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Izumi: Now, look! We've been abandoned by everyone and--!
Itaru: No, seriously just give us an sc. We're almost done with this quest.
Banri: Why don't you sit down with us? We'll catch up with the rest of 'em, no problem.
Izumi: Sigh...
Itaru: Hey, stop screwing around, Banri. are you even trying?
Banri: Don't blame me. You sure it's not just that your character's super weak?
Izumi: ...
Itaru: Oh? Izumi, you're doing an impressive impression of a pufferfish.
Banri: Aw, don't pout.
Izumi: Hmph! Whose fault do you think it is that I'm pouting.
Banri: Haha. Our bad.
Itaru: Okay, quest done. Let's go, Izumi. No hard feelings, right?
Izumi: I'm not falling for that look, so give it up.
Banri: Whoops. Looks like Izumi's got full immunity against your businessman facade.
Itaru: Damn. I was sure it would work, too.
Izumi: Come on! The others are probably leagues ahead already!
Itaru: All right, all right. Let's go.
Tsuzuru: Oh, you guys caught up!
Itaru: Hngh... Finally...
Yuki: That took forever. I bet I could've rolled here faster than you guys.
Izumi: Sorry, these two wouldn't get going, no matter what...
Tsuzuru: No worries. I'm just glad we all managed to meet up again.
Azuma: Hmm, our path is becoming wilder by the second, though.
Yuki: It feels like we're really up in the mountains now. I hope our costumes won't get ruined...
Izumi: We should be not the right path, though, according to the map.
Banri: Man, they call this thing a 'night walk'? It's more of a 'night hike' if you ask me...
Itaru: No one told me there'd be hiking. I already hated the idea of walking. Tsuzuru, can you carry me, too?
Tsuzuru: Absolutely not! There's no way I can carry two people at once!
Itaru: Well, I tried. Banri, you up for the task?
Banri: Hell no.
Izumi: Yay! We did it! We won the second battle, too!
Azuma: Hehe. Thank goodness.
Staff Member: It's an overwhelming victory for the Mankai Company's A Team! According to the latest updates from HQ...
Staff Member: Oh! It looks like they're currently in first place overall! Will they be able to keep this streak up and run away with the win?
Banri: Guess victory's in the bag for us.
Hisoka: So sleepy...
Azuma: I'm so glad you woke up for us, Hisoka. There, there. You did very well.
Tsuzuru: Thank goodness we didn't use all our marshmallows to wake him up. My hard work carrying him wasn't all in vain...
Itaru: With the number of points we have now, I bet we could win for sure.
Izumi: Yep! All we have to do now is make our way to the finish line!
Yuki: Just a little more to go, huh?
Hisoka: Zzz...
Yuki: And he's out like a light again.
Banri: Damn, it's already this late? Didn't even realize it.
Itaru: No wonder I"m so exhausted.
Azuma: Since the goal line is just a short walk from here, why don't we take a quick break?
Izumi: Sure. I'm getting kind of hungry, too, actually. Hm? Tsuzuru, your legs look like they have red spots on them.
Tsuzuru: Whoa, you're right. Ugh, no wonder they've been so itchy...
Yuki: Looks like the bugs really went for you since your legs are exposed in that costume.
Tsuzuru: Speak for yourself. You have shorts on, too. Haven’t you been bitten?
Yuki: Nope. I put on bug spray before coming out.
Tsuzuru: Wish I had thought of that…
Itaru: Time to take a sneak peek at my rank and… Huh? There's no signal at all?!
Banri: I’m not surprised. We ARE smack dab in the middle of the mountains.
Izumi: We're almost at the finish line, everyone!
Tsuzuru: We still have some marshmallows left, so we can lead Hisoka with them, no probl--
Yuki: Hey… Where’s the Elite Swindler?
Izumi: Huh?
Azuma: Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen him in a while.
Banri: He wasn't around while we were on break, either.
Izumi: Not again!