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Captain Sky's Pirates
Yuzo: Hey, I heard you guys found that treasure box of Hakkaku's.
Izumi: Yuzo, you came!
Yuzo: Of course I did. I helped you guys find that thing, after all. I have just as much, if not more of a right to see what's in it as anyone else.
Yuki: You sure like tooting your own horn, don't you?
Izumi: I'm kinda scared to see what's in it, actually. What if it's another map?
Tenma: Don't jinx it!
KazunarI: Hurry, Sumi! Open it!
Muku: Please do!
Misumi: Here goes!
Misumi: ...!
Tenma: What is that thing?
Yuzo: It's a tape recorder.
Yuki: Does it still work?
Kazunari: Hmm, looks like it runs on batteries! It'll probably start up once we swap some new ones in it!
Muku: I'll ask Matsukawa if we have any of the right size!
Kazunari: All right, fam! Are you ready for the big moment of truth? Here we go!
Actor A: ...Weigh anchor an' hoist the mizzen!
Actor A: Git yerselves ready, scurvy dogs! We be settin' sail!
Actor B: Aye! Thar be no better home for us pirates than the bless'd sea, I say! No rules to bind us, yea, no land to keep us still!
Actor C: You're standing in the wrong spot!
Actor B: Huh?!
Actor D: Ahahaha! Don't sweat it! There aren't any rules binding him to the stage blocking!
Actor C: Come on! Be serious about this!
Izumi: Is this a recording of a rehearsal or something?
Yuzo: ...Yeah. it's from one of the original Summer Troupe’s practices.
Tenma: They sound like they're doing a play about pirates, too.
Kazunari: Shh.
Hakkaku: Ahem. Test, test.today is July 6, and the weather is clear. We just finished blocking rehearsal.
Misumi: It's Gramps…!
Hakkaku: Thanks to the others, I’m in a good mood tonight, so I decided to put this little treasure hunt together.
Hakkaku: You're a right fool to have gone on this wild-goose chase, but I guess I should congratulate you on getting this far.
Misumi: Gramps…
Hakkaku: For a humble man who lived in a deserted seaside village, tucked in a far corner of the vast, vast world, this is the man's greatest treasure.
Hakkaku: To be able to see the best performance made with the best friends anyone could ask for... Indeed, true friends are worth more than any treasure in this world.
Yuzo: ‘Treasure,’ huh, Hakkaku? You old, old fool…
Misumi: The best performances made with the best friends anyone could ask for...
*start flashback*
Hakkaku: Acting is a lot of fun, you know. You should try it out someday, Misumi.
Hakkaku: And when you do start acting... I want you to show me the best performance you can make with the best friends you have.
*end flashback*
Misumi: ...I remember now.
Izumi: Hm? You mean, you remember Hakkaku’s face?
Misumi: Uh-huh! I can remember everything! I can remember his face and what he told me!
Tenma: Looks like you're finally back to your normal self.
Yuki: Took you long enough.
Muku: Congratulations, Misumi!
Kazunari: Wait, there's something else in this box.
Yuki: An envelope?
Kazunari: There's a photograph inside it!
Izumi: Dad…
Yuzo: That's the whole crew from the original Mankai Company. Now when the hell did we take somethin’ like this together?
Misumi: Look! This is Gramps! see how his face is a triangle?
Tenma: Literally what part of it do you mean?!
Yuki: So whether or not you remembered what he looked like, you were still going to draw him as a triangle?
Muku: Everyone looks so happy here…
Izumi: Yeah. They sounded like they were having a lot of fun in the recording, too.
Yuzo: In order to make the audience enjoy themselves, you must first enjoy your own work. That was our motto back then.
Tenma: If we’re not having fun doing what we do, then the audience won't either, huh?
Muku: I want to enjoy myself, too, just like the original Summer Troupe did.
Misumi: Mm-hm. I wanna show everyone the best performance we can!
Yuzo: Then hurry up and get rehearsin’! Lucky for you, I'm here, so I'll help whip you all into shape.
Yuki: Man…
Kazunari: We're starting right now?! Oh man, talk about being hyped, Yuzo!
Muku: I'm ready for anything!
Tenma: Come on! Let's get to the training room!
Izumi: All right, guys! Let's put on a performance so good, it'll blow their original Summer Troupe’s play out of the water!
Misumi: Yeah!
Muku: Okay!
Izumi: Oops, I'd better put this photograph back into the box so we don't lose it.
Yuzo: That photograph really does take me back, though. Back then, he was still…
Izumi: Hm? Who was still…?
Yuzo: It's nothing. Forget about it.