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Captain Sky's Pirates
Misumi: I have a little brother at home. 
Misumi: His name is Madoka, and he gets good grades at school and can do anything.
Misumi: Mom and Dad really love him, too.
Misumi: He can be kind of cold to people, too, just like Tenma!
Tenma: So that's why you always treat me like a kid brother.
Muku: Do you think Madoka would lend us the treasure box if we ask him for it?
Misumi: I don't think so. I'm not a very good or reliable big bro, so he hates me…
Kazunari: Maybe he's not just prickly like Tenten, though! Maybe it'll be really easy to make him warm up to us, too!
Yuki: True. It isn't exactly hard to lull this guy into a sense of false security.
Tenma: Excuse you!
Misumi: Ehehe. That would be nice.
Tenma: Don’t just accept what Yuki said as fact without questioning it!
Izumi: So what should we do now?
Muku: Maybe we should go back again. It might take some time before he starts to trust us.
Izumi: That's true. We'll go back as many times as we need to make him believe in us!
Tenma: All right. We'll leave the retrieving the treasure box up to you two, then.
Muku: Okay.
Yuki: I'll use this time to work on our costumes, since it doesn't look like we'll be able to get any good rehearsal sessions in for a while.
Kazunari: I'll work on making our flyers in the meantime, too!
Tenma: Misumi, You should practice your lines a little more. I'll help you out, so don't worry.
Misumi: Aww, Tenma. You’re so nice!
Tenma: Don't give me that. You better focus when we're practicing, or I'll make you regret it!
Madoka: Please, go away.
Izumi: Oh--
Muku: We were no good today, either…
Izumi: We came up with different explanations this time, too, but it still doesn't look like he trusts us.
Izumi: I guess Kazunari was wrong when he said Madoka might warm up to us quickly, like Tenma did…
Muku: Yeah…
Muku: But, um, now that I think of it, it wasn't that easy to get close to Tenma at the beginning…
Muku: He was really scary back then. I was always nervous during practice because he would get so angry at us.
Muku: I never would have thought I'd be able to talk to Tenma as easily as I do now.
Izumi: That's true. I had almost forgotten about how things were back then.
Izumi: (It's weird to think about what a mess the Summer Troupe was when they first started out!)
Izumi: Hmm... When was it that everyone started growing closer, anyway?
Muku: I started respecting Tenma more after I realized how serious he is about acting, but...
Muku: I think things got a lot better after I realized he has his own weaknesses, too.
Muku: Back that he had problems just like me, made me feel much closer to him. I think that was when I started being better friends with Tenma.
Izumi: So we have to do something that will let Madoka feel closer to us, huh?
Muku: I think that if we open up to Madoka, he'll do the same for us.
Izumi: What do you mean?
Muku: You keep hiding the truth, I don't think he'd be willing to trust us. Izumi, Maybe we should try telling him the truth about Misumi…
Izumi: You know what? That's a great idea. Let's try it out, Muku.
Madoka: ...You're back again? Please leave us alone already.
Muku: I'm sorry. I realized I never told you my name before. I’m Muku Sakisaka. Here’s my student ID.
Madoka: You go to St. Flora?
Muku: You know of it?
Madoka: Well... yeah. They're famous for having smart students.
Muku: Hehe. Thank you.
Izumi: (Huh. That confident little smile he just gave Madoka really makes me think of Henry…)
Muku: The truth is, I'm a friend of Misumi Ikaruga. We're both in the same theater troupe.
Madoka: Misumi…?
Muku: He's your older brother, right? Actually, we're working hard right now to prepare for our new play.
Madoka: So he’s still alive…
Izumi: (Oh, he’s smiling! Hm, maybe he doesn't dislike Misumi as much as Misumi believes he does.)
Madoka: Why didn’t you tell me anything about him until now?
Muku: Well, um...
Madoka: What is it?
Izumi: (We've already decided to tell him the truth today, so there's no point hiding things now. Here's hoping things will work out!)
Izumi: Misumi was the one who told us not to mention him. He said that it would upset you and your family because you dislike him so much.
Madoka: I don't... dislike him or anything. 
Madoka: ...Ever since I was young, Dad always told me to stay away from him. He said that if I always hung around such a weird person, I'd start acting like one, too.
Madoka: That's why I always ignored him when he tried to talk or play with me.
Izumi: (The way he says that makes me believe he had always wanted to play with Misumi, though... I think we can really get through to him if we tell him everything!)
Izumi: The thing is, we're not gathering Hakkaku's possessions for an exhibition or book, but for Misumi, since he loved your grandfather so much. 
Madoka: Huh?
Muku: Misumi has a lead role in our play, but he hasn't been acting himself lately. We want to cheer him up by giving him something that would remind him of Hakkaku.
Muku: He left behind treasure boxes like this around our dorm and theater, and we were wondering if you had any in your home like it.
Madoka: Wait here.
Madoka: Is this what you're looking for?
Izumi: Yes, this is it!
Muku: Thank you so much!
Madoka: If Dad realized I took one of Grandpa's belongings out, he’d get really mad. Especially if he knew it went to Misumi.
Madoka: You don't have to return it, so just take it with you. And don't come back here.
Izumi: We're sorry for causing you trouble, but thank you so much!
Madoka: ...