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Kind-Looking Woman: Oh, hello. You must be the friend Sakyo told me about.
Juza: I... Uh...
Sakyo: Nope. This isn't him.
Real Estate Agent: Ah! A friend of the family? Would you like to come see the room, as well?
Juza: Uh.. No thanks, I'm--
Kind-Looking Woman: I'm sorry, but I'll have to decline your offer on this apartment.
Real Estate Agent: I-I'm sorry?
Sakyo: What are you saying, Mother?
Juza: ('Mother'...?)
Real Estate Agent: But ma'am, there aren't that many locations like this at such a great value!
Real Estate Agent: Mr. Furuichi seems happy with it, too. Why not stop by the office to--
Sakyo's Mother: I'm sorry, but I'm just not in the market to buy a new home.
Real Estate Agent: Uh... Er...
Sakyo's Mother: Now, if you'll excuse me.
Sakyo: Mother...
Juza: ...
Sakyo's Mother: Your name is Hyodo, correct? Would you like to join us for some tea?
Juza: ...
Sakyo: ...
Juza: (...How did I end up here?)
Sakyo's Mother: Are you hungry at all? Go ahead and order whatever you’d like.
Juza: Huh...?
Sakyo's Mother: The menu says the pancakes are their best-seller here. Hm... What do you think? Oh, perhaps you're not a fan a sweets?
Juza: Uh, well, I--
Sakyo: Please, Mother. He eats likes a horse. Don't offer him food.
Sakyo's Mother: Does he? Well, no matter. Let's just order something.
Juza: ...
Sakyo: Ugh...
Juza: ...
Sakyo's Mother: So, Hyodo. How do you know my Sakyo?
Juza: You can just call me 'Juza', ma'am. Sakyo n' I are in the same theater troupe. This is the play we're puttin' on next.
Sakyo's Mother: Oh, my!
Sakyo: Hey, don't go handing flyers to my mother without my--
Sakyo's Mother: Honey, you're starring in this one?! Why didn't you tell me?
Sakyo's Mother: Juza, are you a lead, as well? My... So you're in a theater troupe together, you say?
Sakyo's Mother: Sakyo hasn't told me anything about joining a troupe or the fact that he'll be in a play. I had no idea!
Juza: He's gonna be playin' a tough yakuza member this time, an' he really suits the role. He's puttin' his all into it, so you should come watch the performance.
Sakyo's Mother: Is that so? Then I'll definitely be there!
Sakyo: Don't.
Sakyo's Mother: Juza was the one that invited me. I don't think you get to tell me not to go.
Sakyo: ...
Sakyo: Anyway. Why did you turn down that apartment? Did you not like it?
Sakyo's Mother: It was nice. But like I said, I'm not in the market to move right now.
Sakyo: Look, I'd be the one buying it, so--
Sakyo's Mother: I'm not going to have my son spend so much money on me. Even if the building's a bit old, I'm very content with where I live now.
Sakyo: Won't you at least let me act like a good son?
Sakyo's Mother: If that's what you want to do, then just visit more often.
Sakyo's Mother: You know I'm not the only one who worries about whether you're doing well or eating enough every day.
Sakyo: I'm not a child anymore...
Sakyo's Mother: Besides, that apartment had no spare room. Where were you going to sleep when you come over?
Sakyo: That's hardly a thing to worry abou--
Sakyo's Mother: You've been ding more than enough for me to be a good son, Sakyo. You're the one who's been wiring money into my account, right?
Sakyo's Mother: You should be spending that money on yourself.
SSakyo's Mother: Did you know, Juza? This boy's always squirreling away his 500 yen coins as if he's stocking up for the winter. You should ask him to buy you some sweets.
Juza: ...!
Sakyo: Don't say it that way, Mother!
Sakyo's Mother: Oh? You don't stockpile your coins anymore?
Sakyo: Ugh.
Juza: (So he does, then...?)
Sakyo: ...
Juza: ...
Sakyo: Sorry you had to see me like that.
Juza: Uh, no. Sorry I followed you.
Sakyo: ...It's fine.
Juza: ...
Sakyo: ...
Sakyo: Looks like it's going to rain.
Juza: I've always wanted to ask, but why'd you join the yakuza?
Sakyo: ...
JuzaL ...
Sakyo: Damn, I was right.
Sakyo: Let's head into that restaurant over there.
Juza: Huh?
Sakyo: I'll spot you a dessert while we shelter from the rain.
Sakyo: You can still eat, right? I've got cash that won't be getting used otherwise.
Juza: ...Thanks.
Sakyo: That day...
Sakyo: It was raining like this, too.