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Hisoka: Zzz…
Azuma: ...Oh?
Azuma: What brings you here, Hisoka?
Hisoka: ...Mm.
Azuma: I don't have any marshmallows here.
Hisoka: ...You looked sad.
Hisoka: ...Have some marshmallows. It’s a value pack, though.
Azuma: ...Thank you.
Hisoka: ...Nom, nom.
Azuma: These are pretty hard.
Hisoka: ...Yeah. Arisu’s a cheapskate.
Azuma: Hehe. I'll buy some tastier ones for you next time.
Izumi: (There’s not much time left until opening day… Ticket sales have gone through the roof. Now all that's left is to wrap up some loose ends for the play.)
Izumi: (Not that there’s anything wrong with it the way it is now, but I know the Winter Troupe can bring even more to the table…)
Tasuku: Izumi.
Izumi: Hey Tasuku, what’s up?
Tasuku: Do you have extra copies of the script?
Izumi: I do. I can grab one for you later.
Tasuku: Thanks.
Izumi: How’d things go with Azuma?
Tasuku: I tried talking to him, but he wouldn't budge.
Tasuku: I probably could have been a bit more assertive, I couldn’t help but remember what happened when we tried doing that during our first show as a troupe.
Izumi: Things did get really messy back…
Tasuku: If I misspeak again, he might just clam up and never tell us what's wrong.
Tasuku: I know there are some things I have to put clearly into words for others to understand, but... I guess I haven't matured much at all…
Izumi: That's not true. You've changed a lot, Tasuku.
Izumi: You trying to help Azuma out like this is more than enough proof of that.
Izumi: You're facing the situation head-on already. You just need to keep at it a little more.
Tasuku: Yeah. I guess you're right.
Izumi: You don't have to say anything groundbreaking. Sometimes, people just want someone there by them for the company.
Izumi: I'm sure that's how Azuma feels now, just like Tsumugi did back then.
Tasuku: ...All right, I'll see what I can do.
Izumi: Hm?
Tasuku: Seems like we have a visitor.
Izumi: Hello.
Asajo: I’m sorry for coming here so late at night. My name is Asajo. Is Azuma Yukishiro here?
Izumi: Azuma?
Tasuku: I think he's out at the moment.
Asajo: Really? That's too bad…
Izumi: (‘Asajo’... what an interesting name. She's so refined, too. Is she one of Azuma’s former clients?)
Homare: I have returned.
Izumi: Oh, welcome home.
Homare: Oh?
Asajo: Oh, hello, Mr. Arisugawa.
Tasuku: You two know each other?
Homare: Yes, she is part of the publishing company that I work with.
Homare: However, it is not as though I have had the chance to work directly with her, as she is one of the executives.
Izumi: (So she's at the top of a publishing company, and she knows Azuma...? she's rather tall, too.)
Izumi: Oh! are you by chance the Long-Legged Witch?
Asajo: Did you hear about me from Azuma? Hehe. It’s a tad embarrassing to be called that in person.
Homare: What brings you here today?
Asajo: I happened to be in the area, so I came by to see Azuma.
Izumi: Would you like me to get in touch with him?
Asajo: No, that's all right. I’ll see him back at the apartment, I'm sure.
Izumi: (The apartment…?)
Asajo: I'll be on my way, then.
Izumi: W-wait a moment, please! what do you mean by ‘the apartment’?
Asajo: Oh, he hasn’t told you?
Asajo: My family has been in the real estate business for generations, you see.
Asajo: I had one of the units in my apartment buildings set aside for him for a while now, but he's only recently started coming back to stay over.
Izumi: (So that's where he's been going to at night. But why…?)
Tasuku: Could you please give us the address to that building?
Asajo: I'm not sure it would be appropriate for me to tell you…
Tasuku: Please.
Izumi: We’d really appreciate it!
Asajo: Azuma’s been enjoying himself so much ever since joining your troupe... I'm happy he's finally found a place where he can feel at home.
Asajo: Come with me. I'll take you there.