.
Tasuku:What are you grinning about?
Tsumugi:Nothing. I was just thinking how it's so like you to keep things nice and simple.
Tasuku:Ler's give this to the other guys.
Tsumugi:Wait a sec.


DM icon Tsumugi.png
Homare, Hisoka, are you in your room?


DM icon Hisoka.png
Yeah. Just woke up. Arisu's not here.


DM icon Tsumugi.png
We're done with the message book, so we'll bring it to you now.


DM icon Hisoka.png

Tsumugi:Hisoka's in their room. Let's go.

Tsumugi:Oh, it's Tetsuro.
Tasuku:That's strange. We're not getting ready for a performance or anything, so what's he doing here?
Tasuku:Are you here to see Izumi or Matsukawa?
Tsumugi:Oh, there he goes...
Tasuku:What was that about...?
Tsumugi:Um, I'm not sure... I couldn't tell what he was trying to say...

Chapter 6 - 3 Cheers for Mankai Company!
[Tasuku and Tsumugi's Room]
[Flashback end]
[Flashback end]
[Scene change: Living Room]
[To be continued...]
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