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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: Arcade - Inside. Afternoon. Work clothing/School Uniform
Video Game: Fight!!.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: Since it's your first time, just try out the buttons.
Masumi: ...
Itaru: Oh, nice. Just like that.
Masumi: So this thing ends when I empty your gauge?
Itaru: Yep. That means you win.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: Crap, you caught on fast. Damn, I'm dying here.
Masumi: Good.
Itaru: ...Guess it's time to get to business.
Masumi: !?
Itaru: Right, a grab, followed by a cheap combo on repeat with a nice finisher to round things out.
Masumi: .....!
Itaru: Hahaha, I'm not done.
Masumi: ...What's going on? I can't move.
Itaru: Watch my A-class trow tech and weep.
Masumi: .....
Video Game: YOU WIN!
Itaru: Hell yeah I did.
Masumi: Can we go home yet?
Itaru: One more round.
Masumi: Why?
Itaru: Cuz I already put the coin in.
Masumi: .....
SCENE CUT: Nine round later.
Video Game: YOU WIN!.
Itaru: 10 wins in a row! Epic.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: Man, kicking your ass felt great.
Masumi: I thought you were supposed to be a grown-up. Why are you so damn immature.
Itaru: Immature? Okay, then, why don't you tell me how you think a grown-up should act?
Masumi: 1, Independent. 2, Tolerant. 3, Self-controlled. 4, Calm. 5, Generous
Itaru: What was that list all about?
Masumi: Read it in a book.
Itaru: What are you, a monk?
Masumi: I'm gonna be all of those things when I'm an adult.
Itaru: Just so you know, turning twenty doesn't magically change a person into some mature adult. I'm proof of that.
Masumi: ...True.
Itaru: It's fine to become whatever you want, but there's no rush. Hell, you don't have to change yourself at all if you don't want to.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: I get it, you wanna change yourself for Izumi, right?
Masumi: ...None of your business.
Itaru: Listen, man. Let's just say you followed those five steps and Izumi fell for you.
Itaru: Do you really think you could put up a front forever?
Itaru: Think you can keep it up 24-7, 365 days a year? At some point you'll crack. I'm proof of that, too.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: You wanna be with her forever, right? Just her liking you temporarily isn't enough, yeah?
Masumi: ...Yeah.
Itaru: So you'll admit that, huh?
Itaru: ...You know, I'm jealous. I wish I could be more open like you.
Masumi: So why don't you? When'd you start being so fake to begin with?
Itaru: Yeah, well... I went through some stuff when I was your age.
Masumi: Sounds long and depressing so you can stop right there. Don't care.
Itaru: Wow, talk about blunt. You don't give a damn about me, do you?
Masumi: Nope.
Itaru: Geez...
Masumi: ...I'm not gonna make the same mistakes you made.
Itaru: Really now. Good luck with that.
Masumi: I don't need you to tell me that.
Itaru: You're a real charmer, you know that?
Itaru: ...Well, I'm in a good mood so we might as well head back.
SCENE CHANGE: Itaru's car - Front seats. Nighttime. Work clothing/School Uniform.
Masumi: I'm tired.
Itaru: That was some pretty good stress relief.
Masumi: Made me more stressed.
Itaru: Think of it as a lesson in a new method of communication.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: ...But seriously, what am I even doing? This isn't like me. Bet he'd just laugh if he saw me now.
Masumi: .....?
Itaru: But whatever. Guess we'll just keep going like this, huh?
Masumi: You're really self-absorbed.
Itaru: Man, you really have it out for me.