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Alex in Wonderland
SCENE: Hanasaki High School - Classroom. Afternoon. School Uniforms.
PA System: Bell chimes to signal end of the schoolday.
High School Boy: Class is out.
High School Girl 1: Wanna hang out after school?
High School Girl 2: Sorry, I've got a club meeting.
Masumi: ...
High School Girl 1: Hey, look at that car in front of the gate! Who is that?
High School Girl 2: I dunno, but he's super hot!
Sakuya: Masumi, are you here?!.
Masumi: ?
Sakuya: Masumi, you might want to look out of the window right now!
Masumi: Huh?
SCENE CHANGE: Hanasaki High School - Outside the Front Gate. Afternoon. Work clothing/School Uniforms.
Itaru: .....
High School Girl 1: Think he's someone's older brother?
High School Girl 2: Ugh, he's so gorgeous! He looks like a celeb or something!
SCENE CHANGE: Hanasaki High School - Classroom. Afternoon. School Uniforms.
Masumi: Why is he...
Sakuya: He must have something he wants to tell you. You'd better hurry before it starts a big commotion!
Masumi: Why me...
Sakuya: C'mon, hurry!
Masumi: ...I'll use the back gate to get home.
Sakuya: No, you won't!
Masumi: .....
Sakuya: Just talk to Itary, okay?
Masumi: Don't wanna.
Sakuya: Masumi!
Masumi: Move.
Sakuya: No, I'm not moving until you promise to have a real conversation with Itaru.
Masumi: .....
Sakuya: You know, I had no clue what was going on in your head when we first started doing Romeo and Julius.
Sakuya: But as we rehearsed together, we got closer. At least, that's how I felt.
Sakuya: Our scenes got so much better when I started understanding you, and before I knew it, acting with you became so fun.
Sakuya: I want you and Itaru to have fun acting together, too.
Sakuya: I want you to try to understand Itaru, just like I tried to understand you.
Masumi: .....
Sakuya: Masumi.
Masumi: ...Move.
Sakuya: .....
Masumi: Do you want me to talk to him or not?
Sakuya: Masumi!!
SCENE CHANGE: Hanasaki High School - Outside the Front Gate. Afternoon. Work clothing/School Uniforms.
Itaru: Ah, there you are. Hey, guys.
Masumi: I left early today.
Itaru: Anyway, sorry Sakuya, but I'm gonna borrow Masumi for a bit.
Sakuya: Sure thing!
Itaru: Hurry up and get in. There's no parking lot here.
Masumi: Why'd you come all the way here?.
Itaru: Just get inside already.
Masumi: .....
High school Girl 1: Do they know each other?
High School Girl 2: I wonder who it is.
Itaru: Oh, me? I'm Masumi's older brother. Are you friends of his?
Sakuya: What?!.
Masumi: Huh?!
High School Girl 1: So you ARE his older brother!
High School Girl 2: Oh my gosh, they're both gorgeous!
High School Girl 1: I wish I had a brother like you!
SCENE CHANGE: Itaru's car - Front seats. Afternoon. Work clothing/School Uniform.
Itaru: Buckle up.
Masumi: ...Why'd you tell 'em we're brothers?
Itaru: To piss you off.
Masumi: Huh??.
Itaru: Hehe.
Masumi: You creeper. I'm out of here.
Itaru: No, stay. I'm taking you somewhere good. In any case, I didn't come all this way for nothing, so you're staying put.
Masumi: .....
SCENE CHANGE: Arcade - Inside. Afternoon. Work clothing/School Uniform.
Masumi: This is were you wanted to take me? Play games on your own.
Itaru: Just sit down and listen.
Masumi: .....
Itaru: This is a low kick, and this is a high kick. Move with the stick. Tap this for special attacks.
Masumi: Why do I have to do this again?
Itaru: Humor me.
Masumi: I'm only here 'cuz Sakuya told me I need to understand you. But I don't get you at all.
Itaru: Then this will give you a good idea.