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Taichi: You know how I never got to participate in Halloween on Veludo?
Taichi: Like Matsukawa said, its a huge event, and a ton of people will be watching us, especially those within the theater industry.
Taichi: That's why the God Troupe only sends out their best every year.
Taichi: It's also the reason why their members all dream of taking part in this completion.
Taichi: I never passed the auditions for it.
Taichi: But since Tasuku was the top star of the God Troupe, he got to participate in it every year. 
Taichi: And then he'd win and perform on that huge, special stage. I really admired him for being able to do that.
Taichi: The costume for the top actor among the God Troupe's chosen members was determined for them by tradition.
Taichi: It was a wizard costume, and Tasuku would always be the one to wear it.
Omi: Is that why you chose to dress up as a wizard?
Taichi: Yeah... I was too embarrassed to say why I wanted to at the time, though.
Taichi: The supporting lead from the selected group also had their outfit picked out for them. 
Taichi: They would have to wear a werewolf costume.
Omi: Huh?!
*start flashback*
Tasuku: What the hell are you trying to pull, Nanao?
Taichi: ...
Tasuku: Why'd you decide on that of all things?
Taichi: I know you don't have good memories of it, Tasuku... But I've always dreamed of wearing that costume.
Taichi: I want to wear that outfit and perform like I never got to when I was still in the God Troupe! 
Tasuku: ...!
Taichi: I know that I'm asking fr a lot.
Taichi: But I'm not the same, hopeless guy I was back then. 
Taichi: Ever since coming to the Mankai Company, my acting and attitude have changed. 
Taichi: So, I...!
Tasuku: I get it now.
Taichi: Tasuku?
Tasuku: I've made up my mind. I'll be the werewolf to your wizard.
*end flashback*
Taichi: Tasuku understood how I felt.
Taichi: He said he'd perform alongside me as my werewolf, so I really don't want to drag him down.
Taichi: I have to do whatever it takes to wear that wizard outfit and perform on the stage I've always dreamed about!
Omi: So that's what's been going on.
Omi: All right. In that case, you have my full support.
Taichi: Omi...
Omi: Just be careful not to overwork yourself, okay?
Taichi: I won't! Thanks, Omi!