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Tsuzuru: Whew... I think that's enough for now.
Omi: Yeah, let's end here. Good work today. All of our practices and street acts have been paying off. I think we're really getting in tune with each other now. 
Tsuzuru: Yeah! Getting to team up and work with members of different troupes is a nice learning experience. 
Omi: I agree. It'll be interesting to see what the other pairs come up with for their performances, too.
Kazunari: I know, right? I'm dying to see what Frooch and Ron-ron end up doing!
Tsuzuru: It'll definitely be a sight to see...
Azuma: I'm rather curious to see their costumes, as well.
Kazunari: Same! Oh, but we should call it a day and get going too, Azu.
Azuma: A wonderful idea. Let's head back to the lounge and get some refreshments. 
Taichi: Oh, Tasuku! Can we practice for a little while more?
Tasuku: ...Sure.
Taichi: Thanks! So for our next setting, how about we do...
Kazunari: Those two are gonna keep practicing?!
Tsuzuru: Wow, I guess so. I actually think I saw them here this morning, too.
Omi: Yeah, I think Taichi's been practicing a lot before school, as well. He left our room pretty early today.
Tsuzuru: Tasuku didn't seem too enthusiastic about this Halloween contest at first.
Tsuzuru: But he's been going all-out during practice. Did his mindset change because of Taichi?
Azuma: Hehe. They must both have their reasons.
Omi: ...
Omi: Taichi, I finished making tea. Want some?
Taichi: Sure! Thanks, Omi!
Omi: Are you working on that for Yuki?
Taichi: Yup! It's pretty tough making 20 outfits on his own, after all.
Taichi: but Yuki's doing an awesome job of churning out costumes lie nobody's business! I gotta do my best to help him, as well!
Omi: Let me help, too, then. Can I start by sewing this?
Taichi: Yeah, and thanks! You'll be a huge help since you're a pro at this stuff!
Taichi: Okay, once I stitch this part together...
Taichi: Haaahn...
Omi: Getting sleepy, Taichi?
Taichi: O-oh, I'm fine! Just had to yawn a little!
Taichi: Next, I'll have to...
Omi: Hey, Taichi. 
Taichi: Hm?
Omi: I think you've been overworking yourself lately. You were practicing really early this morning, too. You must be exhausted. 
Taichi: H-huh?! I'm totally fine!
Omi: Is there something about the competition that's making you push yourself so hard?
Taichi: Uh...
Omi: Sorry. You don't have to tell me if you don't want it.
Taichi: N-no, Omi, I do want to!
Taichi: The thing is...